Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 70 Luosang, When Did You Know Chi Shengxu So Well

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Ye Chuen clasped her face between her hands, glanced at Tang Ning and said, "Chi Shengxu doesn't only depend on his background. He's good at acting too. And he's much more handsome than the other male stars,"

"You two take your time talking about handsome boys, I'm going to sleep," Yan Su yawned, then covered her head with her blanket and went to sleep.

"Su, are you a woman or not? How can you not be interested in Chi Shengxu? Tang Ning said and turned to Luosang with expectation.

"I'm sleepy too," responded Luosang as she stretched with a tired look.

The next morning, when Luosang was brus.h.i.+ng her teeth in the bathroom, her cell phone ringed on her bed.

Ye Chuen was doing her makeup. She called Luosang when she heard her phone ringing, "Luo Sang, your phone is ringing."Luosang didn't respond, so she picked up her phone from the bed, and saw Supervisor Yuan's name sparkling on the screen. She paused for a few seconds, then answered the call. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Miss Luo, I sent your dubbing work to Director Hong last night, and he likes it. He wants you to go to Sky Pictures this afternoon…"

The door of the bathroom opened at that moment. Ye Chuen hurriedly interrupted Supervisor Yuan and said, "Sorry, I'm Luo Sang's friend, she's brus.h.i.+ng her teeth just now. Please hold on a second."

While speaking, she handed the phone to Luosang. Luosang gave a start, and then hurriedly took over. She was so surprised to hear from Supervisor Yuan.

After she talked to Supervisor Yuan, Ye Chuen asked, "Director Hong from Sky Pictures, is that Hong Yuxing?"

"Yes, they wanted me to go for an interview this afternoon. I don't know if I'm hired yet," Luosang didn't try to lie to Ye Chuen, as she knew that the latter had heard some of Supervisor Yuan's words. "Let's go, Yan Su and Tang Ning should have our breakfast ready at the canteen," continued Luosang.

After that, they walked to the canteen. Yan Su and Tang Ning had saved seats for them.

Not long after they sat down, a commotion could suddenly be heard from the entrance of the canteen. The four of them turned their heads to that direction, and saw a slim, handsome man walk in. He was in simple jeans, yet looked as gentle and pretty as a boy from comic books.

"That's Chi Shengxu. I didn't think he'd come to the canteen for breakfast," Tang Ning excitedly sat up straight, and said, "He's looking over here. Chuen, is he looking at you? You two worked together on a musical for the school."

"I… think so…" Ye Chuen stuttered and tucked her hair behind her ear, face blushed.

When Chi Shengxu walked to the table with Luosang and her roommates with a warm smile, Ye Chuen hurriedly stood up to greet him, "Shengxu, do you want to have breakfast together?"

"Thank you, but I can't. I haven't been back for long. The wants to talk to me, so I'm just here to pick up some food." After saying that, Chi Shengxu turned his stunningly handsome face to Luosang, then said to her smilingly, "Luo Sang, what a coincidence. I didn't think I'd see you here. My new movie will premiere next Sunday, can I invite you and your roommates to watch it together on that day?"

Before his voice faded, almost everyone in the canteen cast their eyes on Luosang, including her roommates. Some of those people were jealous of Luosang, some admired her, and some were surprised. Ye Chuen's face was especially dark at that moment.

"Hem," Luosang nearly choked on porridge.

Before she could respond, Tang Ning realized what was happening, and immediately accepted his invitation for her, "Sure, sure, we're definitely free the next Sunday."

"I'll be expecting you," Chi Shengxu gave Luosang a wink, then turned and left.

"Oh my, Luo Sang, when did you get to know him so well?" Tang Ning excitedly put her hands around Luosang's neck and said, "You've been keeping such an important thing a secret from us! He's invited you to watch his movie. Is he chasing you?"

"We just had a few of Professor Cheng's together. I lent him my notes a few times. It's not like what you think," Luosang swallowed the porridge in her mouth, then gave a bitter smile.

Growing Fond Of You, Mr Nian 70 Luosang, When Did You Know Chi Shengxu So Well

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