Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 122 I've Been Perfect Since Young

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"Can you compare yourself to me?" Nian Junting remarked matter-of-factly as he started the car. "I've been perfect since I was young – impeccably perfect. You, on the other hand, are full of imperfections."

Luosang stayed silent.

Even with her level of confidence, she had decided against defending herself. If he really started picking out her flaws, she might not be able to sit through the car ride without seething with anger. Regardless, she had secure her ride into the city.

When Yi Jingxi appeared, the sports car had already peeled off into the distance. He fumbled to snap a picture of its side profile.

He saw Luosang getting into that car.

Whatever she said about riding a taxi here from the city, was all a lie.

Yi Jingxi watched the car disappear with a heavy heart, his eyes downcast with a hint of sadness.

He always knew that she was a rare beauty. Back when they were in university, boys were already lining up for her. With her looks and talent, there was never a shortage of suitors hot on her tails. He had spread the news about Xu Zhengxuan then with a selfish intention; he wanted her reputation driven to the ground. In the voice acting community, he had warned the key recruiters against employing her. He was going to bury her talent, her glow, with his own hands. It was the only way to keep her by his side, docile without other intentions. It was the only way to keep her admirers away.

He never expected her to alienate herself from him because of that. Two years, she was gone from his life. When he found out a year later that she was studying at the university, he kept himself updated even on small matters such as the number of love letters she received. He was sure that everything was under control even when she was away from him.

Now, with this unexpected turn of events, he was thrown off. The driver of the sports car, the owner of the suit from earlier on, had shown up in her life.

He must be someone of importance; his savvy ride was a testimony to his affluence.

Yi Jingxi couldn't bear the thought of someone like that, someone as elite as he was being close to her. He wanted to tear him apart.

His handsome features looked glum beneath the backdrop of the sunset. He then hurriedly sent the photo to his friend in Hawaii. Proceeding to call him, he asked, "Kas.h.i.+wa, can you help me run a background check on the car owner?"

"Hold on, let me have a look." Kas.h.i.+wa was quiet on the line before asking again, "What do you need this for?"

Yi Jingxi was sharp to sense that his friend was on to something, "You seem to know something."

"I recognize the car, no need to check. It's a Bugatti Veyron limited edition. Rolled out in April this year, it markets for 60 million dollars and there are only three of them worldwide. Two of them are in this country, and the one at Xia City belongs to Nian Junting."

"Really?" Yi Jingxi was in shock, "Are you sure? You want to check again?"

"No need; I've seen the license plate before. It belongs to the Nian family alright, something as showy as that."

Yi Jingxi's grip on his cell phone was firm, he was overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings.

How did Luosang end up having anything to do with that man? Nian Junting was the epitome of the privileged lot; he could have anything under the sun. He had the kind of heritage that made even Yi Jingxi envious. What made him more glaring in the spotlight, was the fact that he was highly successful doing business.

If he had his eyes set on Luosang…

"But… Nian Junting never drives the car. His friend, Xiao Si, is the one that takes it for a spin." Kas.h.i.+wa's words took a sudden turn. "I'm familiar with Xiao Si. In fact, he was the one that I contacted to get you through to Shengting Investment to meet Nian Junting. I see him driving that car often enough. Nian Junting gets driven around in his business sedan by his personal chauffeur. He's hardly ever seen next to a sports car."

Yi Jingxi furrowed his brows. "Why did he spend money on a sports car then?"

Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 122 I've Been Perfect Since Young

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