Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 120 You… How Can A Woman Say Something Like That?

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"What are you looking at? Didn't see that Zhong Yi is resting now? Go get her some water." Yi Jingxi who stood not far away from her found that Luosang was looking at her phone. Thinking that Luosang might be chatting with someone, he felt quite uneasy, so he shouted at her.

"Alright," Luosang came back to her senses, hurriedly took a bottle of water and sent it to Zhong Yi.

"Jingxi, don't be so mad," Zhong Yi took over the water, then said to Yi Jingxi with a soft voice, "Since we're here, why don't we have some seafood before going back?"

Yi Jingxi glanced at Luosang. He remembered that she used to love sea whelks the most. "Alright," he said. "Luosang, go book a table in a nearby restaurant."

"Sure. Since you two are going for dinner, I'll be leaving when Miss. Zhong is done with the filming," Luosang nodded and said blandly.

The look in Yi Jingxi's face changed. Seeing that, Zhong Yi hurriedly said, "Leaving? I'm not leaving, how can you? You need to stay and peel prawns for me. And, this place is far away from downtown. Without us, how're you gonna get back?"

"I can call a ride," said Luosang.

"You've been quite ruleless as an a.s.sistant," Yi Jingxi sneered and said, "You was late in the morning, and now you're leaving early."

Luosang frowned. She didn't want to start a fight, so she said, "Can I ask for a leave? You two are going for a date, why do you need me to peel prawns? Mr. Yi, isn't that a boyfriend's job? Besides, I don't wanna be a gooseberry."

"I don't do such things. I've paid you, so you need to finish your work," Yi Jingxi said word by word.

"Alright, do you also need me to unwrap condoms for you while you two are doing your business in the bed?" Luosang smiled and said.

"You… How can a woman say something like that? Shame on you." Yi Jingxi was infuriated, as Luosang seemed to be so unwilling to stay with him.

"Stop arguing. Just let her leave," Zhong Yi smilingly put her hands around Yi JIngxi's arm and said, "But Luosang, tomorrow morning, you need to come early to cook breakfast for us."

"Em," Luosang hummed to respond. As long as Supervisor Yuan's online series was aired, she would never come to deal with Zhong Yi and Yi Jingxi again.

Five forty, Zhong Yi finished her part of filming. Luosang packed her things and prepared to leave. Yi Jingxi suddenly stood up from the chair and said, "I'm abruptly invited to a dinner party tonight. Let's not eat by the seaside. We should head back to the city."

Zhong Yi's smile froze on her face. After a while, she forced herself to smile again and nodded.

"We go together," Yi Jingxi coldly glanced at Luosang and said, "Don't bother to call a taxi."

"I'm good, my ride is already on the way," after saying that, Luosang turned and left immediately. She didn't want to spend another second with those two people.

Soon after she walked away, she heard some loud noise from behind. She turned back to see that Yi Jingxi kicked a chair far away. His handsome face was wearing an angry look, eyes fixed on her. He looked like a volcano which was about to erupt.

Luosang didn't understand why. She remembered Yi Jingxi as a nice and gentle man, who rarely lose temper. It now seemed that he was pretending before. He was so emotional now, and was too hard to get along with. Luosang didn't know when did she offend him. Compared with him, the narcissistic Nian Junting was way better.

Yi Jingxi stared at the quickly leaving Luosang. The anger in the bottom of his heart was conquered by an indescribable sadness. 

Before, she liked to follow him around. One single day without him would make her complain. All she wanted was to spend more time with him. But now, it seemed that she only wanted to stay as far away from him as possible. Has she stopped loving him?

"Jing Xi…" Zhong Yi touched Yi Jingxi's shoulder while struggling against her jealousy.

"p.i.s.s off!" Yi Jingxi threw her hand off, and left without glancing back.

Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 120 You… How Can A Woman Say Something Like That?

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