The Talentless Sect Master Chosen By The System Chapter 159: Onto The Battlefield

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In the blink of an eye, the amount of blood spilled onto the floor were already enough to dye the ocean blood red. The colour of the battlefield in its middle to late stages in which most soldiers regardless of their experience feel fear. The amount of sweat shed were enough to form a lake and the number of injuries were enough be compared to a hundred thousand soldiers undergoing rigorous training. Out of consideration for the soldier's healthcare, the Voyager Emperor agreed to appoint a second divine realm healer to their army, the pinnacle healer of their Kingdom which stands above all healers in the kingdoms, even the healers that hail from the Supreme Kingdoms pale in comparison compared to him.

Standing beside the divine healer standing beside him, Nightin asks "What do you think of the army's current status, you think that the Trinity Predators still hold the absolute win?" Just about twenty five days ago, the divine healer had told him that no matter how much blood and sweat the soldiers shed, it's already too late for them even though they're at the pinnacle cultivation point of their life. One month would never make them comparable to an army with immense combat experience and higher average cultivation base.

"Your training schedule has never been attempted in the records of history and even though it proved useful, it's only because you had me around. If it were any other healer below the divine realm, then all your soldiers would already be dead from the training." The divine healer replies in a soft voice, his eyelids closing and his arms hanging weakly.

"Thank you for staying awake for the past month without rest to ensure that all the soldiers are able to train at their best condition without any permanent damage to their future. As the general leading them, I hereby thank you with the sincere grat.i.tude of the soldiers and myself." Nightin bows down slightly as he faces the divine healer, sincere appreciation for his effort even though he could have rejected the order with his position. "But please, follow me onto the battlefield. I need you. My army needs you to win the upcoming war. To protect the civilians and make sure that unnecessary blood isn't shedded"

"Hoho, are you trying to coax me into joining you on the battlefield now? I'm just a bag of old bones who can't do much and even if I join in, there's no reason for me to help out in the battle. It's meant to be an experience for you and the other young general who goes by the name Ash." The divine healer says as he walks towards the exit and waves his hand to say bye before leaving.

For someone of his status, even him leaving abruptly in the middle of a meeting of paramount importance would garner no attention, because in terms of just status alone, the healer himself already stands above the Emperor they respect.

As for the training equivalent to h.e.l.l, it wasn't an exaggeration. His soldiers didn't just cultivate, they were distributed into different groups to follow their commander as they accomplished mission after mission daily. The number of demon beasts that they have slain would be enough to pile up a mountain, the number of elite demon beasts at the high grade would be enough as food resources for a year. The next problem would be water which was solved as well.

Besides the slaying of demon beasts for food resources,

While other soldiers were given formations to follow and a strict training regiment, Nightin gave his army nothing but quests to fulfill daily and every single battle they're in signals death. Some were forests with thousands of goblins against hundreds of soldiers, some were the ocean with hundreds of soldiers against just one mutated beast above elite demon beasts. Those mutated demon beasts were peak existences in the Emperor beast realm and even with their combined strength and respective army beast, they were still nothing buts ants gathering together to face off against the surging water and even though they tried their best, the results were as expected.

But things took a turn on the last three days when the armies returned with the or those mutated demon beasts that they have slain over the course of a few days. When they returned, all of them suffered injuries of different degrees, but the eight platoons have each awakened their unified soul beast as well.

The eight animals are ranked from lowest to highest and are known as the Speedy rat, the Sneaky cat, The Pyre wolves, the Stripped tiger, the Foresight owls, the Albino elephants, the Crystal drakes and the Three tailed fox respectively.

While the Speedy rat might seem like the weakest among the eight, they were the ones with the quickest speed among the eight platoons and if they were to escape, even a Half stage Great saint might not catch up to them. As for the remaining armies, all of them held their own strengths, but the problem still remains.

The Trinity Predators have about twenty six half stage Great Saints based on the intelligence they've gathered and if they don't improve by another huge leap before the full scale war breaks out in the late stages of the war, they're not just going to lose their lives, they're going to lose their lives.

Not just their lives, but including those innocent people who only cultivate hoping to have a slightly longer lifespan. A long enough life to watch their children grow and look after their descendents as the family prospers, they don't need strength or authority or any riches, they just want a peaceful life.

"General, the army has gotten ready on the mounts. But what's the purpose of us finding those mutated demon beasts when our horses are much faster?" The soldier who has an affinity with demon beasts asks.

Back when Nightin realized that all of them had surprisingly awakened their soul beast, it gave him another idea to employ someone in the army as a beast tamer. Luckily for not just him but the entire army, there was this one person who had the talent to communicate with demon beasts without any guidance, it was his innate talent which gave him this ability, it was bestowed upon him by the controller. As for why it's him, maybe only the controller knows.

"The eight soul animals have been awakened, they'll be the key to winning this battle and if each respective platoon is riding on their respective soul beasts, then the corresponding effects they can stack together will definitely lead to some unexpected surprises." Nightin explains patiently as he told the soldier "Follow me, it's about time we depart onto the battlefield."

Before the beast tamer can even explain, Nightin asks him "What is the animal you have the most affinity with?

The soldier who's the beast tamer that goes by the Max replies shyly as his cheeks started to blush "I... the animal I'll go for is the crow."

"Just the usual crow?"

"No, a crow which I see in my dreams. It might just be a figment of my imagination, but it might also be a true existence which no cultivator has ever seen or heard. It isn't just a crow, but one that represents the dazzling sun and its searing golden flames are enough to melt the substances with the highest heat resistance."

"The golden crow is what you're talking about and if you didn't know, the golden crow saved my life once. He truly exists and since you can see him, it signifies that he'll be descending upon the battlefield soon."

"Alright soldiers, get ready and prepare to dye your weapon and armors the colour of blood!" Nightin rallied when he arrived at the area where his army was allocated to, their stoic face and majestic body sits there as they hold their weapon in hand, they were on their respective soul mounts and it only added on to their demeanor.

"Yes general!"

The Talentless Sect Master Chosen By The System Chapter 159: Onto The Battlefield

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