The Undefined Love Chapter 155 - The Lion Who Is Born To Rule.

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In some renowned club in Australia, a group of elite professionals were busy discussing their professional deals regarding their businesses.

The thing that was catching everyone's attraction was the man in the grey custom made checked suite with a thin fabriced high-neck tee inside the coat.

He was not only the attraction for the women in the club for this looks but also to all the men who were present there since they know well who the man was and what powers he possess.

"Mr.Yang, we are highly overwhelmed with you majestic presence here. With you in our favour, this project is destined to be profitable for both the parties. Thank you for your precious time", the man who seemed to be the leader of the other party showed their gratefulness.

"I never said I am in your favour. Don't be mistaken. I am here to fix this deal for my company, that's it", he said nonchalantly swirling the wine in his wine gla.s.s.

Hearing his words, the face of the man instantly lost all the colours. No one has ever worded him like this. But again this no other, he was the Yang Yuzhe.

And now only his help can make his company come back in proper track, so he can only take his insulting words. 'Every dog has his day. Now is his, tomorrow will be mine', he thought to himself and covered his thoughts with a smile on his lips.

"Dogs truly has their days but I am not the one. I am the lion who is born to rule", he smirked reading his thoughts transparently. The man has forgotten that this man was also a legendary figure of medical science, so nonetheless his one of the subject would be psychology.

"Hahaha...Mr.Yang! W- What are you saying? There is nothing like that", the man said wiping off the sweat from his wrinkled forehead.

"Really? Then I guess, your blood pressure is not normal anymore. Look you are sweating profusely. It's better to see a doctor in time or you might not see your company rising tomorrow ", he said as he gestured him to leave.

He too got up to leave but then suddenly, a soft , fragile hand held his wrist firmly, "Mr.Yang, long time no see!"

Everyone in the club snapped at the girl guts. She had the courage to held his hand but her tone gives the hint that she is someone close to him.

Yuzhe turned to look at the girl, who held her wrist. But his eyes were still full of indifference. His gaze locked on her face for few seconds but was quickly averted as if he didn't recognize her.

"Sorry Miss, I think you took me for a wrong person", he said and easily freed up his wrist from her grip without giving much effort.

But at this second, something happened which wasn't expected by anyone in their rarest dreams.

The girl stood up on her tip toes, wrapping her arms around Yuzhe's neck to pull him a little down and without waiting for another second caught his lips in hers.

Yuzhe was too taken aback by her sudden action so wasn't able to dodge it in time.

He grabbed her waist only to push her, but feeling his resistance the girl only tightened her grip around his neck. She pushed her body into his, while aggressively nibbling on his lower lips.

It took efforts to push that girl away.

"Do you like it?", she asked, "Am I better than her? I surely am because that girl never took any initiative to kiss you or not even ever kissed you".

Yuzhe didn't bothered to reply the girl. She didn't matter to him but at this moment he was feeling filthy as her. Her touch was so disgusting.

He quickly took some tissues from the box on the table and start wiping off his lips as if he won't be able stand if he doesn't every inch of her touch.

After wiping off for more or less ten to fifteen minutes and almost using the whole three boxes of tissues, he stopped and glared at the girl.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you? And how dare you?", he yelled, sending s.h.i.+vers to each and every person present in the club.

At this moment, Daniel came up s.h.i.+vering as h.e.l.l and said in a whisper tone, "Boss, this is Ms.Eliza".

"So what?", he yelled again unleas.h.i.+ng all his anger at this moment.

Everyone was feeling the gates of the h.e.l.l opening and asking them to walk in by themselves into it if they want to save themselves from this man.

The doors of h.e.l.l will be good than this man standing in front of them.

"Sorry Boss. She has an contract with our company for promoting our products. She is the official brand amba.s.sador for one of our brands too", Daniel informed hastily, this time in much louder voice to let everyone hear.

"I didn't expect that our team employs such cheap models for our products. Change her and also make an official announcement regarding her removal", he commanded.

"No, no you can't do this to me. I am the best model in London. How can you be like that? Don't you know how much I like you? How can you make my career go waste like this?", Eliza pleaded but still held her arrogance high.

Her words made him more angrier He looked at Daniel to which Daniel nodded accepting his unmentioned command.

Soon two guards came up only to drag her away.

"Girl, you really doomed. You don't know what h.e.l.l you are going to face now. You have offended the most wrong person in your life. And even after that you had the audacityto question him?", Daniel murmured under his breath.

The Undefined Love Chapter 155 - The Lion Who Is Born To Rule.

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