Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World 12 Abyssal Chain

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Zatiel and Ezequiel headed to the spot where most of the apprentices were gathering, the place under the huge screens in the walls.

One of these screens were showing the missions that were available at the moment and another was showing the courses that you could take and how much you have to pay to attends, in this places were podiums in which you could get more detailed information of the mission and with which you could accept it.

According to the rules of the tower, every new apprentice has to take a mission when they become part of it. After every mission you have a time to rest before doing the next one, the times vary depending of the difficulty of the mission, for mission with a difficulty that can be done safely for a rank 1 apprentices you have a month of rest, for a difficulty corresponding to rank 2 apprentices you have 3 months, for rank 3 apprentices difficulty you have 6 months of rest and for pseudo-magi mission you have a year of rest.

Zatiel arrived at the screen and headed straight for the podium, and activate it.

"A.I. Chip search between the missions the ones in which I can obtain the materials to start crafting runes and have difficulty for pseudo-magi"

"Bip.. beginning search..."

´With our power, we can take a mission for pseudo-magi without a problem. I should pick one that allows me to gather materials to start crafting runes that can enhance mine and little EZ abilities, although the ones I can craft are only basic runes at the moment they should be enough for now, and I can also sell them to generate some income´

It didn't take long for the chip to show a list of missions that fulfill Zatiel requirements after going through them and deciding the mission they will take, Zatiel headed to the stall the other apprentices had put.

"Litlle EZ pick something that suits you," Say Zatiel as he started to look at the magical equipment that was put to display.

Ezequiel's previous weapon was destroyed little before they arrived at the tower, this was pretty common after all normal weapons can't withstand spells going through them for a prolonged amount of time.

Most of what was shown was basic magical equipment with some minor enchantments or abilities, like a necklace with a boast for spirt force in 1 or night vision goggles.

Zatiel finally chooses a sword, it was a one-handed sword, although it didn't have any magical enhancement what matter to him was that it was made from mitratium, a very durable and conductive magical metal, making him not have to worry about changing his weapon because it could not withstand his power.

As for Ezequiel he chose a short sword, it was pretty simple but in his center, there was a green crystal, this sword could apply paralytic poison in his attacks that were strong enough to knock out a magical creature.

Neither Zatiel or Ezequiel chose anything else after all their funds were very limited at the moment and besides their attributes were already very overbearing and for defense, they both have their spells and as Neo-Demons their bodies were extremely durable.

Both swords cost Zatiel 120 magical crystal, plus the 30 that he gave to the apprentice named Richard, he now has only 73 crystal.

´Wealth banish fast´ Thought Zatiel without really caring for the amount of crystal, after all, he never thought that the amount was anything significant.

"Little EZ I will transfer the information to you about the mission we are going to do, we will be working separately this time and doing different mission"

Ezequiel nodded at the words of Zatiel, although it will be the first time they separate each other since they meet, Ezequiel wasn't a child whose hand was to be taken at every moment, he was more than capable enough to take a mission alone.

The information about the mission appears in his mind immediately.

"Pseudo Magi level mission: Bring the brains of 5 harpies. These magical creatures have the strength of rank 3 apprentices, with the ability to fly and able to use wind spells. Some of the strongest harpies have the power equal to a Pseudo Magi and can use a spell that affects the conscious of the opponent. Reward: 300 magical crystal and 10 merit points."

Together with the information was a map and the most possible localization of the harpies.

"The more brains you gather the better and also I will need you to bring the claws of those creatures"

Ezequiel didn't ask why they were needed and just nodded, for him if Zatiel needed something there was a good reason for it.

Zatiel was already accustomed to the ways of the boy so he didn't say much about his lack of words.

"Remember little EZ never overestimate your power or underestimate your opponent, the battlefield is always changing and if you neglect your surroundings for a second it could be fatal. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation escape immediately, that is an order," Zatiel says with seriousness in his face.

Ezequiel again didn't speak and nodded but warm could be seen in his eyes.

"Master, that person from before, I think he will take the opportunity to attack during our mission taking advantage that we are separated and away from the tower."

According to the regulation of the tower, apprentices that were part of it were prohibited from killing each other, but as long there was no witness, and unless the person has an influential background no one will investigate the ´desperation´ of an apprentice.

