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Chapter 474: Sweet and SourTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The nurse by the side was so shocked that her eyes almost popped out of her head, as she looked at the man holding the woman in his arms and behaving like a child as he asked for hugs and kisses.

Was this the cold, strong, domineering and bad-tempered man she and the other medical staff knew?

Usually, when the nurses spoke more than one sentence to him, he would be fierce and impatient. They held onto him with good intentions, but his expression was murderous.

He was such a clean freak and arrogant beyond measure.

It was a stark contrast to the way he was begging for hugs and kisses now.

Nan Zhi could not break away from Mu Sihan’s embrace and when his handsome face pressed down towards her, she turned her head, not letting him kiss her.

Mu Sihan held her face in his hands, stopping her from moving and then bent his head to kiss her domineeringly.

There were people coming and going around them and many stared at them.

Nan Zhi was easily shy so after he nibbled at her lips, her face turned red.

On the other hand, the man wearing was cool and indifferent, and did not seem uncomfortable at all.

The extent of his shamelessness was second to none.

Her lips were soft and sweet and there was a fragrance exuding from her body making Mu Sihan’s Adam’s apple bob. He raised his hand to pinch her fair and tender face, and laughed lazily. “I really want to eat my kitten.”

Nan Zhi’s eyelashes fluttered, her almond-shaped eyes glistening with tears of anger. She glared at the man’s well-defined face. “I’ll give a chance to explain. What’s wrong with you? What’s with the nurse by your side?”

He could walk, talk and his mood seemed to be good too.

What was wrong with him to have come to the hospital and having a young and pretty nurse by his side.

When the nurse heard Nan Zhi mentioning her, she said in a panic, “Miss, you’re mistaken, I…”

“Shut up.” A cold voice interrupted her. The man’s jaw was clenched tightly. “I came to the hospital to settle some matters. The nurse is interested in me but I rejected her.” The hand pinching Nan Zhi’s face changed into a rub. “Don’t worry, kitten, to me you’re a delicacy. Other women are watery soup and not to my liking.”

The nurse was disgusted.

She was like the other nurses, attracted by his looks and temperament. It was not like she had fallen for him, let alone confessing to him.

The nurse was not dumb, she knew that he said that because he did not want the woman in his arms to know that he could not see.

“Aren’t you going to see Yan Hua?’ He patted her head, the tip of his tongue touching his cheek. “Go ahead.”

Nan Zhi saw that he was chasing her off and she furrowed her eyebrows.

This was different from his previous style.

And besides, he still hadn’t answered her yet on why he lied about going on a business trip!

Nan Zhi sniffed and found that there was a faint smell disinfectant on his body, showing that he did not come to the hospital temporarily to settle matters.

What was wrong with him?

Lowering her thick and long eyelashes, Nan Zhi replied, “Then, I’m leaving.”

He hummed in agreement, and there were no fluctuations of emotions on his face.

Nan Zhi stepped out from his arms, hailed a taxi and left.

After she got into the taxi, Mu Sihan heard the sound of the taxi driving away. He took out a lighter from his pocket and played with it with his slender fingers for a while.

The chiseled outline of his face was tensed.

The nurse came over and asked, “Young Master Mu, why didn’t you tell her?”

Mu Sihan pursed his thin lips tightly and ignored the nurse.

In another week, he would be able to have the operation.

He wished to have her company throughout this and to be able to see her coming out of the operation room…

But the doctor had said there were risks for this operation.

If he still could not see, she would be drenched in tears!

It was worrying enough with Xiaojie already. As a man, he did not want to worry her but wanted to be her s.h.i.+eld.

Let him bear all the bad things.

She just needed to be happy.

The taxi had travelled less than 200 meters from the hospital when Nan Zhi asked the driver to stop.

She got out of the car and went back to the hospital.

The tall figure of the man was no longer at the entrance.

Nan Zhi looked everywhere.

She saw the man near the fountain in the hospital.

He stood by the side of the fountain, tall, cold and stood aloof from the world. A child of five or six years old kicked a football to his leg.

“Uncle, can you throw the ball over?” The boy asked.

Nan Zhi saw the man bent down, his long and slender fingers was about to pick up the ball when a slightly older child ran over and kicked the ball away. “Brother, why did you ask a blind uncle to pick up the ball for you?”

“Oh? The uncle is blind?”

“Yes, I heard some nurses whispering about it.”

Nan Zhi was standing not far away and when she heard the boy’s words, her mind went blank.

He could not see, he actually could not see.

Her long eyelashes fluttered nonstop like a b.u.t.terfly with its wings injured. Her heart pulled together into a ball in an instant.

Tears welled up in her eyes and in short seconds, she felt them swell with a stinging tingle as she looked at him.

The man, who had bent down to pick up the ball, had straightened up again, not knowing that only two meters away from him stood a woman.

The woman’s eyes that were blurry with tears landed on him.

He was dressed simply today, he wore a simple V-necked sweater and dark colored casual pants. Although he was still tall and upright, he looked like he had lost quite some weight.

She could not imagine how painful and tormenting it was to an arrogant and conceited man like him to be unable to see.

Nan Zhi stretched out her hand, wanting to caress the sculptured, firm and deep outline of his face from afar, her tears blurring her vision.

In a dark grey business purpose car.

Two figures, a man and a woman, were sitting inside.

The man wearing a mask saw the scene at the fountain and curved his mouth into a smile. “What do you think?”

A menacing look flashed past the woman’s eyes. “Now that he’s blind, the plan should be carried out as soon as possible.”

The man’s slender fingers tapped lightly on his knee and a deep and pleasant voice came from his throat. “Okay.”

Nan Zhi watched Mu Sihan for as long as he was standing by the fountain.

Until several black bulletproof cars came over.

A smart-looking middle-aged woman dressed in a suit with a pin on her hair, got out of the car. The woman came up to Mu Sihan and bowed respectfully. “Fourth Young Master, Master wishes to see you.”

Mu Sihan raised his eyebrow slightly, a faint smile on his Iips. “Your young master is dead.”

“Fourth Young Master, Master said that he’s inviting you courteously this time. Next time, he doesn’t want to have to use some special methods to do it.”

Mu Sihan’s eyes turned cold. “Tell him that the Fourth Young Master of the Ye family died many years ago! Scram, don’t let me see you again!”

When the middle-aged woman was speaking to Mu Sihan, the bodyguards surrounded the area very closely. Nan Zhi could not hear what they were talking about but Nan Zhi felt that she had seen that woman before. She tried to recall but could not remember where she had seen her.

After an hour, the nurse came over and helped Mu Sihan return to the ward.

Nan Zhi stopped her and said, “I’ll go!”

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering Chapter 474 - Sweet and Sour

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