The CEO's Lovely Wife Chapter 150 - 150 Who Am I To You?

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"Whwait!" October pushed Lexus' face away from hers yet it was deemed useless. Lexus had an overwhelming strength and pa.s.sion that instantly broke the little defenses October had. 

Even though Lexus wanted to continue teasing his wife, but the increasing irritation in her voice was something he could not ignore. With that, he finally stopped and decided to look at his wife's red swollen lips. 

"Okay. I'm listening now." Lexus said with a flat tone, clearly not interested with what October wanted to say. His eyes half closed and wore a blank look on his face but despite the lack of expression, he still looked dazzling.

"How's my baby?" October worriedly asked him while touching her still flat belly.

Lexus overlapped his hand on hers and gave a rea.s.suring squeeze. "My wife, the child is not only "your" baby but also "mine," so that should be "our" baby."

October's heart almost leaped out of her chest as he emphasized the word "our" and was displeased at her previous statement. October's eyes never left the hand overlapping hers and slowly nodded. 

"Thank you." October said with a soft smile on her face.

"What are you thanking me for?" Lexus raisd his brow at this.

"For accepting my... our child." 

Lexus frowned at this and disbelief showed in his cold and piercing blue eyes. But more than that, he was a bit hurt and offended. He could not believe that she was still saying this after the things that he had done for her. 

Was that not enough to let her feel secure with him. Was he still lacking? If so, what would it be? He was pretty much confident with his looks and there was also no problem with his family background. If it's his capability in providing for the family, then even if she won't work, they would still live a luxusious life. So what would it be?

As if just remembering something, October gave him a look before saying, "While I was already slowly gaining consciousness, the sound around me was a bit unclear and muflfed and so I was only able to hear you say about doing it once. What do you mean by that?"

Unfortunately, October does not know how the thought process of Lexus. 

Lexus looked at her hard in full silence. Against his heavy stare, she turned to the side in order to avoid it and a suspiscious blush made it's way on her cheeks. Seeing her acting shy made him all the more aroused. He grabbed a lock of hair of October's and took a sniff from it, taking all of the scent of her perfume. 

"Mm. I did say that. But let's discuss that for later." Lexus said as he s.h.i.+fted October's position for her to comfortably sit on his lap. 

Even though Lexus was not the bulky type, he was a person who exercises everyday. Also, added to the fact that October was not at all that heavy, he was able to swiftly change October's position with ease. 

"Ah...this position...!" October had her hands on Lexus' chest making her feel its firmness and hardness even though there was some clothes over it. Her mind was then reminded of the times in which she saw his well-toned body and those...eight packs! In an instant, blood rushed up her face. 

"What about it?" Lexus teasingly asked as his eyes glowed in amus.e.m.e.nt at his wife's innocent and cute reaction. He placed both his hands on her waist and a satisfied smile was plastered on his red lips.

October pursed her lips and glared daggers at him.

Sighing, Lexus shook his head. He then looked straight at her eyes and said in a really serious and deep voice, "I think you still doesn't know your position so I think I should kindly remind you. October, who am I to you?"

October was a bit taken aback by this sudden question. However, the serious look on the handsome man before her was so dazzlingly handsome that she could not afford to look away. She lowered her head a little and said in a very soft voice, "M-my husband."


"And...the father of the child I am carrying." October covered her flaming face with both hands as she felt so shy all of a sudden. She was also surprised why she acted like this; but saying that out loud was like a confession in front of a thousand people.

"Good." Lexus nodded his head with a wide smile on his face, satisfied. He then patted her head fondly. 

"L-let's go meet up with Grandpa." October said after calming herself.

"Why? You can do that later."

October, having to hear this from Lexus as if it was as a matter of fact, forgot to think for a moment as she stared blankly at Lexus. She even forgot the obvious fact that she was sitting on top of Lexus.

Lexus smiled mischieviously as he said, "Let's do it quick."

Let's do it quick...what does he mean by that?

October wondered but then, she suddenly saw Lexus' face inching closer to her until their noses touched and she can feel his hot breath puffing over her face. 

Noticing that she was leaning back and was trying to evade him, Lexus placed his hand at the back of her head to stop her movement and smoothly s.n.a.t.c.hed her sweet lips.

The door suddenly opened followed by, "Young miss, master is waiting for you outside."

October instantly pushed Lexus' face away from her as she looked toward the door in a fl.u.s.ter. With a face as red as tomato, she saw a.s.sistant Ke slightly bowing his head at her. She wondered if a.s.sistant Ke had seen them, but then again, October forgot that she was still on top of Lexus so the scene was a bit indecent.

"Y-yes." October scrambled off of Lexus.  While doing so, she heard him click his tongue.

Fortunately, Lexus did not make things difficult for October for he even helped her on fixing herself. After that, they followed a.s.sistant Ke down the stairs and into the entrance of the mansion where her grandpa was waiting patiently for them to arrive.

"Grandpa, you're leaving already?" October asked, seemingly disappointed and dejected.

"Mm." Grandpa He coolly nodded his head as his eyes dotingly looked at his granddaughter. He extended his rough hand to October's face and said gently, "Your grandpa has something urgent to do. Well, I hear from Jane that you still haven't chosen your wedding dress, if so, I will arrange it for you."

October nodded her head in agreement. No matter what kind of dress her grandpa will prepare for her, she knew that it would be beautiful. She then looked at her grandpa's gentle face that were now filled with wrinkled and his hair were now grey. Her heart squeezed in pain, making her brow to furrow.

"Your grandpa is old now so this much is natural. Well then, grandpa will have to go. Take care of yourself." After saying that, he turned to Lexus with a very sour face. "Protect her while I'm away."

"Of course. I will do that even without you saying that." Lexus said casually as he circled his arm around October's waist while the other tucked in his pocket. Somehow, this had become a habit of his, one that he would never get tired of doing for the rest of his life.

"Hmph." Grandpa He then turned and went inside his car. 

a.s.sistant Ke bowed his head toward October then to Lexus and Mother Song. 

In the office, as soon as Yun Xixi stepped into the lobby, she was immediately surrounded by the employees asking about the men she was with and the relations.h.i.+p their director had with the Heaven Company's CEO. 

As soon as she heard this, Yun Xixi's mind seemed to have short-circuited as she mechanically asked, "Ah? Eh? Ththat tyrant CEO, Lexus Song?"

"Yes! That was definitely CEO Song. I have imprinted his face in my mind so there was no mistake about it." One lady said with eyes s.h.i.+ning with gossip.

"You went with them, right? So? Did you happen to know what relations.h.i.+p they had?" 

"OMG! What about that guy who we saw just a few days ago that was talking to closely with the director?"

Someone loudly gasped and said in suspense, "Do you think that the director have to lovers?"

"Eh? No way?"

"That same person who gasped then instantly nodded in agreement. "Yes, there's no way our gorgeous director that was always calm and elegant to have such improper relationsh.i.p.s."

While they were happily gossiping, Yun Xixi's mind was pounding so loudly that it was making her dizzy. 

That's right! So that's why the Madam of the Song family was there for it was because her son was the one carrying her boss. 

As she tought more and slowly connected some things, her face that was changing from white to blue then white suddenly looked up with eyes glowing full of admiration. 

' My boss really is amazing! If what I suspect is true, then her boss has such quite a backing! '

The CEO's Lovely Wife Chapter 150 - 150 Who Am I To You?

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