Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 388 Don't Go To Chi Shengxu

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Instead of stopping, Chi Shengxu continued, "You can vent your anger on me if you're upset, but don't vent it on Luosang. If you have so much time to throw a tantrum, you might as well use your energy to deal with the people that put her in this position in the first place. Her news has gone viral on the internet and mainstream media. She can't even leave the house without being hara.s.sed. She's been cooped up at home this whole time."

"I don't need you to tell me that." Nian Junting shot him a glare and climbed into the car. No matter what, he had helped his girlfriend this time around. If he decided to pick a fight with Chi Shengxu then, Luosang might think badly of him. It wasn't time to pick fights like this. He needed to take care of those people who bullied his girlfriend. "Drive."

Luosang breathed a sigh of relief and shot Chi Shengxu a look. He gave her a slight smile. Nian Junting clenched his fists tightly when he saw them smiling at each other.

"Drop by whenever you're free, Luosang!" Feng Ge waved with a smiling face. "You can treat our place as your own!"

"Thank you, G.o.dma." Luosang waved back to her.

The car pulled away slowly. Luosang looked behind her with a tinge of sadness.

"Stop looking, that isn't your home. Your home is at Tianhu Villa." Nian Junting turned her cheek towards him. "Will you miss that place that much? Because of who?"

"G.o.dma treats me really well." Luosang said seriously, "You don't know how bad it was for Chi Shengxu when he was implicated in my matters. He lost numerous commercial deals and many more fans. There were negative comments about him all over the internet, but his family didn't blame me at all. G.o.dma praised him for doing the right thing and took me in as her G.o.ddaughter. She bought me shoes and clothes, and showed me the warmth of their family…"

"Enough, stop talking." Nian Junting couldn't bear to listen anymore. "You feel like home when you live with Chi Shengxu's parents? What about my family then, what are they to you?"

Luosang looked at him silently.

Nian Junting looked down. He said sadly, "You just wanted to say that my mother didn't buy you any shoes or clothes, and remind me of the fact that my grandparents were trying to put you down further."

Luosang was silent. "I wasn't thinking about that."

"My family isn't good to you, I know." Nian Junting was frustrated. "The last time they told me that they were going to accept you, it was all a lie. I can't believe I took their word for it. I promise that I'll make it up to you with my love. I'll give you whatever you want. Don't go to Chi Shengxu."

Luosang was both touched and bewildered. "When have I ever said anything about leaving you?"

"Just in case, I'm just telling you first." Nian Junting said with disappointment, "I never get to be your knight in s.h.i.+ning armor."


Luosang thought for a second before holding his hand. She said, "You did. You saved me when I was at Gu Feng that time. I could have been seriously hurt. And that time at the gala when I was being teased by that pervert, you were so heroic…"

"I'm talking about those impactful moments when your life is really on the line…" Nian Junting continued, "Yi Jingxi saved you twice, Chi Shengxu rescued you this time."

"I think you should stop hoping for such things to happen to me." Luosang rolled her eyes. "It's ridiculous how I'm the one comforting you right now when I am the biggest victim in this whole situation. If you're still going to be bothered about this, I'm not going back with you."

Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 388 Don't Go To Chi Shengxu

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