Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 257 You Poured A Glass Of Wine On Her Face

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In the morning, Luosang spent some time alone in the villa watching TV. Before, in this villa, she needed to carefully take care of Nian Junting, but now, she didn't need to that anymore. That feeling was quite strange.

Half-past eleven, Lu Kang drove to the villa to pick her up. On the road, she asked him about Yan Su's contract.

"She sighed the contract yesterday." Lu Kang smiled and said, "When Mr. Shen saw her, he wondered why he didn't know that there was such a capable and beautiful girl in Ximei. He also said that Yan Su's beauty is natural and flawless, and that making her a star will be much easier than making Ye Chuen a star. After all, she's prettier and more professional than Ye Chuen."

"Yeah. Even I was shocked by Yan Su's voice and appearance when I first met her," Luosang nodded and said. Then, she glanced at Lu Kang and continued, "Sadly, she already has a boyfriend."

Lu Kang dropped his eyelids and responded with, "Doesn't matter. She'll become a popular singer sooner or later, while I'm just an a.s.sistant. She's too good for me."

"Don't say that Mr. Lu. You're a capable one among your peers," Luosang quickly changed the topic as she felt a little sorry for Lu Kang. "This isn't the way to Shengting. Where are we going?"

"Well… You'll find out soon." Lu Kang didn't give an answer. Forty minutes later, when she arrived at the Great Ocean International Hotel, she froze. She had some awful memories about this place that she didn't want to recall. In this place, she was embarra.s.sed and humiliated.

"Mr. Lu…" she said.

"Get out of the car." Lu Kang came out of the car and opened the door for her.

Luosang stayed silent for a moment, then lowered her head and walked out.

Lu Kang guided her upstairs by the elevator. When he stopped before the door of the familiar president's box, Luosang figured it out.

"Get in." Lu Kang pushed the door open and walked in.

In the president's box, Nian Junting and Xiao Si were sitting on the couch. A rich meal was served on the round table.

As she came in, Nian Junting gave a faint smile, waved his hands, and said, "Come here."

Luosang slowly walked to him with confusion.

Once she got close to him, he grabbed her wrist and dragged her into his chest.

"Junting, what are you doing?" While asking the question, she turned to Xiao Si. After all, he knew everything that had happened to her in this place.

Xiao Si smiled embarra.s.sedly.

"Mr. Nian, it's really a surprise that you called us for lunch."

A group of people walked in from the door. The ones at the front were Zhou Yanfeng and his girlfriend, Yuan Xiaoshu. The one that followed them was Kas.h.i.+wa.

Seeing Luosang, who was sitting inside Nian Junting's arms, all three of them paused slightly.

"Mr. Nian…" Zhou Yanfeng pointed at Luosang and said, "Why are you with this woman? Xiao Si, didn't you tell him that she…"

"She's my girlfriend," Nian Junting said blandly.

Zhou Yanfeng froze, Yuan Xiaoshu covered her mouth in shock, and Kas.h.i.+wa's face turned extremely dark.

"Mr. Nian, this isn't a decent woman." Realizing what he had just heard, Zhou Yanfeng hurriedly said, "She tried to hook up with Xiao Si and Yi Jingxi…"

"She never tried to hook up with anyone. And she has never been with Xiao Si."

Nian Junting suddenly clenched Luosang's hand and said, "That day, right here, do you remember how you humiliated her? You, poured a gla.s.s of wine on her face."

Zhou Yanfeng's face instantly darkened. He finally understood that this meal was never meant to be friendly. But still, he wasn't willing to give up.

"Xiao Si, didn't you tell Mr. Nian? She seduced Yi Jingxi…"

Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 257 You Poured A Glass Of Wine On Her Face

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