The Talentless Sect Master Chosen By The System Chapter 157: Before The War Begins

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In just an instant, tens of vortexes formed in the meeting hall, this is soon followed by hundreds and thousands of vortexes. In just a few breaths time, everyone felt the gate opening up to them as the light frightens the demons away. But all these vortexes excluded one youth with blonde hair and blue eyes, his face betrays his young age, yet the maturity of a veteran soldier surrounds him.

Be it the past or the present, this is a spectacular sight which no general can create, even their general in the past wouldn't be able to accomplish such as feat. As for the reason, a good general may be able to help his man conquer his fears, but he won't ever be able to do so for everyone. As for inviting the demons in before making them retreat in fear, that's something which even the geniuses at the demon rank might not accomplish. Failure means death, but Ash made use of his imaginative sorcery to bewitch them, he had to make them accept the death of their previous general and move on with life, onto the next battle on the battlefield.

From behind, Nightin was curious as he tried to extract data on this youth as well. The youth was shrouded in mysteriousness and without the system's a.s.sistance, he foresee no means of seeing through him. His demeanor, his character, his heart, his soul, all of them seem to be lacking, having been extracted by the surgeon who made a mistake.

[Status: He's the only son of the general who pa.s.sed away and as for his name, he changed his name from Braxter into Lester ever since that day. He's the only one who didn't wallow in despair, because all he desires for is revenge and getting stronger was the only way.]

[Cultivation realm: Half step Martial Saint realm, potential iridescent grade Saint force yet to be awakened.]

[Note: If no one pulls him out from the notion of taking revenge, he might end up posing a threat to humanity one day. If he manages to regain his sanity and find another reason for living, he might prove useful in...]

"System, what will he prove useful in?"

"Host, that information is currently sealed up due to some reasons. You'll know about it once you step into the DemiG.o.d realm."

The DemiG.o.d realm again? Just what is everyone trying to hide from me?

"Ash, take note of that youth with blonde hair." Nightin warned as he transmitted his voice through telepathy. Since he isn't able to figure it out yet, then he can only wait until he's at the DemiG.o.d realm all of them are mentioning.

Ash scans around and soon enough, he sees that youth and wrinkles his brows in contemplation. But after a brief moment, he shakes his head and replies "Take him with you, he isn't someone destined to be under me."

"No second thoughts despite his immense potential?"

"I can't raise someone who's already dead on the inside, but you might be able to do it."

"And on what basis did you get that theory from?"

"Just a hunch, but you should be able to do it, at least better than me."

Nightin nods his head as he walks up to Lester, calling out "Braxter, come with me."

"Who are you talking about? My name's Lester, not Braxter." Lester replied coldly before closing his eyes.

This will be difficult, he has already forgotten himself. Nightin thinks to himself, his mind thinking of what to say next when Lester says coldly "Even if you know of my previous ident.i.ty, just remember that Braxter is dead."

"You want revenge that badly and you want to get revenge through your own hands?" Nightin asks back, his figure seemingly towering over Lester with each pa.s.sing second.

Even though Lester feels pressured, he doesn't back off or retreat days confidently "Yes, ever since the day the Supreme Crimson kingdom murdered my father, I have sworn on my life to avenge my father through blood stained hands."

Before Nightin can even say anything else, Lester adds on "Don't try to brainwash me like that General called Ash, I'm not someone to fall for those sorcery or trickery."

Nightin breaks out into a helpless smile and says "I know that you mind has already been clouded by revenge and the only reason you stayed alive is to avenge your father and kill the Supreme General of the Supreme Crimson kingdom, am I right about it?"

"Just how much do you know about me and where did you get all these information from?" Lester asks back anxiously when Nightin mentioned all these. If even a outsider like Nightin can gain access to such confidential information, then his enemies might have already gathered all these information as well. He may not be afraid of death, but he doesn't want to die until he avenges his father.

"I don't think that I'm obliged to tell you anything further than this, but just know that I don't mean you any harm. On the contrary, I'm more than willing to help you seek revenge. If your worry is that your enemies might know about this information, then you can rest a.s.sured about it. There is no possible way that they can get hold of this information, unless they manage to take my life and kill me."

"But you're just a weakling, the weakest general I've ever met in fact." Lester mocks as he folds his arm, his fingers clutching tightly onto his skin, maybe out of fear.

"You think that the Voyager Emperor would have chosen me to lead the army without the confidence that victory is possible?"

Lester pauses for a moment before agreeing to what Nightin had just said and asks "How can you help me and why are you doing so?"

Even though Lester knows that Nightin's intentions to help him seek revenge was true, he still wants to make sure that nothing goes wrong. If he dies now, then all his effort up to now will be for naught and revenge won't be possible anymore. Even if his father soldiers might be strong enough as one to take revenge in the future, he still wants to be the one to see to his father revenge.

"I hope that you can join the Nirvana sect one day, you should hear about them in ten years time." When Nightin said this, he felt a blade stabbing into the deepest parts of his heart, ripping apart the barrier separating his mind from the terrifying memories, but it's about time he confront them and plan. How is he going to reunite with his disciples, with Lancelot and the rest of them.

Memories of the past surged into his mind, memories of the tattered and pathetic past of his with the Nirvana sect. Only now does he realise just how foolish he is to have think about establis.h.i.+ng a sect before he was ready for it. The sect duties were all done by Isabella and his disciples, the sect's fame and tournaments, the enrollment duties and martial techniques, almost everything were contributed by his disciples and besides protecting them through sect, what has he done for them? As for the second generation and disciples after his first batch of disciples, he don't even know about them. He has not meet with his grandfather from the Gale family, neither has he meet his parents.

All these duties, I'll fulfill them once I save you. Charlotte, wait for me. Now I see why I felt so attached to you, we met when we were three, didn't we?

When Nightin opened his closed eyes, he just looked like a mortal to Lester all of a sudden, but Lester found himself unable to resist this charming magic as he agreed to what Nightin said. The two of them standing facing each other as Lester gradually fell onto his knees, respectfully saying "Please enlighten me sect master."

The Talentless Sect Master Chosen By The System Chapter 157: Before The War Begins

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