"They will definitely do it, but don't worry if they act as I think they will, there won't be a problem. I was going to give you another spell to practice but I can appreciate that you are breaking the limits of the spell I teach you and improving it to make it perfect for you, so you should keep with it"

"Yes master, I also felt that the spell can become more powerful and I can increase the ways I can apply it," Ezequiel was very satisfied with the spell so he didn't want to split is attention with another one.

Zatiel always thinks that quality way overcomes quant.i.ty, especially as a Neo-Demon thanks to the core the spell can be improved constantly and the body can increase the proficiency in that type of energy tremendously fast. Himself was only going to learn another battle spell to overcome his deficit in long-range and with that, it will be enough for the time being.

"We should rest for today, tomorrow we will start with our corresponding mission," Zatiel spoke, as he an Ezequiel headed to the portal to the second floor that it was the place were apprentices rested.

As they were about to use the portal, Zatiel started to look at the statue with the form of a lion that was beside it.

´A golem with a power equal to a Rank 1 Magi, I have to be careful in this place or else if I call too much attention I could get into serious trouble´

Without stopping he get into the portal and vanished from the first level.

After a couple of seconds, Zatiel and Ezequiel appear in the second level, normally most apprentices will show some discomfort from the teleportation but thanks to their physique neither one felt different.
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The second level was full of rectangular houses one next to the other, made of the same material the rest of the tower was made, with nothing else but the portal.

Zatiel and Ezequiel quickly find those corresponding to them, and to enter them, you have to use the crystal in which the guidebook was contained.

Zatiel enters the house, as he inspected the place he saw that it was a two-floor house, with a bathroom, a place to sleep and a kitchen on the first floor and the second floor there was a place that could be used to realize experiment.

´Not bad this place is truly comfortable and has most of the necessary stuff.´

Zatiel leaves his stuff in a corner and headed to the shower, after a couple of minutes he gets out with his magic robe on and he headed to the second floor.

On the second floor, there was a place with all kinds of chemical and magical equipment and there was a closed room with thick walls, this last one was used to practice spells and in the ground was a carpet that had the ability to calm the mind.

Zatiel headed to the room and set on the carpet as he was thinking about the new spell he was going to learn.

"My current abyss aura as reached the 10 points, from this point on, growing it will be difficult without consuming high concentrations of energy. With my current aura I should be able to use that spell."

The spell that Zatiel was thinking was known as Abyssal Chains and was one of the most powerful rank 0 spells that he has, but it was also extremely difficult to control.

"A.I. Chip show me the information about the spell Abyss Chains and start to circulate my abyss aura to activate the spell".


Abyssal Chain: Create chains that appear from the air around the host and can attack and bind the opponent. These chains are created from abyss energy making them apply fire and negative energy damage, and they are also extremely resistant. Every chain has to be controlled individually putting great pressure on the host consciousness. Consumption: Abyss Aur 2 every minute. Damage: every chain can make up to 10 degrees of damage, and also it can apply a corroding effect to the body of whoever is in contact with them unless this person can use abyss aura. Effective distance: 20 meters around the host."

Zatiel started to focus on the spell and using his abyss aura to activate it.

After a couple of minutes a chain that luke like it was made from burning metal with an arrow-like head at his beginning materialize beside Zatiel, a minute later a second shows up, then a third and finally a fourth.

Zatiel opens his eyes as he started to a.s.sess the chains.

´I can control a maximum of 4 chains at the moment, and still be able to attack with my body.´

Every chain is like a new limb that he has to be controlling, so every single one takes a toll in his mental capacities, right now he can control 4 chains and still being able to use his body normally. As he grows stronger his cognitive function will also do it allowing him to increase the number of chains.

Focusing his eyes in a corner of the room, he commanded the chains to attack. With an amazing speed, the four chains crashed against the walls making marks on this one, with another command the chains started to move through the room something moving like if they were crunching on something, or interconnecting themself to make a wall before Zatiel.

´This spell is truly practical, let see his maximum actual damage, A.I. Chip show me the information about the next attack.´

The chain started to intertwine themself making the 4 chains become one, this new single-chain crashed against the wall making a hole in this one and the surroundings starting to melt.

"Bip... 19 degrees of damage, and 4 degrees of fire and negative energy every second."

"Very good, this will be more than enough, I should rest know, tomorrow will be a long day."

Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World 12 Abyssal Chain

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