The Billionaire's Contracted Wife Chapter 143 - He Would Do Anything For Her

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Meanwhile, the couple was inside the elevator with two bodyguards while not speaking with each other.  Ashley is right in front of her husband, while the two bodyguards were behind Them.  The atmosphere was intense, that Ashley feels that the elevator was too small for the four of them.

As the elevator goes up, Ashley was holding her breath.  She's afraid that Tanaga is angry at her this time and has lost his patience.  She was in deep thought, worrying about so many if.

What if he suddenly divorced her and reported her to the immigration. They will deport her for sure. And if that happens, what can she say to her family?

"What should I do!!!' Ashley exclaim in her mind as she stared at her feet. She does not want Tanaga to know that she's in despair.

On the other hand, Tanaga was practicing self-restraint. If he weren't thinking about the camera inside the elevator, he would've argued with Ashley.

He's p.i.s.sed because he saw Ashley holding on to Alden.  If he wasn't thinking of Ashley's feelings, he had already informed Adlen that they are married. Therefore, whatever he's thinking of doing, he could forget about it and leave his wife alone.

As the elevator neared the floor of Tanaga's office, he was getting much more heated and about to burst.  'What the heck!  Why is it taking so long for this elevator to arrive, I might not be able to hold it any longer.  Come on!!!!  Hurry up!!!!'  He was thinking to himself as he stared at the number that lit's up each time they pa.s.sed a floor.

The two bodyguards with them in the elevator were getting nervous by the minutes and began sweating bullets. They could tell that their boss is getting p.i.s.sed from the way he keeps on looking at the illuminated floor number each time they pa.s.sed one.  The bodyguards were silently praying for their arrival.

A few moments later, * Ding! * With the elevator opening, Tanaga and Ashley sigh and m.o.a.n at the same time. Suddenly the two looked at each other, as well as the two bodyguards with them before ... "Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha!" At the same time, they all laughed at what had happened.  

Ashley was shocked when Tanaga took her hand and pulled her out of the elevator without a word. They went straight to his office without even thinking about whether the secretaries were there. The two bodyguards breathed a sigh of relief as their employers left.  

"Oh, thank G.o.d!" One of the bodyguards did a sign of the cross, while the other bodyguard quietly followed the couple. Once Tanaga and Ashley got inside the office, and the bodyguard heard the door locked, they sat down in the chair a.s.signed to them.

As soon as Ashley and Tanaga made it inside the office, he pushed her on the wall and kissed her deeply. "Oh 'how I missed you!" Tanaga said while his lips still settled in her lips.  He's tasting the sweetness of Ashley's lips. 

When Ashley heard what Tanaga said ... Her chest suddenly beat like crazy. *Thud, thud, thud!* 'What does he mean that he missed me? What does he mean by that? Am I the one he missed, or is it our sleeping together?' Ashley asked herself while Tanaga continued what his doing, and it seems that he has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

She has to do something for Tanaga to stop, she was afraid that they would get heated, and they're still in the office. It's a no-no!  

"Sir Jones! Sir Jones! Stop! Tanaga!" She exclaims as she pushed Tanaga away.

When Tanaga heard what Ashley's called him as she pushed him away... He continued to emphasize their kissing and this time. It was accompanied by him caressing her leg near her... [Prescious Jewel]

"Tan ... Please, stop! We're at the office, and your employees might arrive any minute." Ashley said as her voice was getting weak because she didn't want Tanaga to stop what he's doing to her. She's starting to warm up too ... and if they don't stop, her panties might fall in no time ...

Tanaga suddenly realizes that Ashley called him Tan, instead of Tanaga or Sir Jones. He smiled and happily stopped kissing, and whatever else he was doing. He first kissed his wife on her forehead before letting her go.

"The bathroom is there if you want to check your lipstick. Hahaha!" Tanaga smiled as he walked over to his desk. Ashley quickly complied and went to the bathroom to check on her makeup and lipstick.

After a few minutes, she came out fresh, and her makeup and lipstick were perfect again. She now ready to do whatever Tanaga wants her to do. She stood for a moment at the front of the bathroom door and fixed the dress before she began walking to approached Tanaga's desk.  

"Sir Jones, if you have no other order, I will go out first to talk to the secretaries," Ashley said with a straight face as she walks towards him.

Tanaga leans back in the chair and watches Ashley as she walks out of the bathroom... He smiles, especially for the way Ashley's trying to be professional.

"All right! Go ahead, and while you at it, can you make me some coffee first, please!" Tanaga asked as sweet as he can, rather than commanding.

"Sure!" Ashley quickly went to where the coffee maker was and made coffee. Ashley's calm gaze settled on Tanaga as she watched while the coffee she had made dripped.

Tanaga's face looks calm and serene while he was busy reading the doc.u.ment on his desk. He takes his time and separates it one by one. Ashley was keenly aware of what Tanaga was doing so that in the next few days, she could do the job herself to reduce his workload.

A few minutes later, the coffee was made. She seasoned it with a teaspoon of sugar and mixed it with milk. When she finished, she took it to Tanaga, who was busy reading the doc.u.ments.

Ashley offered him the coffee, and Tanaga quickly accepted it and took a sip. "Ahhh! Now, this is what I call brew! You know exactly how I want my coffee. Thanks!" Tanaga said as he slowly sipped the coffee.

"I'll go first. Just call if you need anything!" She then turned around and went to see if Mr. Sato had arrived.

As soon as Ashley turned around and left... Tanaga quickly got up and ran inside the bathroom. And quickly poured the coffee into the sink while forcibly made himself vomit.

The truth was, Tanaga has a problem every time he drinks milk.  However, he didn't want to hurt Ashley's feelings and decided to suffer the consequences.  Even with the knowledge that he would have trouble breathing once the milk was inside his stomach.

"Thing I do for you, my love!" Tanaga said to himself while he was still vomiting...

The Billionaire's Contracted Wife Chapter 143 - He Would Do Anything For Her

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