Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian Chapter 510

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Chapter 510: Young Master… Sangsang Moved Out

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After thinking it through, Luosang called herself a taxi. Then, she packed her things and went downstairs with a suitcase. Sister Lan was in the kitchen, and Steward Wu was feeding Xiaosi in the backyard. Luosang hesitated briefly, then left with her suitcase. After getting into the car, she called Sister Lan.

“Sangsang, why are you calling me from upstairs?” asked Sister Lan.

“Sister Lan, I'm leaving. I moved out. Just wanted to let you know,” she said.

“What? Moved out? Aren't you upstairs?”

“I want to have some quiet time alone. Sister Lan, thank you for taking care of me. Please tell Junting that I won't be here for New Year's.” Lusoang didn't say much else before ending the call.

Back in the villa, Sister Lan freaked out. She hurriedly ran up to the bedroom, then found that Luosang was gone, along with many of her things. With no other choice, she called Nian Junting, but his phone was busy. She called again after about ten minutes, and this time, he answered the call.

“Sister Lan, what's this about?” Nian Junting was trying to persuade Nian Xi not to cancel the wedding. He felt really annoyed, as he honestly didn't understand what women were thinking.

“Young… young Master, um, Sangsang has… moved out,” Sister Lan stuttered.

“Today is not April Fool's Day, and this is not funny,” said Nian Junting seriously.

“I'm not making a joke,” said Sister Lan. “I was was.h.i.+ng the dishes, and she suddenly called me and thanked me for taking care of her. She said that she won't be here for the New Year. Also, she has taken many of her belongings with her.”

“She's on her period. Why is she still traveling? She moved out the last time she was on her period, too. These things happen every time when her period comes. I guess she really has a very bad endocrine imbalance,” said Nian Junting anxiously. He had come out to solve other people's problems, yet a trouble of his own occurred.

“She really knows how to make things worse. She clearly understands that Nian Xi and Ji Chuan are having a fight, and that I already have enough to worry about. Now she's done this. Can people do whatever they want during their period?” Nian Junting was angry.

Hearing him yelling, Sister Lan even had an earache. She put the phone slightly away from her ear, then stuttered, “Young Master, in fact, I lied to you. Sangsang isn't on her period. I found her in a bad mood this afternoon, and she wouldn't answer your calls… I didn't want you to be mad and sad, so I lied…”

“So she doesn't have an endocrine imbalance at all?” Nian Junting clenched his teeth. “Why didn't you tell me that earlier?”

“I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. I should have told you the truth.” Sister Lan couldn't stop apologizing.

Nian Junting ended the call with Sister Lan, then turned around, glared at Nian Xi, and said, “You're like this, and so is she. What on earth has happened this afternoon? Are you hiding something from me?”

Nian Xi had also grasped some information from the conversation between her brother and Sister Lan. “Sangsang left?” She was shocked.

“Tell me,” Nian Junting was running out of patience, “Sister Lan said that she was in a bad mood this afternoon. She only went out with you.”

Nian Xi's mouth quivered slightly. A short while later, she said, “When I was trying on wedding dresses, Ji Chuan brought Shuangwei there.”


“Then Ji Chuan asked Shuangwei to be the maid of honor. I was in the changing room. Shuangwei went to choose a gown. I'm not sure what exactly happened, but when I came out, Sangsang told me that she wanted to leave,” said Nian Xi, trembling. “When you called to say that Sangsang wouldn't answer your call this afternoon, I thought she was mad at you.”

“Why didn't you tell me this earlier?” Nian Junting's eyes were grimly dark.

“You said that she was fine, so I didn't tell you. I didn't want this to affect the relations.h.i.+p between you and Ji Chuan.” Nian Xi shrugged.

Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian Chapter 510

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