World's Best Martial Artist 65 Being Attacked

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After returning to his room, Fang Ping thought about the incidents that happened to him on his way back.

He had met two martial artists and two lunatics during the short journey of a few hundred meters.

"Are there so many martial artists?"

"Or are their increasing numbers related to the pagan lunatics somehow?"

Saying that martial artists were so numerous that they were everywhere was a load of bulls.h.i.+t.

Auspicious Sun City was more developed than Sun City, but there were few martial artists in Sun City.

How many could there be in Auspicious Sun City?

Whether he did or did not encounter a martial artist, he could chalk it up to coincidence.

He had met two, though…

He shook his head. Fang Ping thought that he did not need to, nor have the right to worry about such matters.

What he needed to put his mind to was the general studies exam two days later. He would return to Sun City after the exam, so none of it was his business.

Although his Vitality was moderately high, which meant that he was quite strong, Fang Ping could not possibly hold his own against an armed civilian, much less a martial artist.

He suppressed the unease roiling in his gut, took out a book on general studies and started to read.

Fang Ping and the others did not go out after that.

As the 10th, and thus the general studies exam – approached, Fang Ping chose to forget about the previous incidents.

The 10th came by quickly.

After completing the general studies exam on the 10th, Fang Ping and the others could return to Sun City to prepare for their cultural studies exams.

Auspicious Sun City No.1 High School was the venue for the general studies exam.

Students from other districts like Fang Ping were chaperoned by their teachers, while local students were mostly accompanied by their parents.

It was not that different from the ordinary. While Fang Ping and the others entered the venue, many parents huddled outside the gates.

They were all gazing at their kids pa.s.sionately, harboring the hope that their children would be admitted into a martial arts university.

Whenever one had reached this stage, the odds of him succeeding increased greatly, so their hopes were not misplaced.

As Fang Ping and the others entered the venue, a female voice in a broken down van parked quietly outside it spoke.

"Did you see them?"

A middle-aged woman sitting shotgun said ruefully, "Those with high Vitalities are all potential martial artists, the future elites…"

"I hate them!"

Someone in the van replied, directing a hateful glare towards Fang Ping and the others, who were the last to enter the venue. All of them scored high in the Vitality a.s.sessment.

"Yes! They're all beyond salvation. They've all committed unforgivable crimes!"

The woman replied, incisive and frigid.

After a long pause, the woman said, "They need to be saved. I will be in charge of guarding the tunnel while the rest of you take action."


Two hours later, the general studies exam came to an end.

Fang Ping failed to spot Wu Zhihao and the others among the throng after exiting the venue.

He did not want to bother looking for them in the crowd. He prepared to meet them back in the hotel.

After exiting from the gates, he struggled for a while before successfully extricating himself from the gaggle of parents waiting for their kids, only to see someone walking straight toward him quickly.

He did not bother to look at the person clearly when there were so many people in the area. He walked on.

When he took a step forward, he suddenly felt a tendril of unease snake up his veins. He surveyed his surroundings from the corner of his eye and met the blazing gaze of that person walking toward him.

The man stared at Fang Ping for a while, as if he wanted to make sure that he did not take him as the wrong person.

Presumably, he got it right, because he started to mutter something and withdraw the hand which was tucked in his pocket prior to that.

He spoke softly, but Fang Ping's senses were heightened due to his high Vitality. He seemed to hear something familiar amongst the words.

Fang Ping froze before his expression changed.

That group of deranged missionaries!

Looking at the man's actions, he understood what the man was planning to do.

The thought of making a run for it crossed his mind.

He was not selfless. Humans were all inherently selfish creatures who ran at the first sign of danger.

He did not consider the safety of the other people present at the time.

The intent to stay away from trouble in mind, he was reluctant to cross paths with the man. He dodged him hurriedly.

Seeing as Fang Ping started to deviate from his path, the man stopped in his tracks and walked toward Fang Ping in a diagonal line.

Fang Ping froze again. What the heck was happening?

He had already cleared the path for him. Why was the other man pursuing him nevertheless?

Fang Ping moved sideways again, but the man walked toward him anyway, his hand already halfway out of his pocket.


Fang Ping almost wanted to curse. He had gotten out of this guy's way many times already! What, was the man attracted to him or something?

He did not feign obliviousness any longer, breaking out into a sprint.

He looked back as he ran, searching for Tan Zhenping and those with similar status. If there were martial artists around, he would run toward the area.

The man froze as Fang Ping dashed forward before chasing after him.

Someone screamed from behind him as he ran for his life.

"Son of a b.i.t.c.h! Stop!"

Someone shouted furiously from the crowd.

There were martial artists around the area, but they were on their guard against martial artists.

This time the a.s.sailants were civilians.

They infiltrated the crowd of parents, so the martial artists on patrol did not expect them to spring up and attack the students. 

The crowd erupted in chaos as the attacks persisted.

The martial artists were engulfed by the crowd for some time.

Fang Ping s.h.i.+vered as he heard the sounds from his position a ways ahead of his pursuer. f.u.c.k, he had really encountered a madman!

He had wanted to see if there were martial artists nearby, but he did not dare to stay for long after seeing the number of lunatics acting deranged behind him.

He had readied himself to run forward when he heard his pursuer growl, "Missionary, he's escaping!"

And it was at this time that he felt a potent presence of Vitality emitting from in front of him.

He raised his gaze and saw a woman standing in front of him.

His mind worked furiously, reaching a conclusion: the two of them were accomplices.

