Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 225 Jingxi, Look…

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Yu Wen glanced at her grandson helplessly. She was used to her grandson's strange tastes. However, as Luosang's family background was too unideal, she thought for a moment, then stayed silent.

As no one responded to Nian Junting, Nian Xi had no other choice but to play a part in his show. "Brother, enough. I think she's pretty."

"Yeah?" Nian Junting patted Xiaosi on the b.u.t.t, then Xiao Si wiggled to Luosang, put his forepaws on her shoulders, and raised his head to lick her face.

Nian Junting raised his eyebrows. Yu Wen couldn't bear watching this. "Tell Xiaosi to stop doing that," she said. "That girl is the emcee. Don't break her dress."

Nian Justing walked over and slapped on Xiaosi's back. Xiaosi howled and put down his forepaws. But still, he wouldn't leave Luosang.

Luosang found this both funny and annoying. Nian Junting was so angry yesterday, but today, he came here and ordered Xiaosi to keep an eye on her.

"Xiaosi rarely likes someone so much. Just play with him for a while." Nian Junting eyed Luosang in a bland way, saying, "Can you please feed him later?

"Junting, this young lady is our emcee. She'll be on stage later," Mrs. Ye reminded him.

"Then she can feed Xiaosi afterward," Nian Junting nodded.

Mrs. Ye didn't know how to continue.

"Uncle Xiao, I haven't seen you in a while." Nian Junting turned and walked to a man who was greeting him. They shook hands, then started chatting.

Seeing that, Yu Wen just didn't know what to say.

"Nian Xi, you should look after Xiao Si later when Ms. Luo goes on stage. What happened just now can't happen again," she said to Nian Xi.

"Granny, don't worry," Nian Xi nodded while winking at Luosang.

Luosang couldn't help but admire Nian Xi and her brother for their acting skills.

"Later, when Ms. Zhong finishes changing, the party will begin," Mrs. Ye said to Luosang, then guided Yu Wen and Nian Xi to their seats.

"Sangsang, isn't that…" Chi Shengxu walked over confusedly. However, before he approached, Xiaosi bared his teeth and threatened him, looking seriously scary.

Chi Shengxu raised both hands, not daring to come any closer.

Luosang wanted to laugh. She guessed that Nian Junting had Xiaosi trained at home.

"Don't worry, this dog knows me," she said.

Chi Shengxu was a little speechless, feeling that the dog threatened him on purpose. He was surprised to find that Luosang's boyfriend was actually the future successor of Zhong Zhou group. No wonder he was so rich and proud.

Fifteen minutes later, Ye Chuen escorted Zhong Yi and Yi Jingxi out of the villa. Zhong Yi had changed into a black dress and put on a new face of delicate makeup. However, all of the guests clearly remembered how she fell into the water just now. Now, they just wanted to laugh more at her.

"Jingxi, look…" Zhong Yi spotted the dog beside Luosang, so she angrily tugged on Yi Jingxi's clothes.

She was so p.i.s.sed off. She would never forget that earlier, when she fell into the pool, Yi Jingxi could have saved her, but chose to protect Xu Luosang instead. What made her even angrier was that the dog now seemed to be happy around Luosang.

"Stop…" Yi Jingxi warned Zhong Yi with a low voice.

The dog was an ordinary dog, yet his owner wasn't an ordinary man.

Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 225 Jingxi, Look…

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