Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering Chapter 662 - Innocence

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Chapter 662: Innocence

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The Queen’s eyes landed on Nan Zhi quietly, who was standing in front of the television.

She knew that Nan Zhi was the granddaughter of the Qiao family. The Qiao family was different from the Shangguan family that had many war achievements. Instead, they focused on business and was indeed one of the top four wealthiest families in the Capital.

Nan Zhi felt the Queen’s eyes land on her. She nodded slightly, continuing her words calmly. “There is naturally a reason why I asked everyone to pay attention to the weather outside of the window. From the weather outside, it was probably recorded five days ago when Typhoon Capricorn was here. The entire Capital was covered in dark clouds then, with strong winds and pouring rain.”

Several reporters nodded. “That’s right, it was the first typhoon our Country had experienced this year. The weather then was indeed like how it was outside in the video.”

That overseas reporter scoffed. “Miss Nan, aren’t you pulling this a little too far? Even if it was the day of Typhoon Capricorn, what does that have to do with clearing your name?”

Nan Zhi smirked slightly. “They’re related of course. Because I went to the hospital in the morning of that day.”

Hearing her words, the reporters got more confused the more they listened. However, they all knew that Nan Zhi was not done explaining, so none of them interrupted her.

“I had my period that day. After I gave birth to my child, my period has never been on time, and I would get cramps every time it came. So I pose this question to you, if my body wasn’t feeling well and cramped up during my period, would I wear a white bikini and pole-dance like that? People who watched the entire video would know that the woman in that video stripped in the end and parted her legs, right?”

All of the female reporters kept silent.

However, that overseas reporter clearly did not believe her. “Miss Nan, isn’t this too far-fetched? You can say that your period is here anytime without any proof, unless you have evidence?”

A female reporter could not help but speak. “How can we prove things like our periods? Reporter Rous, don’t go too far!”

“It’s not that I’m going too far, but that she’s given such a stupid lie. Are all of you seriously going to believe her?”

Nan Zhi ignored that overseas reporter’s question, as she took out her phone and made a call.

Within a while, the Qiao family’s butler brought an old lady wearing spectacles into the room.

The butler pa.s.sed Nan Zhi a thumbdrive.

Nan Zhi connected the thumb drive into the television. “This is the video of me leaving the Qiao family mansion during the morning of the typhoon. The next video is of me going to the Royal Hospital and entering this Doctor Sealy’s office.”

After the videos finished playing, Doctor Sealy pushed her spectacles and said, “I felt the pulse of Miss Nan that day. Indeed, she had cramps because off a chilled womb. I even gave her a Chinese medicine prescription for her at that time.”

“Who knew if Miss Nan would collude with this old Doctor and lie to us…”

Before that overseas doctor finished speaking, the Queen suddenly stood up, her expression stern and cold. “How dare you! Doctor Sealy is one of the best and most established doctors in our country. She’s righteous and has a very good reputation. I wanted to hire her in the Castle with a high price once, but she did not accept my offer. Why would she come over specifically and lie for someone?”

One of the female reporters could not stand the situation any longer, unable to stop herself from standing forward. “I believe Miss Nan’s words! I believe His Highness’ character! If Miss Nan is really like that woman in the video, why would His Highness risk his political future in order to protect her?”

“When His Highness went to the villages to observe the situation back then, I followed him in order to interview him. Although he did not smile, he would remember every question that the people asked him, and he changed everything one by one after he returned to the Capital. He is a daring and resolute leader. How would a person like him fall for an immoral and shameless woman?”

“I believe that the video was posted by someone to frame Miss Nan for something she hasn’t done! As reporters, how can we merely listen to one side of the story and continue to frame a nice woman for nothing?”

“Besides, the evidence that Miss Nan pointed out is enough to make me believe her!” That reporter said as she threw her camera to the floor. “I will not post any photos from tonight. After I return, I will write an apology letter to Miss Nan and criticize that person who framed Miss Nan!”

After that female reporter threw her camera to the floor, several other female reporters also did the same thing.

“We believe Miss Nan, and believe His Highness as well!”

“I believe them too…”

“Don’t worry, Miss Nan. Before the Crown Palace announced anything about His Highness and you, we will not report about this!”

Staring as the reporters threw their cameras to the floor to show their trust and support one by one, Nan Zhi felt tears pooling in her eyes.

“Have you all been enchanted by her?” That overseas reporter stared at this scene in disbelief.

They were all on the same side originally, but now all of them had jumped to the other side?

Mu Sihan walked towards the Queen, whispering something to her before the Queen glanced at that overseas reporter coldly. “Guards, take this Rous to jail. Interrogate him properly and find out who asked him to slander our Royal family’s reputation.”

Immediately, Royal guards moved forward and detained the overseas reporter.

“Your Majesty, I’m a reporter from Universal News. If you detain me for no reason, my country will not let you get away with it.”

The Queen glanced at him with sharp eyes. “Rous, you have slanderer a Duke’s granddaughter and trespa.s.sed a Prince’s private property. Just these two alone are enough to charge you. Every other reporter present today can testify against you for your crimes, correct?”

All of the other reporters nodded in unison.

Rous only felt fear when he noticed that no one there was on his side.

Although he was not afraid of authority, it was not impossible for a large Royal family to really end one or two overseas reporters!

“Your Majesty, please listen to me…”

The Queen waved her hand. “Take him away!”

“Your Highness, please save me…”

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly, not saying anything.

After the reporters left, the Queen was planning to leave as well. However, her secretary ran in suddenly and whispered something in her ears.

The Queen’s expression changed immediately. “Have you investigated properly?”


The Queen’s expression darkened. “Detain him. He will not step out of the gates without my permission.”


After the Queen left with her guards, Nan Zhi’s suspended heart finally sank back down.

She patted her chest, before she seemed to have thought about something. She looked up at the calm man. “Who does the Queen want to detain?” She paused, before she asked once more, “Ye Yanfeng? Is it related to that fingerprint your people got from my bag?”

Mu Sihan smirked coldly. “He thought he could defeat me using this scandal, however, I threw another blow to him instead!”

After Ye Yanfeng allowed Shangguan Wan to get off the car, he told his driver to drive away. However, he was stopped by the Queen’s Royal Guards while he was on his way.

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering Chapter 662 - Innocence

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