The Billionaire's Contracted Wife Chapter 142 - Time To Go To Work!

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"Ashley! Ashley Gusman! h.e.l.lo! Ashley Gusman!" Alden shouted aboard a magnificent limousine.  

Ashley turned around and was stunned to see Alden waiving at her. 'Why is this guy here? How did he know to find me here? I specifically didn't give him the company information so that they would not meet each other.  But then he still finds out? What the heck!' She thought as she stopped for a moment and stood still while procuring a slight smile on her lips.

Alden told the driver to stopped the limousine before quickly descending and approaching her in a rush.  "What happened to you yesterday? I just went to get my business card to give it to you, and when I returned, you disappeared like a bubble?" Alden complained while his eyes were sad.

"Oh' I'm sorry! I had to use the ladies' badly. Then when I came out and returned where you left me, you disappeared. I waited for a little, but then I remembered my boss who brought me there and I had to go already. You know...-  I'm afraid to get fired and sent back to the Philippines."  Ashley said as she let out a sigh. 

"Hahaha! So' you think that I did it in purpose?  And here I thought the same thing. Hahaha! "Alden laughed out loud, feeling much better that she waited for him.

They began chatting as they walked together towards the THJ Building.  They were engrossed in their conversations that they didn't realize that they were right in front of the headquarters building already.  They were near the door of the building, chatting when three black vehicles came to a full stop.

As the cars came to a full stop, Tanaga's bodyguard quickly descended and ran in a row and stood at the side of the middle one.  The doorman promptly approached and opened the rear door of the vehicle.  And Tanaga descended, looking all tired... Suddenly Ashley stopped as she held onto Alden's arm to stop him from walking in the building.

She was still holding on to Alden's arm as Tanaga came out of the car, wearing a black mirror The first thing his eyes caught was his wife is still holding another man's, and his eyebrows suddenly raised.  He took off his to let her know that he saw everything.  

Is just so happens that Ashley looked at Tanaga's direction as he removes his Suddenly, a needle pierced Ashley's heart, and she s.h.i.+vered. Because he has a big eye bag and his eyes is also swollen. 

She wanted to approach Tanaga and give him a tight embrace. And apologize for her leaving the restaurant without saying goodbye.  She thinks that Tanaga must have cried all night, that's why his eyes were swollen.

Unfortunately, she couldn't do it without revealing their relations.h.i.+p to Alden Sanches...  Something Ashley didn't want to announce at the moment...  If only she could be sure that Tanaga cares about her... She would not hesitate to shout out loud for the whole world to know that she's Tanaga's wife. 

She's reluctant to let Alden know only because she is still not sure if it's alright with Tanaga to let other people know about their relations.h.i.+p besides those close to him.  If it's up to her, she would have loved to make people all over the world know that she's Tanaga wife. 

Unfortunately, there's still the contract they signed. Whenever Ashley's thoughts about the agreement they signed.  She's doing her best to stop what little feeling that's beginning to sprout in her heart.

She knows she'll only get emotional pain later if she continues. Therefore, Ashley does everything she can to prevent her from falling in love with her husband.   

While Tanaga was looking at the two of them as if he wanted to say something.  Ashley had already bowed before greeting him. "Good morning, sir Jones," She said while she couldn't look straight at her husband's eyes.

When Tanaga heard Ashley's greeting, his eyebrows risen and she could tell that his upset.

He was thinking, 'what so good about this morning? While I had a sleepless night, the first thing that I would come across is you holding another man's hand on the road. So' tell me what so good about this morning?' Tanaga wanted to say that to Ashley, but since they are in front of Alden, he decides to shut his mouth.

"Good morning, CEO Jones!" Alden also greeted Tanaga as he extended his hand for a handshake. Tanaga typically does not respond or notice the people around him when he arrives at the office. However, this is a little different. And there's nothing he could do but accept the hand in front of him as a courtesy. 

With a blank look on his face, he answered Alden's greeting. "Good morning to you too, Mr. Sanches! What can I do to help you to be here first thing in the morning?" He didn't wait for Alden's reply. Instead, "I see that you know my a.s.sistant since she's still holding on to you?"  He sternly commented with a different meaning than what he said.

Ashley, who at first was holding on Alden's arm to prevent him from going towards Tanaga.  Quickly dropped her hands as she got burnt from a burning Infierno. She was so consumed by the two that were having a conversation that she forgot that she's still holding on to Alden's arm.

She looked at the two while she couldn't move. She could only retreat slightly and walked away from the two. If she could go ahead, she would. But she thought it would be wrong for her to leave the two.

"Mr. Sanches, if there's nothing else, we will go ahead first." Tanaga didn't even bother waiting for Alden to respond, he approached Ashley and grabbed her wrist while... "Let's go! It's time to go to work!"  Began walking towards the building while he was still holding on to his wife's wrist...

Ashley did nothing but obey because Tanaga was holding her arms tightly while pulling her along as he walks. She turned her head towards Alden for a moment, "I'm sorry! we need to go!" While she shakes her head while apologizing in return as she and Tanaga leave. 

Alden was stunned and unable to utter a word.  Everything happens so quickly that the only thing he could do was nodded while bobbing his head up and down.  He couldn't help but think as the two walks away...

He couldn't understand why Tanaga is so possessive when it comes to Ashley?  The way Tanaga was acting is not like the typical employer and employee relations.h.i.+p.  He began to worry that he might also like Ashley. 

If that's the case, then they would become rivals in the future, for he's planning on pursuing Ashley this time and will not give up until she says yes.

It's not good at all because he plans to speak with them about collaboration with THJ Group and his company.  If that happens, he won't know what he's going to do.  He was shaking his head while walking back towards the limousine to take him to a business meeting...

The Billionaire's Contracted Wife Chapter 142 - Time To Go To Work!

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