Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 350 Because Of You, I Learned How Nice Nian Junting Is

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"I said, I won't treat you like I used to." Yi Jingxi raised his voice, and his eyes turned darker.

He was wrong. Before, he only wanted to keep her around him so that n.o.body could take her away from him. 

However, the harder he pushed her, the quicker she left. 

Earlier, when he saw her with Nian Junting in Shanghai and knowing that they had slept in the same room, he stayed up all night. 

He suffered, as if he died. 

He was now willing to give her anything as long as she gave up on Nian Junting and got back together with him. He would do anything for her, except forgiving Xu Zhengxuan. 

"Yi Jingxi, I don't believe you." Luosang shook her head. "You want me to leave him. It's just another trap you prepared for me. You want to keep controlling and torturing me to avenge your unknown hatred." 

"I won't." Yi Jingxi clenched his fists and said, "I promise." 

"Don't you understand what you have done to me and how badly you've hurt me?" asked Luosang coldly. "Maybe something did happen between you and my father. But you used me to hurt my father; you took away Xu Group and everything that belonged to me. Because of you, I suffered endless humiliation; I was trampled upon and I lost my dignity. You know what? After knowing about the misery I had suffered in An City, Nian Junting didn't mind who I really was, but instead felt sorry for me. He really loves me, so when he saw me in pain, he felt pain as well. What about you? Have you ever felt pain? You watched me struggle. You knew what I wanted better than anyone else, yet you took away everything I had and gave it all to Zhong Yi, the woman I hated. And the harm you gave me right in front of so many people back in the hotel, and you sent me to Mr. Lin, you let him humiliate me…" 

Luosang pointed hard at her own chest and continued, "I won't forgive that or excuse any kind of hatred I have toward you today, not even until after I die. You saved me today, but nothing will change. Even if you died right in front of me, I'll only cast a sideways glance at you, then walk away." 

"I hate myself every time I recall the fact that I used to love you." Abruptly, Luosang lowered her head and rubbed the wound on Yi Jingxi's hand abrasively. 

Yi Jingxi didn't show any expression. He just kept staring at her. 

The wound didn't hurt as much as his heart did. 

He loved her so, so much. 

Because he loved her, he had turned himself into a different person. 

"But… Because of you." Luosang raised her red eyes and continued, "I learned how nice Nian Junting is, and I figured out who's worth my love. What other tricks do you want to play? Just do what you want. Because you've made me fearless. I now understand that, no matter what happens, he'll keep me safe." 

Finally, she pulled his hands away from her, then turned, and left. 

"Luosang, you'll regret what you said today," Yi Jingxi said with an extra cold voice behind her. 

"What I regret the most today is meeting you." After saying that, Luosang left without looking back. 

Yi Jingxi stood in the wind for a long wile, until Zeng Zhun drove the car to him. 

He got into the car. 

Zeng Zhun looked at his hand and said with a frown, "I'll drive you to the hospital." 

"No need." Yi Jingxi's pale lips darkened. "Stick with the plan." 

"Jingxi, don't do things you'll regret," Zeng Zhun said. He wore a worried look. 

"I'll bring her to h.e.l.l." 

As the car drove away, no one saw Ye Chuen slowly walk out of a tree, lowering her head to look at the pictures in her phone while smiling. 

As the Christmas was coming in Shengting, the company was filled with the festive air. 

Nian Junting and Xiao Si walked side by side out of the office. While walking, Nian Junting said, "We've successfully purchased Yu Xi, and your contributions won't go unnoticed. From now on, you should pay more attention to Yu Xi and get familiar with all of their workings as soon as possible."

Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 350 Because Of You, I Learned How Nice Nian Junting Is

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