The guy behind him was not a martial artist while the woman was.

After thinking it through, he stopped in his tracks immediately and turned tail.

The man catching up with him from behind fished a dagger from his pocket and gazed at him hungrily.

Fang Ping thought of the martial artist behind him while he made a run for it. He gritted his teeth and thought, 'Better him than me!'

With this thought in mind, Fang Ping growled softly and triggered his Vitality.

When the man was a few meters away, Fang Ping jumped upward, his left leg stomping on the ground while his right kicked outward abruptly, aiming at the man's head!

Fang Ping, whose stance was already firm, had solid footing, and a good center of balance. Even though both of his legs were in the air, he maintained his balance.


His right leg did not land on the other's head, but it delivered a severe blow to his left arm.

The dagger guy stumbled and toppled sideways with a pained shriek.

Fang Ping paid no more attention to him. His kick, while hitting the nail right on the head, had taken quite a bit of time. He could already hear footsteps coming from behind.

'f.u.c.k, who did I p.i.s.s off?'

Fang Ping cursed fervently in his mind. He only wanted to take his exams. Why did this happen to him!

His ability was limited, seeing as he did not learn any of the combat techniques. He was solely relying on his physical strength to fight.

He would be eager to try it out otherwise if he had some tricks in his a.r.s.enal.

All of it was only mere thought. After taking out the dagger man with a kick, he had to continue running.

Heavy panting came from behind him.

Fang Ping realized abruptly that the woman was already behind him. She was near, so near that she would catch up after a few paces.

He twisted his body sideways and ceased running in a straight line. He ran a while to the side and turned his back for a look.

He saw the woman that blocked his path then two to three meters behind him.

"She isn't carrying any weapons, is she?"

Fang Ping gave her a cursory glance. Vindictiveness blossomed as his pursuer held no weapon and was a woman to boot.

Chase, chase your *ss!

Her Vitality was not much higher compared to his, and she was unarmed too! Did she really think that he would be afraid of her?

If the other was a burly man or was armed, Fang Ping would definitely continue running for his life.

His opponent was an unarmed woman, though. She seemed not that big a threat at first glance.

Plus, his self-confidence was somewhat bolstered after he put a man armed with a dagger on the ground with a kick.

As he would be caught even if he kept running, Fang Ping triggered his Vitality again and kicked toward the woman.

"You thug!"

The woman growled and punched Fang Ping's right leg.


Fist and leg met. A loud crunch sounded as bone and flesh collided with each other.

Fang Ping felt pain blossom in his lower leg. He realized immediately, 'This woman had honed her upper limbs!'

He had only felt pain, but no sign of his bones fracturing. Fang Ping's eyes lit up. F*ck, she was only at that level!

She fell extremely short compared to Huang Bin, who had reduced a wooden pole to pieces with one punch.

Even Huang Bin was defeated by him. Did he even need to be scared of her?

Fang Ping was suddenly filled with courage. He retracted his leg quickly, a.s.sumed his stance, and punched toward the woman's head.

When the woman retaliated with a punch of her own, he withdrew his fist abruptly and stood on one leg. The remaining leg swept toward the woman's legs swiftly.

If she had honed her upper limbs, that meant that she had not honed her lower limbs. He must break her legs before anything else.


When both legs collided with each other, Fang Ping felt a surge of pain once again. The woman stumbled too as she lost her balance, her face twisted in pain.


Fang Ping cursed and aimed a swift kick toward the woman.

Fury sparked in the woman's eyes. She brandished her fists toward Fang Ping's right leg.

Fang Ping retracted his leg at the sight of the gesture. He stood up and made to run.

He did not want to take this scuffle further, not when gunshots sounded from the crowd somewhere far away. 

He yelled, "Help!"

"This miscreant must die!"

The woman howled with fury, "Stop him!"

This was not directed to Fang Ping, of course, but to the man whom Fang Ping had sent to the floor with a kick.

The man had already gotten up, swaying with dizziness. His dagger stayed on the floor, and his right arm clutched on to his left.

At the woman's command, the man marched forward and blocked Fang Ping's way from the front.

"If I can't defeat this woman, I can still take you!"

Fang Ping was also beyond p.i.s.sed. He was attacked despite provoking no one.

The man did not have his dagger with him. Why would he fear him?

His legs throbbed with pain, but he still had his fists. As the man approached him, Fang Ping's fist landed on the man's face with a bam.


The man collapsed with an anguished yelp. Crimson blood streamed out from his nostrils and mouth.

The woman caught up when he was dealing with the man.

Fang Ping raised his arms to protect his brain in an instinctive gesture as soon as he heard a whoosh from beside him.


His arms collided with her's. Fang Ping disregarded his injury. He did not turn to see if anyone was there when he raised his leg and kicked.


The woman did not manage to counter it this time. She cried in pain as Fang Ping's kick landed on her lower leg.

The two of them were already tangled. Fang Ping protected his head with both arms as he kicked without seeing his surroundings.

The woman punched his arms with her fists, attempting to hit his head so that she could end this scuffle quickly.

The two of them fought without technique. Fang Ping withstood as many punches as he landed kicks on the other.

As the two of them fought, footsteps could be heard from beside Fang Ping.

And then he heard an enraged bellow, "Die!"

The following scene made Fang Ping's expression s.h.i.+ft and his face turn pale.

Before he could observe it in detail, he turned his head, squatted on the floor, and threw up.

World's Best Martial Artist 65 Being Attacked

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