The Undefined Love Chapter 127 - Changes In Him.

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At w.a.n.g Corporation, reporters were waiting to get some news regarding the hot and loving couple of the country. The aloof CEO and the pure and kind hearted Ms.Long . The country believed that only she has the ability to make the heartless tyc.o.o.n care for someone and that's her.

Even though their engagement didn't get completed that day, but still they were considered as the match made in heaven. No one got any air of the accident that happened that day. They were informed by certain someone that the engagement did happen on that day and the couple is deepluly in love.

Or else why would her business which always attracts so problems regarding finance ,investment and etc. gets solved within a blink of an eye and is uninterruptedly flouris.h.i.+ng day by day. The whole country knows under whose wings her fas.h.i.+on brand, Culture is and knowing it no one dares to offend them.

They never got any official statement regarding their relations.h.i.+p or about their engagement by the CEO, w.a.n.g Deming itself. But they didn't mind getting one from him because after his engagement, he never bothered to appear in the news or even in any social or business gathering.

The reporters ran towards Jie when they say her coming out of the private elevator of w.a.n.g Corporation, "Ms.Long, we must say you are quite lucky that you have such a caring fiancee. Please say a few words about your lovely relations.h.i.+p"

"Ms.Long, can you tell us about how your brand Culture got entangled with such shady accusations?"

"Ms.Long, is your problem again been take by Mr.w.a.n.g . He is so quick in handling your problems. Please say a few words".

"Ms.Long, please..."

Jie didn't mind giving any clarification to them and just climbed up in her car. She has always been like this in the last two years. She won't ever burden herself to clarify her relations.h.i.+p with Deming.

Who would refuse the opportunity to make everyone envious? She loved when everyone pair her up with him. She loves power of being his fiancee, the envious gazes of the top socialites feels so amazing to her. Even she know that's no real and would never be but still she won't leave him that easily.

That day after Lifen disappeared, Deming went crazy to find her but he couldn't. He joined his resources in both business world and dark world but still the thing that he came to know was, 'She is all fine and doesn't want to meet him. And she has left the country for scholars.h.i.+p she has got to study abroad'.

He has tried really hard to find her but none got in use as someone equally powerful and witty is preventing him to do so.

But who cares? She wouldn't care until it is benefitting her. Deming has clearly mentioned to her that, neither she would ever be his girlfriend nor his fiance and much less his wife. He can only help her to let her live happily and comfortably.

After Lifen left, he has totally became a new person. The coldness around him increased tenfold from before and he has become devoid of any warm feelings. He has made strenuous all his efforts and energy to either find Lifen or in company's affairs.

"KNOCK, KNOCK", someone knocked the door of the President's office of w.a.n.g Corporation.

"Come in!" came a cold voice. The door was lightly pushed and a slender pet.i.te women walked with a black file.

"President, here is the information you asked for", she said as he placed the black file on the desk in front of Deming.

He closed the current window of his desktop and a warm smile spread over his lips instantly as he gazed at the wallpaper. It was a her picture from the banquet event where he went with Lifen.

The employee was shocked to see such a warm smile on the cold face of the President. It was really a rare sight. Though the world thinks that the President is always showing warm feelings towards his fiancee, Ms.Long. But his employees knows very well that it not so. They even doubt that they aren't in any love relations.h.i.+p.

Seeing him smile like this now, just gazing at the something on his computer, the employee too wanted to take a peek. But again she knew that if she dares to do any such thing then, she will surely lose this job and she can't afford that.

Its really a tough to get a well paid job and she has one. She won't kick her own fortune like that.

Deming took the file and slowly flipped the pages observing the information mentioned in it. "So they didn't made any international call?" he asked indifferently.

"No sir, we have checked their call details from last eight months, but still there isn't any international call history in Wu family. In fact Ms.Zhang and Ms.Zhao haven't been in touch with Wu family. They have got some calls from international numbers but they are irrelevant. They were either from their family living abroad or their other friends ", she informed diligently.

He then closed the file and resumed his word on his desktop. The employee was good at grasping the unspoken orders of the President. She understood that the work here is done so she said politely, "Then I will take your leave, President". She bowed and left the cabin leaving him alone .


At meeting room of the 'Elegant' fas.h.i.+on studio.

Several hours have pa.s.sed clearing the terms of contract with YS Group and finally the meeting came to a end.

"It will be nice working with collaborating with your brand Mr.Shen", Lifen said with a smile, extending her hand to shook with the CEO of YS Group.

"I am really confident on your abilities Ms.Li . We have heard a lot about your work and ethics", he said as he reciprocated with the handshake.

She personally walked them out out of courtesy. While leaving the Elegant Studio, YS Group made a request, "Ms.Li, we have a request for you. We know that you prefer to keep a low profile but can you please attend our company's annual anniversary party in Country A, as we are now officially working partners".

Country A!

Without giving any another thought, she refused politely, "Sorry Mr.Shen, but I can't come to Country A. As you already know we have got an invitation from Milan fas.h.i.+on week, my employees are working hard for it and I can't leave them alone at this time. I hope I can manage next time"

Mr.Shen nodded his head gently in understanding and left in his car.

The Undefined Love Chapter 127 - Changes In Him.

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