Sweetest Top Actress In My Home 409 The Ginger Candies Will Not Give Face When They Are Out For War

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Looking at the current situation, Jiang Yuning decided to call Vera immediately so that she could prepare to deal with Lin Kaiyan's attempt at defaming her.

This was because Jiang Yuning knew that both of them were up to no good, especially since Lin Kaiyan's a.s.sistant had already created such a big scene in the recording studio.

If Lin Kaiyan did not release any public relations statement regarding this matter, Jiang Yuning would willingly cut off her head and offer it to him.

After that, the production team came over to inform everyone that the recording would be suspended because one of the regular guest partic.i.p.ants was missing at the moment. They also said that they would come to a decision before informing the other guest partic.i.p.ants about the future plans to record the program.

"He really is a nutcase." Li Meng could not help but scold Lin Kaiyan at this time. "Who does he think he is?"

"How can he be so haughty and arrogant even in front of his seniors and predecessors? I bet that this b*stard is definitely waiting for the production team to go and coax him into coming back to film the program," Brother Lu snorted. "He even insisted that it is difficult to deal with the popular artistes nowadays because they are all very arrogant and thinks very highly of themselves? Just take a look at Yuning. I would say that Yuning is not only a very humble person but she is also very professional and dedicated when it comes to work. Lin Kaiyan's fans should really get their eyes checked soon!"

Jiang Yuning listened without commenting at all. After all, the situation in the recording studio was already very chaotic at the moment, with the support team and audience having absolutely no idea what was going on. All that they were told was that the recording had been postponed and that their tickets would subsequently be refunded to them.

The production team also had to ensure that everyone signed a confidentiality agreement so that the events that transpired here tonight would not leak out to the media.

"Yuning, we will both leave first. You did very well tonight." The two seniors bid farewell to Jiang Yuning before they left the studio.

"Alright then. Please have a safe journey. I will treat both of you to a meal when we have the time."

Both the veterans looked at Jiang Yuning before they smiled. Jiang Yuning was indeed a very pleasant and likable person with a good personality. She was humble and she was not arrogant at all. it was no wonder why she was so popular nowadays.

Jiang Yuning continued sitting in the studio as she waited patiently for Vera. When Vera finally arrived at the scene, both of them went backstage to look for the host of the program, Teacher Lin Cangxiao.

"Teacher Xiaoxiao, I have a few suggestions that I would like to bring to your attention. Do you mind giving me some of your time?"

"No problem."

The three of them entered the dressing room before Jiang Yuning started telling Teacher Xiaoxiao everything that had happened after she came out of the washroom earlier that night. She told him that she was very annoyed and angry when she heard Lin Kaiyan's discussion with his a.s.sistant and that was the reason why she decided not to give him any face at all during the second part of the program. Jiang Yuning also admitted that she believed that this was the main reason why Lin Kaiyan's a.s.sistant flared up all of a sudden.

"Yuning, this is not your fault," Teacher Xiaoxiao said as he waved his hand. In fact, he was already used to such situations after being in the entertainment industry for so long. "In fact, I have already heard rumors about Lin Kaiyan's character even before I met him in person. Therefore, you don't have to worry because I can tell who is right and who is wrong. You don't have to feel guilty for what happened tonight."

"After explaining the situation to you, I would also like to put forth some suggestions that I have in mind right now. I will let you in on some insider news. There will be an official announcement to reveal the first male lead of the drama u003cYan Huasuu003e soon and the actor who will be playing the role is none other than Su Jinhang. Therefore, I would like to suggest Su Jinhang as the replacement for Lin Kaiyan as the regular guest on u003cSecret of the Nationu003e instead. There are several reasons behind my recommendation. First of all, based on popularity, I believe that Su Jinhang will definitely be able to attract more attention as compared to Lin Kaiyan. Although this might be a very risky decision, I can a.s.sure you that Su Jinhang has better stage presence, as well as variety skills and talents than Lin Kaiyan. I believe that you will also support my statement based on Su Jinhang's performance earlier tonight."

"Secondly, my team and I are currently in the midst of preparing a whitewas.h.i.+ng and public relations management plan for Su Jinhang. If we work together with the production team of u003cYan Huasuu003e, then our tripart.i.te alliance would be more than positive and conducive to change the perception that the public has of Su Jinhang. Teacher Xiaoxiao, I believe you can already predict that I will not be the only person that Lin Kaiyan will be targeting when this news gets out to the media. He will definitely also attack the variety program, the production team, and the production crew involved in this program. If we do not stand together as one, then it is very likely that we will end up losing to Lin Kaiyan in terms of public relations."

