Demons Beside You Chapter 588

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Chapter 588: Interpol

“Mr. Chen, we suspect that DK has something big planned in L.A. We hope that you can cooperate with us to destroy DK's plan and capture their leader.”

“How should I cooperate with you?” Chen Zhao asked.

“This time, you made DK suffer great losses. They often take revenge, so they'll definitely take revenge on you. We hope that we can surround your home and control it entirely.”

“Sorry, no,” Chen Zhao refused directly.

“Why? Don't you want the Interpol to protect you and your family's safety?”

“Does the Interpol have really pretty personal bodyguards for me and my girlfriend? If not, then no thanks. I don't accept any kind of protection. Also, please don't get close to my house or the surrounding area. I have the right to expel you.”

This was a prime example of conversation killers.

“Mr. Chen, they're a crime organization, not the typical gang. I know you're a good boxer, but sometimes, a bullet will take your life.”

“Bye,” Chen Zhao said, rolling his eyes.

“Mr. Chen, you'll come find me by yourself!” Thomas Riffer said.

Asand was a standard vagrant. He didn't have a home at all.

He didn't have family either, so he just slept wherever he rode his motorcycle to.

Usually, he stayed in a restaurant or bar. Occasionally, he would spend the night in a motel.

After Laurent brought Asand out, he chattered nonstop about how merciless Chen Zhao was.

“Laurent, shut up!” Asand yelled loudly too. “You're so annoying.”

“F*ck you. You're already disabled and your temper is still so bad.”

“Yeah, this is my temper. You got a problem?”

Kane sat in the back, right between them.

His head was about to explode from these two loud guys.

Karim and Howard sat in the front and they were better off, but they were still annoyed.

But they didn't have Chen Zhao's guts to yell back whenever they were annoyed.

Laurent brought Asand into the hotel.

“Asand, spend a few days here.”

“How much is one night?”

“Four hundred dollars. Why? You want to pay me?”

“No. Give me the $400. It's the same if I spend the night at a bar.”

“F*ck you.”

A policewoman walked into Thomas' office with some files.

“Thomas, we checked. The person who was arrested is from DK. His alias is Engineer, a cla.s.s A internationally wanted criminal. He's caused many accidents before. Most of the deaths from DK were caused by him. He used a fake id with the name Phero Kirk. He works at an electricity company as a repairman.”

Thomas looked at the files for a long while. “Does DK want something from the electricity company?”

“I wouldn't know.”

“Go to the local police station and take the Engineer out. I want to interrogate him personally.”

“Sir, many people from DK has been showing up in L.A. in the past three months. I'm afraid they'll have action here.”

“That's what I'm worried about too,” Thomas said. “But we don't even know what their goal is. I'm hoping to get some information from the Engineer.”

“Maybe we can try something on that Chinese guy,” the policewoman said.

“What? It's not like we can break into his private property,” Thomas said helplessly.

Even though they were the Interpol and had powerful rights, they still had to follow each nation's laws.

If they really broke into someone's property and got shot, they wouldn't even have the right to fight back.

Thomas rubbed his forehead. “Whatever. Get the Engineer out first and add more people to the hospital. Make sure the Viper Quincy and Thief won't get broken out.”

Just then, another subordinate ran in. “Thomas, Viper and Thief disappeared. One of the doctors died.”

“What?” Thomas shot to his feet in disbelief. “How did they escape?”

“I don't know. The hospital's security footage was all erased. We can't find any clues or how they even started it.”

“Hurry, send more people to extract the Engineer.”

“h.e.l.lo, we're from Interpol. We need to extract someone imprisoned here.”

David looked up and saw a beautiful girl. He looked back and saw more people, all wearing Interpol uniforms.

He accepted the ID and made another call to check that nothing was wrong with the ID number.

“Who do you need to extract?”

“Phero Kirk.”

“Who is he?”

“Confidential. I can't tell you.”

David couldn't do anything. His police system was under the American FBI and wasn't directly related to Interpol.

But Interpol had the right to take prisoners from them.

David brought Interpol to the cells.

“This is Phero Kirk.”

Phero raised his head and shock flashed past his face.

When David saw him, he furrowed his brows.

Phero's expression wasn't obvious, but he seemed happy.

“Please open the door.”

David glanced at the people behind the woman. “Can I see everyone else's IDs too?”

“Of course.” A big guy came forward. The next moment, he pulled a gun out of his pocket.

David cried out inside and tried to jump to the side.

But when he was in the air, the man fired.

Pew, pew!

David took several bullets instantly and fell into a pool of blood.

These people started firing directly and destroyed the electric lock.

“We should go.” The woman looked up at the security camera.

Since they destroyed the lock, the police would definitely know.

Just then, the outer wall of the detention center exploded.

A man stood outside. He had a mohawk and was chewing gum. “Bros miss me?”

“Shut up and hurry,” the big guy said. “Or else we'll have a shootout in a police station.”

When the woman walked past David, she paused and said gently, “Mr. Officer, you're my type.”

With that, the woman gave David another bullet.

Real life wasn't like movies. In movies, the main characters wouldn't get shot even if bullets rained down on them.

But reality wasn't like that…

Demons Beside You Chapter 588

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