Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 103 She Looks Nice Today

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Ye Chuen regretted greeting Nian Junting. Fortunately, her teammates didn't come over, or she'd feel humiliated.

"Junting, how could you say that? I've studied in Xi Mei for years, and I've been trained by professionals. I'm making real progress," said Ye Chuen with a soft voice.

Nian Junting was surprised to know that Ye Chuen was also a student of Xie Mei.

Out of the corners of his eyes, he saw Luosang and her two roommates sitting in the side seats.

He found that Luosang looked good today, and her exposed shoulder was beautiful and s.e.xy.

"Junting, where's your seat? Mine is in the middle of the first row…"

"Mine is in the third row," Nian Junting pointed his chin at the area that Luosang was sitting, and responded with, "Alright, I just want to watch the movie quietly. Go back to your seat."

He then walked straight to Luosang. While walking, he said to Lu Kang with a low voice, "Go tell the organizers that we'll take all the rest of the seats in the third row."

Hearing that, Lu Kang felt his lower legs begin twitching. "Mr. Nian, all of the seats have been booked long ago. You're getting me in trouble by even saying that."

How could you possibly take the rest of the seats? Those seats were already taken. You're making an unreasonable demand. Lu Kang didn't understand.

"We'll only occupy two seats. I know all of the seats have been booked. The other people can still use the seats after I take them," said Nian Junting carelessly. "I can do whatever I want. But tell the organizers not to let other people know about this. After all, if people knew that I took a row of seats right before the release just to help you chase a girl, I may get a bad reputation."

Lu Kang felt like vomiting.

What do you mean by helping me chase a girl? It's you who's been chasing a girl. Why do you always like using others as excuses? And you made it sounds so reasonable. How could you?

However, as Nian Junting was the boss, Lu Kang had no choice but to message one of the organizers via WeChat.

Luosang's heart began thumping as Nian Junting walked to her. He's not sitting here, is he?

"That handsome man is coming over." Tang Ning dragged Luosang's hand.

Luosang felt a little speechless. Tang Ning always got excited when she saw handsome men.

"Mr. Nian, Mr. Lu, are you here for the movie too?" After Luosang stood up and greeted them, Yan Su did the same.

"Em," Nian Junting responded coldly, then glanced at Lu Kang. Lu Kang hurriedly said, "The organizers gave us a few tickets the other day. We weren't busy this afternoon, so I invited Mr. Nian to come here."

Nian Junting nodded in satisfaction. He didn't ask to come, but Lu Kang invited him here. That was exactly what he wanted Lu Kang to say.

Luosang glanced at Yan Su with a faint smile, then said, "Two boys watching a movie together?"

"Aren't you three girls gonna watch the movie together too?" Nian Juntng said, then paused briefly and continued, "And when are you going to return my jacket? You wouldn't give it back to me if I didn't happen to see you here, right?"

"Sorry, I've been busy the past few days. I'll return it to you tomorrow," Luosang explained in a low voice.

"Please, as soon as you can. I like that jacket," said Nian Junting while taking empty seat beside Luosang's. 

Luosang was confused. When she worked for him, she had never seen him wear anything twice within a month. Why was he now so urgent to get that jacket back? It seemed that he really liked it.

And wasn't it too coincidental for him to sit right beside her in such a large venue? Besides, he was such a rich and wealthy man, so the organizers should have given him the tickets for the first row.

While Luosang was pondering over the above questions, Nian Junting suddenly glanced at her and asked, "Have you gone on vacation?"

Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 103 She Looks Nice Today

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