The Ruler Of All 176 Make You Mine

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Zhu Long laughed quietly as he heard Han Qiang, "I thought you told me not to lose my anger but look at what you're doing right now." Han Qiang looked towards Zhu Long and smiled, "There are certain cases where I might lose my anger."

At this moment, Zhu Long and Han Qiang acted as if nothing had happened, The Sword Sect Envoy looked towards w.a.n.g Tiantang who also didn't know how to react after seeing what just happened. But after a few seconds of silence, the envoy from the s.h.i.+ning city, those who acted neutral but everyone knew that they disliked the Dragon Sect got up and looked towards w.a.n.g Tiantang and scoffed, "A rowdy emperor's nephew is even wilder, h.e.l.l, his partner is the same. A bunch of s.h.i.+ts, I'M TAKING MY LEAVE!" The Man said his words and jumped away as fast as he could, afraid that someone would attack him.

"Well, I guess This happening now was better than when they could have sabotaged us while another battle with the demons." Hang Zhi said as he laughed, it seemed like he had thought this through and came to the same conclusion as w.a.n.g Tiantang. Sword Sect's Envoy however was a bit more serious, "However, I do think that the kicks were a bit too excessive." Han Qiang just smiled in return to what Sword Sect's envoy had said. "Don't be so serious Sword 2, I'm sure you would have done the exact thing." w.a.n.g Tiantang laughed.

Zhu Long didn't care for the conversation that was going on, all he did was sit and eat the food before him. Han Qiang also did the same but she looked around every once in a while, observing everyone in the room. 

"Say, Reverend Swan, you have been very quiet this whole time. Is the food that good? I did tell the chefs that the great reverend Swan was to come today so they made the best vegetarian food they knew." w.a.n.g Tiantang laughed as he looked towards The Buddhist Temple's Envoy. 

Reverend Swan smiled and replied, "Indeed, this food is truly good, but not as much as the ones that are served in the Temple, You lot should visit once again and try some. This is an invitation to Brother Zhu Long and Sister Han Qiang, you two are also invited." 

w.a.n.g Tiantang smiled, he was truly happy now, he knew what those words meant, it only could mean one thing, 'reverend Swan is saying that when there a time of need, he will side with us, I'm sure he also got sick of those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, didn't even bother sending their real envoys but those weak dummy envoys.' 

Zhu Long looked towards Reverend Swan and smiled, "I would be more than happy to be able to have a meal in your temple, I've always wanted to since I was young." Han Qiang also nodded, "I'm happy to join Brother Zhu as well. I've only visited a Buddhist temple once but that was a boring visit, I didn't even get to look around that much. I hope that this time, I can look around a bit." 

Reverend Swan Smiled when he heard Zhu Long and Han Qiang, "I am more than happy to hear your positive replies. Of course, we will take you around the temples, of course, anyplace except the forbidden ones." 

The atmosphere had become very light as reverend Swan had spoken. Everyone in the room ate to their fill and had fun, the environment was a lot more friendly, not even a bit of hate.

Zhu Long looked towards w.a.n.g Tiantang and asked a question, "Uncle Tiantang, Why did the envoys seem a bit weak, One attack could have killed them. But Everyone else here is as strong or even more powerful than me." Zhou Long's question made w.a.n.g Tiantang smile, "It's only normal, lad. I've sent an elder at 2nd Void Stage instead of Brother Ji, Hang Zhi's kingdom and Sword 2's sect have also sent out similar stage cultivators instead of the actual envoys, It just means one thing, 'We don't respect you enough to send powerful cultivators.'" Zhu Long nodded when he heard w.a.n.g Tiantang, he finally understood the reason.

The night continued, everyone had fun, ignoring the hole in the wall, as well as the blood on the floor, w.a.n.g Tiantang did get an elder to throw away the corps of the dead man as well as the hands of the Fire Envoy as well as The Sabre Envoy, but they didn't throw away the hands, w.a.n.g Tiantang had other ideas on what to do with the hands.

After the feast ended, everyone returned to their rooms, completely forgetting about what happened and well as not caring for what would happen from the next day onwards, "Worrying for the future starts from tomorrow." w.a.n.g Tiantang laughed as he bid everyone farewell before returning to his own chamber. 

Zhu Long and Han Qiang also returned to the guest rooms, they sat on the bed. Both looked like they had enjoyed this day. Zhu Long had changed robes to the one that was given to him by w.a.n.g Lu, it was a simple, grey robe. Han Qiang had also changed, a purple, dress, which flaunted her elegance. 

"Brother Zhu, Thank you," Han Qiang said as she looked towards Zhu Long. The two were in the guest rooms, they looked towards each other, the atmosphere was tense. 

Zhu Long looked into Han Qiang's eyes and replied softly, "I could never stand and watch someone talk to you like that, never." Han Qiang's face turned red as soon as she heard Zhu Long's soft words.

Zhu Long then looked serious, "Sister Han." 

"Ye..Yes, Brother Zhu?" 

"After all this ends, after we finish our mission after I avenge my sect and meet with my real parents, I want only one thing.."

"What is that, Brother Zhu?" 

"I want you.."


"I want to make you my own, my wife."

The Ruler Of All 176 Make You Mine

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