The Tycoon's Secret Bride Chapter 54 - Fiasco(3)

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"I'm Miss Liu's boyfriend! Duan Chengyu! Where is she?!"

"Please follow me, Mr Duan."

Although, he told a boldfaced lie, the Chairman of Cinopec Group had about lost his patience when he didn't see Liu Rachael on entering into police unit where she was supposedly held.

The driver on hearing his boss's lie nervously gave a side look at him.

The police officer could see from the way Duan Chengyu was dressed that he was no ordinary man, despite his unhappiness at been shouted at, Officer Song courteously led the men to where Liu Rachel was held. Throughout the entire time, several pair of eyes openly stared at them from across the room.

"C....Chairman Duan! How did you find me?!"

Behind the bars of the local police station was Liu Rachael and Tian Min, they both stood with their backs again each other, as though neither could stand looking at the other. It was when she heard the familiar voice of Duan Chengyu that was when Liu Rachael knew she was in trouble.

"How did I find you?! Is that what you should be asking me or shouldn't you at least telling me why you are in a police cell at 1am in the morning! You ran off and then what?!"

Inside of him, the Chairman of Cinopec Group didn't plan of losing his temper, but when he saw the two in the same cell, his sanity flew out the window.

The Tycoon's Secret Bride Chapter 54 - Fiasco(3)

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