Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering Chapter 503 - Night Hours in Spring Are Extremely Precious

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Chapter 503: Night Hours in Spring Are Extremely Precious

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Xia Yanran looked at Xiao Yi, who was dressed formally as if he was holding some kind of grand ceremony. She was confused and did not know why.

And even though he looked handsome in that white tuxedo, it was too grand, like he was getting married.

When Xia Yanran was looking at Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi was also looking at Xia Yanran.

She was wearing the white dress he had sent over. Her exquisite figure was perfectly outlined by the tailored fabric. Her long hair was tied up in a ponytail, and she had light makeup on, looking charming.

Xiao Yi glanced at her stomach. Although it still looked flat, it might be some time before her pregnancy showed!

That day when he heard from the drugstore staff that she had bought a pregnancy test kit, he had sent people to keep watch around her house. After she threw the rubbish out at night, his men looked through it and found a pregnancy test.

There were two red lines on it.

He called and asked an acquainted doctor and the two red lines on the test basically confirmed the pregnancy.

Xiao Yi embraced Xia Yanran and went to the head of the table.

His arms were as strong as chains and Xia Yanran could not break away from them.

Xia Yanran had her hair stand on end when she saw that there was a smile on his intimidating handsome face.

Why did she feel that he was up to no good when he smiled?

And this man had never smiled in front of her.

Would he humiliate her in front of hundreds of his subordinates? A perverted beast like him was full of tricks and cruel, he could do anything.

Xia Yanran looked at the people who were still bending over as if they were frozen. She looked at the man beside her with a stiff expression. “What.. are you doing?”

Xiao Yi lifted his eyebrows. “They’re still waiting for you to speak. If you ask them to sit, they’ll then sit.”

Xia Yanran heard his words and the bad feeling in her heart increased.

Xiao Yi saw that she was silent and the hand that was on her shoulder pressed down harder. “Say it.”

Xia Yanran put on a bold face and said, “Sit down!’

“Thank you, Sister-in-law.”

The loud voices that were clear as bells frightened Xia Yanran.

She had not calm herself down yet when the crowd said, “Sister-in-law, please sit.”

Xia Yanran’s eyelids jumped. Did those people and Xiao Beast beside her took the wrong medicine today? They were acting crazy!

What the h.e.l.l was going on?

Xia Yanran sat down uneasily and suddenly found that something was not right. The Xiao Beast beside her was staring fixedly at her with his eyes. She followed his gaze and thought that he was looking at her exposed legs. She cursed him in her heart and quickly joined her legs together.

He was still looking at her after she had closed her legs together. That gaze was like an x-ray, trying to see through her clothes.

“Brother Yi, can the banquet begin?”

Xiao Yi’s hot gaze moved away from Xia Yanran’s lower abdomen and his lips lifted slightly. “Mmm.” He looked to be in a good mood.

After the banquet started, Xiao Yi’s right-hand men came over with a wine gla.s.s, wanting to give a toast to Xia Yanran and Xiao Yi.

They said a lot of things Xia Yanran did not understand. Out of courtesy, Xia Yanran lifted her wine gla.s.s but the next moment, the gla.s.s in her hand was replaced by a gla.s.s of juice by Xiao Yi. “You don’t know your own condition? You’re not supposed to drink!”

Xia Yanran was speechless.

Xiao Yi glared at his subordinates. “Don’t let her drink.”

“Brother Yi, since Sister-in-law can’t drink, you should help her drink some!”

Perhaps he was in a good mood, Xiao Yi did not refuse.

Xia Yanran could not count how many he had drunk. There was still a faint look of drunkenness in his eyes even if he was good with alcohol.

Xia Yanran ignored him and ate her food in small bites.

Suddenly, a slender arm reached over at the back of the chair she was sitting in. Then the man’s beautiful face came close and his hot breath mixed with the smell of wine floated into her nose. Xia Yanran’s ear seemed to be scalded, she subconsciously wanted to avoid it but the man’s other hand fell on her stomach.

His fingers were lightly rubbing it.

Xia Yanran was almost about to burst.

The subordinates who sat at the same table were also stunned.

What was their Brother Yi doing?

Xiao Yi blew a breath at Xia Yanran’s red face. “It’s still flat. When is it going to get big?”

Xia Yanran was speechless. Was Xiao Beast possessed by a ghost tonight? Why did she not understand any of the things he was saying?

When the banquet ended, Xiao Yi was already drunk. He was supported by two men and he was shouting Xia Yanran’s name while walking.

Xia Yanran could not leave so she could only follow him to the hotel room.

“Sister-in-law, please take care of Brother Yi.”

After the two subordinates left, Xia Yanran looked at the man who was lying on the bed like mud. She really did not know what happy event he had to make him drink that much.

“Yanran, Xia Yanran!” The man had his eyes closed, his handsome face flushed red with drunkenness and he kept calling out her name.

Xia Yanran frowned and took his shoes off for him. She laboriously moved him to bed and then covered the blanket over him. “Go to sleep, I’m leaving.”

“Xia Yanran, try to leave if you dare!” The man’s voice was deep and husky but with deterrence. “Don’t think because you’re in a special situation now I won’t dare to touch you!”

Xia Yanran was too lazy to care about a drunken man. She turned to leave but before she could take a step, her wrist was grabbed by a hot palm.

Before she could respond, she fell onto the bed. The man hugged her and his drunk handsome face slid from her chest downwards.

Until it stopped at her lower abdomen.

“Xia Yanran, why is there coo-coo sound in your stomach?”

Coo-coo sound? Did he think she was a chick?

But, what was he trying to do now, lying on her stomach?

His breath was heavy and it landed on her skin through the thin fabric of her dress, a little itchy and numb. She reached out her hand, wanting to push his head away when he suddenly kissed her on the lower abdomen.

That warm and wet touch made Xia Yanran numb from her lower abdomen to her head.

“Xiao Yi, are you crazy?” Why did he kiss her lower abdomen for no reason?

Xiao Yi held Xia Yanran in his arms, a drunk look in his eyes. “The coo-coo sound in your stomach’s really noisy.” Xia Yanran did not hear what he said clearly then he mumbled,

“But it could be my son peeing.”

Xia Yanran was speechless.

What in the world?

Morning .

Xia Yanran’s body ached badly. Last night Xiao Besat had laid on her lower abdomen and slept there all night. If she moved a little, he would press down on her again, so she could only sleep while sitting.

She rubbed her sore neck but her movement woke the sleeping man.

He opened his dark eyes and found that he was lying on Xia Yanran’s lower abdomen. He jumped away in shock. “d.a.m.n it!” He had slept all night on her lower abdomen, he did not know if he had crushed his son.

“Xia Yanran, are you a pig? Why are you so dumb! If I’m pressing on you why didn’t you push me away? If my son’s gone, I’ll hold you responsible for it!”

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering Chapter 503 - Night Hours in Spring Are Extremely Precious

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