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Chapter 649: Mesmerized

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Shangguan Rao’s expression was cold, though her tense heart slowly relaxed when she noticed that Shangguan Wan was completely indifferent when she talked about Ye Yanfeng.

It seemed like she had thought too much.

Her older sister had been playing with knives and guns before, and the thing that she hated the most were people like Brother Yanfeng.

How would she ever like him?

Besides, her older sister and the Fourth Prince were perfectly in love and had the little Prince as well.

Shangguan Rao held onto Shangguan Wan’s hand as she got up. “Older Sister, but why did Brother Yanfeng come out from your room? He looked really angry, what did you tell him? And your neck…”

Shangguan Wan touched her bloodied beck, the image of him slamming the door in sadness and anger when he left surfacing in her mind.

She did not know why, but that scene made her calm heart twitch in pain slightly.

Both of the sisters did not notice that the man did not go far, and was still standing downstairs…

Every word that Shangguan Wan said to Shangguan Rao was heard by him.

This woman! It was fine for her to push him to that shadow after forgetting him, she even went on to say that she would not like him even if he was the only man left in the world!


Ye Yanfeng clenched his fists tightly, his eyes completely red.

He was going to see if she would submit to him if he was the only man left by her side!

Over with Yan Hua.

Ever since she had agreed to Bo Yan, the man had been unwilling to leave her apartment.

He was in recuperation recently as well, and did not need to return to the camp.

To Bo Yan, he was a new father as well.

He did not spare any free time he had to call Mu Sihan secretly to ask about how to take care of kids and coax a woman.

Yan Hua did not agree to the two of them staying together everyday. How was he wooing her? They were practically cohabiting already.

However, Little Apple was indeed her Papa’s special a.s.sistant in helping him woo her mother. She would call for Papa everyday before she slept, and would call for Papa after she woke up as well.

Starting off as a new father that knew nothing, Bo Yan slowly learnt to bath Little Apple, feed her porridge, make her milk and change her diapers…

Now that she thought about it, it felt really strange. When Yan Hua and her nanny washed Little Apple’s hair in the past, the little girl would cry nonstop, but now when Bo Yan washed her hair, the little girl did not cry and would even giggle.

This unfair treatment really hurt Yan Hua’s heart.

However, she was really touched when she saw the father and daughter getting along so well.

This was indeed a blood relation that could not be cut away no matter what.

Yan Hua left the bathroom for the living room. She sat on the sofa to look at the working schedule her manager had sent her.

A phone suddenly rang.

It was Bo Yan’s phone that he had placed on the coffee table.

Yan Hua ignored it.

It rang again in the next few seconds.

Yan Hua finally glanced towards that phone.

There were several messages, all sent by the same person.

“Boy, take a look at the photos I’ve sent you. There are all types of girls, I don’t believe that there isn’t that you won’t like.”

Yan Hua pursed her lips slightly.

She picked up Bo Yan’s phone.

His phone was not locked with any pa.s.swords, and could be unlocked with just a simple swipe.

Opening Weixin, several photos of women appeared in Yan Hua’s sight.

There were female soldiers that looking extremely handsome in their military uniform. There were innocent-looking women dressed in white puffy dresses. There were even professional elites dressed in a professional suit…

Indeed, all of them looked extremely outstanding and pretty.

Yan Hua bit down on her bottom lip, expression unreadable as she put down the phone.

Bo Yan carried Little Apple out from the bathroom, walking over when he saw the woman sitting on the sofa looking at her mail intently. He sat by her. “Huahua, are you still jealous? Too bad that I’m too handsome to even smitten this little girl here!”

Yan Hua continued to look at her mail intently, not even batting her eyelids.

Bo Yan saw Yan Hua’s serious expression, thinking that she needed to concentrate on her work, so he carried Little Apple back to her room.

Hearing the man and the little girl’s laughter from inside the room, Yan Hua felt even angrier.

With how dense this man was, how was he going to woo her?

After Little Apple fell asleep, Bo Yan went back to the living room when he saw that Yan Hua did not return to the room.

Seeing the woman curled up on the sofa, hugging her knees as she dazed out, he walked over and hugged her. However, in the next second, she slapped his hands away. “Don’t touch me.”

Bo Yan stared at her pretty but slightly cold face, raising an eyebrow slightly. “What’s wrong? Is it just because our little girl is only sticking to me and not you?”

Yan Hua stared at his handsome face, calmly herself before she said simply, “I’m not that petty.”

Bo Yan smirked at her words, chuckling softly. “Yes, Huahua is the most generous and forgiving.”

His expression that looked like he wanted to laugh but was not was clearly laughing at her for being petty enough to be jealous of her daughter.

She really wanted to throw his phone back for him to take a look.

There were so many pretty women waiting for him to meet them!

However, if she did that, wouldn’t he be even more pleased with himself? It was precisely because she cared too much for him in the past that he did not cherish her.

This time, she could not act like she cared too much.

Yan Hua huffed, pulling his arms that were around his waist away. “I’m going back to my room to sleep with Little Apple. Good night.”

“Huahua, let’s sleep together.”

“Don’t even think about it.” Yan Hua replied curtly before she got up to leave for her room.

After Yan Hua went back to her room, the nanny walked over and whispered to Bo Yan, “Young Master, Huahua heard your phone ring earlier and took a look at it. It might have been because she didn’t like something that she saw in your phone.”

Bo Yan froze for a second before he picked up his phone immediately.

His expression changed when he saw the photos of the women sent by the Old Commander.

After getting the spare key from the nanny, Bo Yan opened the door of the bedroom.

Seeing a blurry figure behind the gla.s.s bathroom door, Bo Yan walked in.

Yan Hua was facing the door, was.h.i.+ng her hair as she thought about things with her eyes closed, which was why she did not notice someone walking in either.

Countless white foam flowed down her silky black hair and onto her beautiful back.

Bo Yan stared at her slender waist and legs, his throat tightening.

As he stared at the woman behind the water fog, Bo Yan’s expression was slightly dazed, as if he felt like he was in a dream.

After Yan Hua finished was.h.i.+ng her hair, she turned around to get some shower gel. Opening her eyes to see the sudden handsome figure appearing in the bathroom, she froze immediately.

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something when she saw the man moving his hands to unb.u.t.ton his s.h.i.+rt b.u.t.ton by b.u.t.ton.

“Bo Yan, what are you doing?!”

“Let’s shower together.”

In a blink of an eye, the man had already taken off his pants, wearing only his black underwear now.

In the blurry light, she could vaguely see his firm and muscular chest, and his tight, well-defined torso.

He belonged to the type of people that looked slim when they were wearing clothes, but looked muscular without.

The figures of these people from the military were all amazing!

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering Chapter 649 - Mesmerized

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