"Lastly, I personally do not want someone like Lin Kaiyan to get to do what he wants whenever he wants to. I really don't want him to think that he could get what he wants by being a tyrant. Therefore, I really hope that Teacher Xiaoxiao will take my suggestion into consideration."

After listening to Jiang Yuning's suggestion and her explanation for it, Teacher Xiaoxiao nodded in a solemn manner. "Alright then. I will speak to the production team about this matter."

"Okay, I will be waiting for your good news then."

After that, Lin Cangxiao left the dressing room with a solemn expression on his face.

At this time, Jiang Yuning looked at Vera before she said, "Vera, I think that you have to talk to the Ginger Candies now so that you can prepare them for the war that is about to start."

"You have always adopted a peaceful, non-retaliation policy. So, what about this time, Yuning?"

"We will not tolerate anything! We are going to bring Lin Kaiyan down!" Jiang Yuning replied in a decisive manner. "I know that the Ginger Candies have held back and suppressed their feelings and emotions for a long time because of me. Therefore, this time, I will have no issues at all if they choose to retaliate and fight back!"

Vera nodded after listening to Jiang Yuning.

After that, Vera contacted the management team of Jiang Yuning's fan club before they started working on their action plan.

Of course, Lin Kaiyan's team also acted very quickly. YXH Agency immediately released a statement to attract the attention and also to gain the sympathy of the netizens and the pa.s.sers-by.

[Hottest news of the day! During the filming of u003cSecret of the Nationu003e, Lin Kaiyan actually left the scene with a really black face because he had seemingly been threatened by Jiang Yuning behind the scenes.]

After that, someone posted a picture of Lin Kaiyan leaving the recording studio. Although it was not a very clear picture, everyone could see that it was indeed Lin Kaiyan walking out of the studio.

[A certain popular artiste had offended Lin Kaiyan while filming a variety program because of some personal grudges that she holds against the previous film emperor. This had caused the production team to halt the recording twice today!]

The post was accompanied by a picture of Lin Kaiyan's a.s.sistant pointing a finger at Jiang Yuning.

[A certain popular female artiste interrupted the recording of the variety program and the production team could not continue filming because of her.]

There was a picture of the variety program being interrupted by Jiang Yuning attached to the last post.

Lin Kaiyan's fans were all extremely enraged when they saw the news.

[D*mn it! Does Jiang Yuning really think that Brother Kaiyan is dead? Who gave her the courage to treat him like this? Don't you know your own place at all?]

[I was among the audience today and I personally witnessed Jiang Yuning attacking and humiliating Brother Kaiyan in front of the cameras!]

[Jiang dog chose to keep quiet for the past few days but it seems as though she is out to stir trouble again?]

[I want her agency to release a statement to explain her behaviour! We will not let that b*tch Jiang Yuning get away so easily with no punishment at all!]

[We want the production team of u003cSecret of the Nationu003e to come out and apologize to Brother Kaiyan! How could you allow anyone to treat him like that?]

[We demand for Jiang dog to come out and issue a public apology to Brother Kaiyan. Jiang dog, are you going to be a coward and keep hiding again? Hahaha…]

When Xue Li saw the amount of negative comments that Lin Kaiyan's fans were posting on the internet, she quickly logged into the fan club and said, "Sisters! Get up and get ready to start work already!"

As soon as the Ginger Candies, who had always been very united, saw the message posted by Xue Li, they got to work immediately.

They started replying to the comments directly on Lin Kaiyan's page, such as:

"Our Sister Yuning is a little fairy and will not accept any other views. Please don't make me educate you on this matter."

"You dare offend our Jiang Yuning? I would advise you to put those dangerous thoughts aside."

"The Ginger Candies will not give face when they are out for war! Hahaha…moreover, we have never lost any battles that we have engaged in before!"

"Whoever spreads these baseless rumors are the real dogs!"

"If it was not for the fact that I am not a worthless murderer, I would have killed YXH Agency already!"

"I have been following the entertainment news for so many years and this is the first time that I have ever seen YXH Agency act so arrogantly."

Sweetest Top Actress In My Home 409 The Ginger Candies Will Not Give Face When They Are Out For War

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