Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World 203 This Is How I Will Die

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Dante had been controlling the Sunlight Core, the defensive mechanism of the city, and the Daybreak Tower when he fought against those cloaked individuals.

He did not call Zatiel for help, since inside the City of the Sun the amount of power that he can display by using the tower and the Sunlight Core is greater than his father's strength not to mention that from the moment the perpetrators arrived to when they escaped into the Endless Forest, less than ten seconds pa.s.sed.

He was glad when he saw how two members of the group end up so hurt that they would have not been able to escape. 

He was confident in either killing or neutralizing anyone who attempts to save the duo. And if they are left being, he would have captured them and then wait for his father to extract everything they know.

But he was not able to predict the actions of the man who killed both of them.

He was angry when he saw how those two excellent sources of information were lost and he tried to capture the rest but unfortunately, the group managed to left the range in which the beams of golden fire can display their maximum power.

The amount of energy in those hundreds of beams of golden fire that were launched during the fight can equal a Rank 4 spell and although they were divided between those six individuals, it should have been more than enough to kill a Master Rank 3 life form.

The main reason why they were able to survive was due to the ash that had protected them from the barrage.

Although he was not happy with the outcome of the battle, with four of them managing to escape and the other two dead, no damage was done to the city so could accept it.

As he was a.n.a.lyzing the state of the tower's energy reserves and the condition of the members of the clan, he noticed something weird.

With his abilities, he was able to find the problem in an instant. The Elder Brain trembled when an immense killing intent was released from Dante's consciousness inside it.

He has matured a lot from the moment he lost control over his emotions and almost killed that Angel in the Beta Heavenly World, but when he found out what was missing an ungovernable desire to butcher them, was birth inside him.


Nine individuals were flying through Wasteland at an impressive speed. All of them had dragon's horns in their heads and scales in their faces.

Leading this group was a young man whose body vibrated with life and power. He was very talented and his scales were releasing black ash, just like the one that protected the group that attacked the City of the Sun.

The man was carrying a chest with both of his hands and was very careful with it.

The entire group has a serious expression on their face as they push their speed to the limit. They headed to the pa.s.sage between Wasteland and the second level of the Underground, Aestus.

All of a sudden the entire group trembled as they felt an abominable rage approaching them.

The young man with ash's scales frowned when he felt that. His instincts were screaming, meaning that whoever was after them is someone they could not defeat.

Wasteland doesn't have places that can slow down life forms with their power and the only option they have is to be faster than their enemy.

"Lord Severus, how could have they locate us so fast?"

The one who speaks was a woman with blonde hair and silver scales.

"It doesn't matter how they did it, someone is after us and we need to handle him. His Highness will not allow any failure after so many years of planning. Cimir, Nini, and Kartus, you three will remain behind and distract that person for at least thirty seconds before escaping."

The one who spoke was not the young man, but an old man that was beside him, and his tone was firm.

Severus did not say anything when he saw him giving order and it was clear he shared his feelings.

The faces of the three people who were named became solemn. Whoever is going after them is very powerful, but the order given by the old man was absolute.

Luckily they only needed to stop him for thirty seconds and with their Rank and bloodline, they were confident in their chances of remaining alive.

They left the group and flew in the opposite direction to meet their enemy. They activate all of their defensive spell and also any rune or magic item that could help them survive.

The old man continues flying with the others and he made sure to release his consciousness to detect the distance between them and the attacker.

Twenty seconds pa.s.sed and according to his calculations, the trio should meet the enemy at any moment.

He was expecting to detect some powerful spells and disturbance on the natural energy as they were fighting.

But the only thing that happens was a ma.s.sive explosion that made the ground and the ceiling of Wasteland trembled and he felt how the owner of that monstrous rage was getting closer.

The old man could not hide his shock. He did not pick that trio randomly, they may only have been Advanced Rank 3 Magi but their spells and bloodline made their defenses very high so they should be able to at least fight against a Peak Rank 3 life form for a while and yet they could not stop their enemy for even a second.

He was considering their options as he formulates the best plan possible. The contents of that chest are extremely important and he knows very well that failure to deliver it will mean their deaths.

"Severus continue on your own. I and the others will remain behind and give you as much time as we can for you to carry the chest to the kingdom."

When the young man hears those words, a complicated look appears on his eyes as he stares at the old man. Even after feeling the explosion that possibly meant the death of the trio, he did not show anything but when he thought of the old man sharing the same fate, he could not remain calm

 When the old man saw this, a kind smile appeared on his face and a stroked Severus' head.

"This is not a suicide mission, boy. Remember that I am a Peak Rank 3 Magus with a Rank 4 bloodline and the others are Rank 3 Magi as well. By working together, we will be able to stop that person until you are so far away that he will not be able to reach you, before focusing all of our energy in escaping." There was confidence in the old man's voice as he spoke.

"Please be careful teacher Ivan." After saying those words, Severus grabs the chest tightly before continue flying without looking back.

Ivan and the rest of the group stop and look at the direction from where their enemy was coming.

"Don't contain anything and use all of your trump cards. Whoever is coming, it is not a Rank 4 life form but his power is greater than mine so we have to be careful."

As a bloodline carrier, Ivan's instincts were very powerful and he fully trusted them, since more than once they have saved his life.

"Focus solely on obstructing his path. Severus should only need three minutes to advance enough so this person will not be able to catch him before he reaches Aestus."

When the rest hear those words, courage filled their hearts. With someone as powerful as Ivan with them, there should not be a problem to stop an individual at Rank 3 for three minutes, no matter how strong he is.

The body of everyone starts to grow and their scales extend all over their skin. 

Ivan was able to become a ten meters tall humanoid dragon with a powerful tail and strong wings. His scales look like wood, and they gave him not only great resistance to most attacks but also powerful regeneration abilities.

The level of their bloodline did not allow them to fully transform into a flesh and blood dragon but in a place like Wasteland, that has such a low alt.i.tude, the ma.s.sive body of a dragon would not have been of help.

The face of the old man was serious and he waits for the enemy that was coming their way.

Earthquakes began to appear around them due to the immense amount of energy that was approaching them and an aura full of death, impact on their bodies.

When the monster that has been chasing them finally arrives, Ivar froze for a second before a bitter smile appeared on his face.

"So, this is how I will die."

The old man's reaction was commendable. The others could not stop trembling of fear and despair had filled their hearts.

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Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World 203 This Is How I Will Die

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