Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman 508 Chapter 508: An Abandoned Child

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As planned, Yu Qi and Long Hui took a flight for Fanghai Nation. Long Hui insisted to take the first-cla.s.s seat as he was worried that Yu Qi would not be comfortable with the economy or business seat. 

Yu Qi sighed. This man spoiled her too much. Well, not like she did not like it. It was true. The first-cla.s.s seat was very comfortable. And the service was also the first cla.s.s. 

The flight attendants would sometimes glance at Long Hui. Long Hui did not pay any attention to them as he was busy attending his beloved Qi Qi's needs.

"Are you comfortable?"

"Do you want some drink?"

"Are you tired? You can sleep."

Long Hui asked many questions.

"Brother Hui, I think you can be a flight attendant too." Yu Qi chuckled after hearing the question from Long Hui. 

"Qi Qi, I will be going to attend you for my whole life." Long Hui replied.

Yu Qi shyly smiled. Long Hui made the oath.

"Please remember those words forever." Yu Qi reminded.

"Don't worry. I will." Long Hui smiled.

After a night flight, both of them arrived at the Fanghai Nation. It was early in the morning. So, they decided to check-in at the hotel first and take some rest before meeting with the Mu Family. Yu Qi had already informed Mu Li Zei that she would come to collect the sample in the afternoon. 


Mu Li Zei just finished the meeting. It had been for a while since he met with his younger brother, Mu Li Zin. Mu Li Zin seemed to lay down for quite some time.

"Where did you go this time?" Mu Li Zei asked Mu Li Zin.

"Europe. It is a very good place to take a holiday." Mu Li Zin answered.

"You should visit your mother later." Mu Li Zei said.

"No need. In her eyes, you are the only one." Mu Li Zin humped. 

Their mother loved his older brother. Because she had placed her wish on him. And also because his older brother was a very smart man. In another word, very scheming person. 

"It is your choice." Mu Li Zei did not pay much attention to Mu Li Zin.

"By the way, Brother, did your daughter fell into the strange illness?" Mu Li Zin smiled.

Mu Li Zei did not answer it. He was sure that he blocked the news about that.

"What illness?" Mu Li Zin a.s.sumed it was true since his brother's expression changed as soon he mentioned that.

"Mind your own business." Mu Li Zei growled to Mu Li Zin.

"Okay... Okay..." Mu Li Zin stopped asking about it. 

Mu Li Zei left Mu Li Zin behind. Mu Li Zin let his brother leave. Their relations.h.i.+p was not a normal brotherhood relations.h.i.+p. More like the princes who fought for the seat of the throne. 

Their mother placed her hopes on Mu Li Zei. So, she extremely cared about Mu Li Zei. Only like she did not care about Mu Li Zin but she did not hope anything from him.

As for his father, Grandpa Mu did not care much about Mu Li Zin. Grandpa Mu only cared about his eldest son. The eldest son who had gone missing for a long time ago. 

So, he had been an abandoned child. What he wanted from his parents was their recognition. That was why he wanted to strike everything that he could do. 

When Mu Li Zin heard about the rumour that Mu Rong Xie was sick, he did some investigation. Turned out, Mu Rong Xie ended up in that situation because of the drug. 

Mu Li Zei had a drug business and somehow her daughter was addicted to that drug. That was hilarious. Mu Li Zin laughed so much when he found out about that. 

Mu Li Zin also heard that Mu Li Zei went around to find a doctor that could treat his daughter. But still did not succeed. None of the doctors could treat Mu Rong Xie's illness. Even the best doctors in Fanghai Nation did not succeed in treating Mu Rong Xie. 

Knowing this, Mu Li Zin felt happy. His brother always looked down on him. So, when something like this happened, he was indeed happy for a little bit. 

Mu Li Zin returned to his house. His wife was dozing off on the sofa. 

"You are back." Mu Li Zin's wife, Jiang Na Na woke up from her sleep. 

"Where is Man Su?" Mu Li Zin looked around did not see his daughter.

"In her room. Probably sleeping." Jiang Na Na said. "How about your day?" 

It was a while since her husband went to work. 

"Great. The rumour about Rong Xie is true. She has really caught some strange illness because of having the drug." Mu Li Zin told her.

"Really? That is great then. That Su Yu Qing liked to look down on me because of her child. She always likes to brag about her daughters telling me that her daughters were very beautiful and smart. Like our daughter. When I heard that, my rage has been boiling up. It has been very frustrating since I can not fight back.

Your mother has also loved her daughters very much but has not paid much attention to my daughter. Thinking about that again, make me very very unhappy." Jiang Na Na expressed her feeling.

"Let's go and visit our beloved niece." Mu Li Zin smirked.

"Yeah. We should celebrate." Jiang Na Na laughed.

"As a good uncle and aunt." Mu Li Zin added.

"Yeah." Jiang Na Na nodded.

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Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman 508 Chapter 508: An Abandoned Child

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