Chronicles Of The Shura Clan 104 The Frightened Fang Lan And Hu'er

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As the five b.u.t.t-naked chubby babies and the seven years old boy suddenly appeared on the bed out of nowhere, Ling Chen had a big smile on his face as well as a feeling of antic.i.p.ation.

He couldn't wait to see the surprise reaction of Fang Lan and Hu'er when they saw Ling Lei and the others. It was the first time they were going to meet Ling Lei ever since he was born. As for the other five babies, it hasn't been a full day since they were born.

As someone that he considered his faithful subordinate as well as members of his family, Ling Chen felt no need to hide Ling Lei and the others from both Fang Lan and Hu'er.

They will become families in the future and will also accompany him in his long journey, as such, the earlier they met, the closer they'd become.

However, while Ling Chen was waiting to see the shocking expression on both Fang Lan and the lazy b.u.m Hu'er, he suddenly heard the sound of someone hitting the ground behind him the moment the five but-naked chubby babies and the seven years old Ling Lei appeared.

Without hesitation, Ling Chen quickly turned around and saw both Fang Lan and Hu'er on the ground with an expression as if they had just seen a ghost. Their bodies were trembling uncontrollably.

Unlike before, Hu'er wasn't in her tiny form but had already transformed into her true immense size self.

"What happened?" Asked Ling Chen with a puzzled expression on his face. He was kinda shocked by Fang Lan and Hu'er's appearance. Both of them weren't that weak-willed, yet, they suddenly looked frightened and afraid for no reason.

With great difficulty, Fang Lan suddenly released his peak Martial King aura as he moved a step further from the bed, including Hu'er.

There, he looked at the five naked-chubby babies on the bed as well as the seven years old Ling Lei with a horrified expression on his face while gasping for air.

Even the lazy Hu'er who didn't seem afraid of anyone, as long as Ling Chen was there, was also frightened by the appearance of the six new strangers.

"I thought I was gonna be devoured!" Apprehensively exclaimed fang Lan after he had regained his composure.

Hu'er was still shaken. However, the frightened Fang Lan seemed to have regained his bearing.

" What's wrong?" Ling Chen couldn't help but ask. He still didn't understand what the heck happened to both of them that made them so afraid.

Fang Lan calmed down and forced a smile on his face as he said." Young Master, you didn't feel it."

" Feel what!" Quickly answered Ling Chen with the same puzzled expression on his face.

"Earlier, the moment the five babies and the little boy appeared on the bed, I suddenly felt a chill ran down through my spine for no apparent reason."

"It was as if the things that I was afraid of the most and the most terrible thing in this world had suddenly appeared in front of me. Unintentionally, my heart stopped and an instinctive fear rose from within. The only thing I was thinking about was to get the h.e.l.l out of this place, but I couldn't move my legs. It was as if I was in the presence of death itself."

Upon hearing Fang Lan's words, Ling Chen didn't say anything but look at Hu'er. However, without even waiting for him to say anything, Hu'er quickly shook her head as if she was trying to say that she felt the same thing as well.

Ling Chen could tell that whether It was Fang Lan or Hu'er, none of them were lying. They were both truly and genuinely frightened the moment he summoned Ling Lei and the five new babies onto this world.

However, how come he didn't feel anything. He didn't feel the fear that they've felt when Ling Lei and the others appeared.

To him, whether it was Ling Lei or the others, they all looked so innocent and weak. Yet, a peak Martial King like Fang Lan was scared out of his mind when he saw them- this was a little hard to believe.

Looking at the expression of Ling Chen, both Fang Lan and Hu'er quickly exchanged looks. They could also tell that Ling Chen didn't feel the same way as them.

Fang Lan still felt a little bit creeped out as he steeled his heart and asked" Young Master, just who are they?"

Ling Chen responded with a smile as he looked the babies on the bed with a gentle and caring look on his face: " I've already told you, they are the new members of our family. Especially you Fang Lan, technically, they are your younger brothers and sisters."

" Huh!" exclaimed Fang Lan.

"How?" He added with a puzzled expression on his face.

"You'll know in the future." Answered Ling Chen with an enigmatic smile on his face.

Though Fang Lan didn't really understand, he didn't bother to ask any further because he knew his young master wouldn't tell him anything with that devious smile on his face.

"Anyway, you guys will have to get used to them because they'll always be with us from now on." Ling Chen added.

All five of them were already deeply asleep. They were asleep because they went through the same process and ordeal that Ling Lei had gone through when he was just born within his Lower-dantian.

As for Ling Lei, well, after absorbing all that golden Lightning energy, he felt into a deep sleep. The amount of energy within the golden palm made of golden lightning bolts was simply too much for him to absorb in one go. As such, he forced to into a deep sleep and his body continued to absorb the rest of the energy while he was getting stronger like the lazy b.u.m Hu'er in the past.

Aside from that, the other five babies had the same appearance as Ling Lei. Though they were sleeping, Ling Chen could tell with his eye power that they all had golden eyes that were vertical slits like some vicious predators.
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Just like Ling Lei, they also had a pair of tiny curly horns on their forehead as well as pointy ears. Not to mention, their hairs were also crimson red like that of an evil demon.

Nonetheless, despite their similar characteristics, their facial features were slightly different from one another and that difference would even become more noticeable as they grew up.

Of the five new babies, three of them were girls while the other two were boys.

Furthermore, because Ling Chen wasn't present when they were born, he wasn't able to tell which one of them came from the s.p.a.ce, Gravity, wind, Ice or Earth fruit of creation.

Nevertheless, he was still thrilled that they were able to come out of their eggs safely. At the same time, he felt guilty for not being there for them when they needed him the most.

" Alright, guys. Watch over them for me. They are still weak and can't do anything to you."

"As you all know, I broke through the so-called Martial Saint not too long, so I'm going to check the changes within my body." Ling Chen said as he was looking at the babies with a caring look on his face before he went to the corner of the room, leaving the babies soundly sleeping on the bed.

Chronicles Of The Shura Clan 104 The Frightened Fang Lan And Hu'er

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