Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 318 You Look Like Someone From The Comic Books

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"Why do you care about his feelings? You're my woman," Nian Junting frowned with discontent and said, "Besides, isn't Ji Nuanyi with him?"

Even that can make him unhappy. He's so sensitive. She closed her eyes to recall what he did for her last night, then forced a smile and explained, "Last night, Nuanyi told me that she needed to work in the morning at ten, so I guess she has left by now."

"So what? Xiao Si can spend some time alone. He's got friends in Shanghai anyway," said Nian Junting. "We're flying back tonight, so where should we hang out?"

Luosang sighed, then said, "If you keep doing this, sooner or later you'll have no friends."

"That's not gonna happen. Xiao Si won't leave me, not even if I made him," he said.

"If one day, he tried to leave, what would you do?" she asked.

"He wouldn't dare," he replied.

Luosang silently picked up her purse, then said, "Anyhow, let's go find him."

Nian Junting seemed to be pretty unhappy, but still, he followed Luosang out.

While walking out, Nian Junting took out his phone and found that Xiao Si had called him. As he prepared to call him back and ask where he was, he suddenly saw Xiao Si in the corridor before him, facing a mirror, bearing his teeth while turning his face from time to time to observe himself.

"Si, what are you doing?" Luosang walked up and asked curiously.

"Ah, I just found that I have a pair of dimples," Xiao Si responded happily, as if he had discovered a new world, "I looked in the mirror just now, and found that I'm pretty handsome."

Luosang felt that Xiao Si was acting so much like Nian Junting right now.

Nian Junting frowned and said, "Are you sick? Let me send you to a hospital."

Luosang gave Nian Junting an angry stare. You're even sicker, so how could you say that to Xiao Si?

"Si, haven't you always had dimples? Your smile is amiable, and you look like a boy from a landscape painting."

"I do?" Xiao Si's eyes glowed. "Recently, Tingting has been depreciating me too cruelly. I was upset, but after hearing what you said, I'm confident again."

Hearing that, Luosang understood him. Indeed, living under Nian Junting's mean words wasn't an easy thing.

"How's your talk with Nuanyi?" she asked.

"Not back," Xiao Si nodded and said, "Our offer is way better than the Yi Group's. Don't worry. This time, the Yi Group won't have a chance."

"Si, we're going to hang out. Do you wanna come?" Luosang gently invited him to hang out with her and Nian Junting.

Xiao Si was going to nod, but before doing so, he suddenly received a gaze from beside him which contained a feeling of strong hostility. He was so frightened that even his tongue twitched.

"I don't think so," he said. "I still have something to do. You go. Later, we'll have dinner together, and then head to the airport."

"Alright then," she said.

After going separate ways from Xiao Si, Nian Junting suddenly turned back to glare at Luosang with a grumpy look, then asked, "A boy from a landscape painting? How could you compliment another man like that in front of me? I have never heard you use such nice words on me."

Luosang sighed. Ever since he became her boyfriend, she felt that he was turning younger and younger.

"Are you still a boy?" she asked.

Nian Junting opened his mouth, but didn't say anything.

Of course, he was a boy. However, admitting that he was a twenty-nine year old boy would be shameful.

"Alright. You said that he looks like a boy from a landscape painting. Then what kind of paint am I from? Tell me seriously," he said.

Luosang struggled for a moment. She raised her head to look at his perfectly handsome face, then said, "You look like someone from the comic books. The boys from landscape paintings are clean-looking, but the men from comic books are the dram of all girls."

Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 318 You Look Like Someone From The Comic Books

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