Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 109 She's So Good At Playing Hard-To-Get Now

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The movie was two hours long, but the plot was tight, so the story wasn't boring.

It was half-past ten when the movie ended. Mr. Zhu came over himself to guide Nian Junting to the hotel next to the cinema for the party.

Huo Fei came to get Luosang and her friends.

As Nian Junting was busy talking to Mr. Zhu, Luosang and her friends hurriedly left with Huo Fei.

Looking at her back, Nian Junting felt annoyed.

He believed that Luosang was getting better and better at playing the hard-to-get game by relying on her age and beauty.

He was planning to look after her at the party later, but now, he changed his mind. He decided to let her deal with all the difficulties herself.

When leaving the cinema, Yan Su glanced back and said to Luosang, "Luo, is it bad for us to just leave like this?"

"Do you want to spend more time with Lu Kang? Don't you wanna keep some distance from him?" Luosang responded helplessly. She didn't want to leave without saying goodbye either, but what she didn't want more was to create an even deeper misunderstanding between Nian Junting and herself.

Yan Su thought for a moment, then stayed silent.

At the party, Chi Shengxu soon walked towards Luosang and her friends with a bearded middle-aged man. "Let me introduce Director Zhang to you. He's the director of Black Screen."

"Director Zhang, these three are my schoolmates. One is majoring in music, and the other two in broadcasting. Especially Luosang. She has dubbed for quite a few drama series. She's very experienced," said Chi Shengxu to Director Zhang.

Tang Ning had a smile on her face at first, but when Chi Shengxu emphasized Luosang, she showed a slightly sour look. "I did an interns.h.i.+p in the radio station of Xia City," she hurriedly added.

Director Zhang didn't look at her, but carefully gazed at Luosang with a faint smile. "I see. Shengxu, Mr. Fu is expecting you. You should get over there," he said.

"But…" Chi Shengxu hesitated.

"Don't worry. You've introduced these girls to me in particular, so I'll look after them for you." Director Zhang patted her shoulder.

Hearing that, Chi Shengxu helplessly gave Lusoang a wink, then turned and left.

"May I call you Miss. Luo?" Director Zhang smiled gently to Luosang and asked, "Could I have a moment with you?"

Luosang gave a start, then had a strange feeling. However, she still nodded and walked towards a window with Director Zhang.

"Xu Luosang, Xu Zhengxuan's daughter." Director Zhang sighed after gazing at her for a while. "You've dubbed many films at a young age, and have studied in j.a.pan for a year. You mastered multiple languages; English, French, j.a.panese, and even more. Director Qi Song asked you to dub for four characters in one film before his retirement. That film made you famous."

Luosang pressed her lips together and clenched her fists. She said, "I… I haven't seen you before, Director Zhang. How did you recognize me?"

Director Zhang showed some sympathy in his eyes when responding with, "Two years ago, someone told all the directors not to hire you. Days ago, I was told that the newly emerged voice actress named Luosang is Xu Luosang, and whoever hired her would have to suffer consequences. I despise your father, but I admire your talent. I know that Shengxu means well, but I can't help you. I'm sorry. Don't worry though; I won't tell Shengxu."

"Director Zhang, thank you." Lusoang was touched. Unlike Director Hong, Director Zhang talked to her honestly and respected her. Apart from that, he wasn't going to spread rumors and bring her more humiliation.

However, she was surprised to find that within this short time, Yi Jingxi had told everyone in the film circle not to hire her already.

Did he want her to die on her way to pursue her dream?

Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 109 She's So Good At Playing Hard-To-Get Now

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