Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 418 I Can Tolerate All Of Your Unreasonable Fusses

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Chapter 418: I Can Tolerate All of Your Unreasonable Fusses

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Nian Junting was speechless. Had he not made himself clear? Although Sister Lan was not young, she certainly had a dirty mind.

Sister Lan turned off the stove and continued, “Is she experiencing cramps? Cramps are what women dread most. During a period, women need rest and must not be overworked. She should drink more warm water and take more red or brown sugar to soothe her womb, and avoid taking cold foods. She should also avoid alcohol and coffee, and stay away from strenuous activities. I'm not only referring to activities in bed. This includes running, ball games, and more. She also shouldn't wear tight pants; it'll be uncomfortable.”

Nian Junting committed this to memory and asked, “Is there brown sugar?”

“Yes, I'll prepare some.” Sister Lan reached for the cabinet.

“Let me do it, teach me how. Since she's my woman, I should learn,” Nian Junting said.

Sister Lan nodded. Looks like Master Nian has the potential to be a decent man.

As he finished preparing the brown sugar drink, Nian Junting spotted Luosang coming down the stairs with her bag. He saw that she was wearing jeans with a red and white striped sweater. She looked great, but Nian Junting drew a concerned frown.

Luosang ignored him. She walked over to the dining table and picked up a sandwich and an egg. She waved to Sister Lan. “Sister Lan, I'm going off to school now.”

“Stop,” Nian Junting commanded. “You're on your period. You shouldn't go to school.”

Annoyed by his commanding tone, Luosang decided not to bother with him and started walking faster. Nian Junting could only catch up to her and grab her by the elbow. “You're on your period, so I'm not going to argue with you. I can tolerate all of your unreasonable fusses, but you need to listen to me. It's for your own good.”

“I'm not that delicate. If I'm not able to go to school when I'm having my period, then how many days of school am I going to miss every month?” Luosang tried to pry herself from his grasp.

Nian Junting sat her down firmly and pressed his hands on her shoulders. “You can't tire yourself out on your period. Look at how hot-tempered you are right now. It must be because of an especially heavy period, so you can't go to school. Stay home and rest today. Have this brown sugar and finish your breakfast, then go up and change into something more comfortable. Stay at home. You can watch television and snack, just don't go anywhere.”

“What has my temper got to do with my period?” Luosang was stunned.

“That's what I think. I haven't got any other reasons.” Nian Junting brought the brown sugar over. “Have it.”

Luosang looked at the drink, but she was still frustrated. She felt annoyed by everything she was seeing. Perhaps it could be related to her period.

Sister Lan sensed that tension was rising and said hurriedly, “Sangsang, Master Nian made this drink for you.”

Luosang felt slightly better, but she could not help but say, “Men are all the same. When we have periods or fall sick, they only know to tell us to drink more warm water and brown sugar.”

“Alright, I won't say it, I'll just make it for you.” Nian Junting nodded.

Luosang pondered for a moment before succ.u.mbing to the waves of her period cramps. “I'll have the drink, but you can't stop me from leaving for school.”

“No, you can't go.” How could she go to school while bleeding? What if she suddenly lost consciousness?

Already pale initially, Luosang's face suddenly looked even more unpleasant. Sister Lan started to panic and said, “Master Nian, actually it's ok to go to school while on a period, as long as she isn't having cramps. You don't have to make a mountain of a molehill.”

Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 418 I Can Tolerate All Of Your Unreasonable Fusses

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