The Billionaire's Contracted Wife Chapter 144 - First Day At The Office

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Ashley was already out the door and on the way to Sato's office.  She has no idea whatsoever, what her husband has to go through only to make her happy.  If that wasn't loved... What else can it be?

"Good morning!" Ashley greeted Mr. Sato with a lovely smile.

"Good morning to you, too, My dear!" He greeted her back with his feminine voice as he raised his eyebrows and looked at Ashley's attire. He frowns before speaking, "Oh my! Oh my!, Madam, we need to have a serious talk." He then pulled her inside his office and quickly shut the door.

"What? Why did you pull me over and shut your door?" Ashley then crossed her arms on her body, covering her upper torso.  "Uh-oh! Don't tell me that because of my beauty, ... you now prefer a woman?!"  She acted afraid as she backed away while her eyes widened and preventing herself from laughing out loud.

"Madam... In your dream,' if I ever... Oh-no-no! Never! Surely your beauty is unique, and I have nothing against it! But, ma'der! You need to tone it down a little. It's going to be a big problem when they realize that from head to toe... You are wearing nothing but a special edition of brand name products."   Sato exclaims while fanning his face with his hands.

"What? What do you mean?" Ashley asked surprisingly while glaring at him, confused.   She could not understand what Sato meant about the special edition of the brand name she's wearing?

"Here! There!  Those! And That!  Everything your wearing is shouting... Limited editions." While he was pointing at her suit, watch, and shoes. "All that ... is KC's special edition. The salon owner and one of the famous designers in the world.

Whenever he took a break in designing and fas.h.i.+on show... He would cater and personally attended the VVIP customers.  That means you are one of them." He said while his eyebrows still raised in admiration for Ashley's clothing and accessories.

"Wow! Really? I thought he was just a salon and stylist that grandmother Hanada frequent. I didn't know he's a famous designer. Wow!" Her eyes were as wide as a saucer.  She still couldn't believe what she just heard.

Mr. Sato is a fas.h.i.+onista at heart. He was so excited that Ashley knew his idol.  He couldn't let go of the opportunity and a chance in a lifetime to meet his hero.  Therefore, "Madam, next time you get fitted for a new wardrobe...- may I tag along with you, please !!!" Please, I beg of you!"  He put his two palms together while he has the saddest look on his face.

"Hahaha! Yes! Of course! I have an appointment with him tomorrow... Care to join me?"  She happily invited Sato. 

Sato was thrilled when he heard the invitation. It's a chance in a lifetime for him to be able to meet KC in person. Who would dare say no?  "Oh 'yes! Yes, yes, yes! Madam!"

The two were enjoying their conversation about fas.h.i.+on and new styles of clothing when the three Junior secretaries entered.  They all went straight toward their desks, and after they dropped their belongings, they all went straight to Sato's office for a briefing...

"Good morning Sir Sato! Miss Gusman!" Greet the three in unison, then bow to pay respect to the two superiors.

The two greeted them back before they began their meeting for the daily activities and workload at Tanaga's office.  After a little over Thirty minutes later, they finished. It was just precisely nine o clock, and the phone started ringing. 

The working hours officially began, and the junior secretaries quickly ran into their seats to do their job.  Sato sat down and started sorting the doc.u.ments that would be going to Tanaga's office. 

Thus, Ashley's first official day as her husband's a.s.sistant began...  She stayed first at Sato's office so he could train her what she needed to do.  She needed to get familiarized first with Tanaga's schedule and whatever she needed to do as his a.s.sistant.  Since this was her first time working in a big company, she wanted to do it with to the best of her ability.  She wanted to ensure that she would be the best a.s.sistant, Tanaga ever has.

It took Sato at least an hour to explain to Ashley what she needs to do on a daily basis.  When he thought that he had shown her everything she needed to know, he went ahead and sent her back to Tanaga's office. "It's enough for now if you have any questions... Don't hesitate to ask me.  alright!"

While Ashley was walking, she was reading the notes she had written. Suddenly, she got startled when she heard a voice from behind her.  She didn't notice that one of the junior secretaries had come close to her. It was secretary #1, Aiko. "Miss Gusman, here you go!" said Aiko as she handed her something.

Ashley accepted what she handed, and suddenly her eyes grew big in astonishment as she realized that the junior secretary had given her all the list of the people that are waiting for a response from Tanaga.

"Oh' my G.o.d! How could I finish this in one day? Apart from the folders that Tanaga needs to look at and sign. It almost three thick stacks of paper that she needs to sort out from all different departments.

The request, complaints, and many more letters for tanaga. Ashley has no choice but to accept it and bring it to Tanaga's office.

Tanaga's bodyguard was sitting by Tanaga's office door when he notices Ashley approaching while carrying so many doc.u.ments, so he hurriedly got up and planning to help Ashley. But when Ashley saw him coming forward, she shook her head… He couldn't do anything but open the door for the boss lady.

Once Ashley was inside Tanaga's office, she slowly put all the doc.u.ments she was carrying down on the top of the office table.

"Sigh!" she grunted and patted her aching arms. "Well, there's no turning back now.  I guess a.s.sistant first before becoming a manager.  Hahaha!" She mumbles to herself while thinking how long it would take her to sort out all the messages for Tanaga.

The Billionaire's Contracted Wife Chapter 144 - First Day At The Office

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