Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian Chapter 496

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Chapter 496: My Luo Ting Noodle Resturant Is Going to Open Soon

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Sister Lan was both angry and sad. She hadn't even left. “Young Master, what's so wrong with being like me? The people who look like this are lucky,” she said.

Nian Junting nodded and responded, “You're right, though. Seven years ago when you first came here, you looked like Luo, and now, you look like this. You have clearly been living a good life in my place.”

Sister Lan didn't know what to say.

Luosang hurriedly looked at herself. She wouldn't become like Sister Lan in seven years, would she?

Nian Junting smiled and said, “Don't worry. Even if you become like Sister Lan, I still won't abandon you.”

Luosang snorted and said, “What makes you think that you have the right to abandon me? Seven years from now, I'll only be 30, while you'll be almost 40. You'll be a middle-aged man.”

Nian Junting's face darkened. “Nonsense. I'll still be a stylish man when I'm 40.”

Luosang almost burst out in laughter. Stylish man. Aren't you ashamed to say that? she thought.

“I'm done talking. I need to go to work.” Nian Junting let Luosang go and stood up and said, “I'll see you this evening.”

Nian Junting drove to the company. In the parking lot, he ran into an extremely hung over Xiao Si. Xiao Si was still yawning, and a few b.u.t.tons of his s.h.i.+rt were left undone.

“When did you go home last night?” Nian Junting asked casually.

“I don't remember. I was drunk. I only remember Shuangwei drove me back, nothing else.” Xiao Si knocked on his own head and said, “You weren't a good friend last night. You left so early and let me handle Uncle Feng alone, like you don't know that he never gets drunk.”

“Sangsang was jealous. I had no other choice,” Nian Junting said expressionlessly.

“I get it. Last night, you and Shuangwei were dressed…” Xiao Si clicked his tongue and said, “You two dressed like a couple last night. I might feel uncomfortable, too, if I were her.” He laughed.

“So it's about clothes. No wonder she was down the whole night last night,” said Nian Junting knowingly.

“But last night, I noticed the look on Shuangwei's face. I think she hasn't moved on…” Xiao Si didn't want to finish his sentence.

“I can understand.” Nian Junting nodded and continued, “It's indeed difficult for her to forget about being with a perfect man like me. However, she is a soldier. She should be steel-willed like all the other soldiers.”

The corners of Xiao Si's mouth twitched. “She's a woman, after all. Please don't talk about 'steel-will' or something like that,” he said.

“Wasn't that what I admired about her back then?” said Nian Junting.

Xiao Si asked, “So, do you still admire it now?”

“I do.” Nian Junting nodded. “If this country had more women like that, it might grow stronger. Even though our country is now much stronger than before, in some aspects, there's still some distance between the United States and us. You see, what they've been doing in the Middle East recently…”

D*mn, why are we suddenly talking about global politics? Xiao Si felt so tired. “Aren't we talking about your ex-girlfriend here?” he asked.

“That's pretty much what I want to say to her. I honestly hope that she can continue to contribute to our country, and I admire her. But now, I find that I like the weak and dramatic girls more, like Sangsang,” said Nian Junting.

Xiao Si sighed. “When is Sangsang weak and dramatic?”

“There a lot of things that you don't know yet. You'll learn when you get your own girlfriend.” After saying that, Nian Junting turned and walked out of the elevator. He walked a few steps, then turned back and continued, “Ah, my Luo Ting Noodle Restaurant is opening very soon. Don't forget to come and have some noodles. I'll give you a ten percent discount.”

“Luo Ting Noodle Restaurant?” Xiao Si was bewildered. He hurriedly pressed a b.u.t.ton to reopen the closing elevator door and said, “When did you switch to noodle restaurants? Why didn't I know anything about it?”

Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian Chapter 496

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