Sweetest Top Actress in My Home Chapter 700 - Want to Cry in the Toilet

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Chapter 700: Want to Cry in the Toilet

Jiang Yuning knew all about this in the afternoon.

At this time, the other party’s fans had already started causing a scene on Yu Shaowei’s public social media account.

They were extremely unscrupulous and the fans really used a lot of foul language.

Of course, they did not know that they were just p.a.w.ns who were being used to target Jiang Yuning. After all, the bloodier the battle was and the more agitated the fans were, the more they would be dragging Jiang Yuning into the water.

Moreover, it would not be easy for Jiang Yuning to come forward and speak up about this matter. After all, wouldn’t it be self-defeating if she stood up at this time?

If she took such a small group of fans so seriously, then wouldn’t things like this happen endlessly in future then?

“Sister Yuning, how are you going to respond to this matter then?” The young paparazzo came over to ask Jiang Yuning for advice before they got off work.

Just a single piece of clothing could cause such a big commotion!

“Do they really have to give me so much unnecessary work? It seems as though I have to worry about almost everything!” Jiang Yuning replied before she threw a folder at the young paparazzo. “I have already checked the other party’s brand endors.e.m.e.nt. You will understand what I mean as soon as you look at the file.”

The young paparazzo took the file in his hand before he took a look at it.

After that, he smiled before he said, “So, the other party’s fans did not check what kind of brand Yu Shaowei was wearing?”

“Do you know what you have to do now?”:

“I will hand this over to Yu Shaowei’s agent to handle this matter then!” The young paparazzo replied excitedly.

The other artiste had a brand endors.e.m.e.nt and Yu Shaowei’s trench coat clothing brand was directly in conflict with the other party’s endors.e.m.e.nt.

Under any normal circ.u.mstances, it would be absolute taboo for the artiste’s fan base to offend the funder of his endors.e.m.e.nt. The other party simply took advantage of this opportunity to attack Yu Shaowei without putting much thought into this matter.

After that, Luo Hangyi sorted out Yu Shaowei’s wardrobe. Yu Shaowei had always been a huge fan of this brand of clothing. However, it had only appeared on the other party for the first time.

Wasn’t it obvious who the copycat was?

Whenever Jiang Yuning wanted to slap her opponent in the face, she would always pay a lot of attention to both reason and evidence.

It would not be suitable for either Jiang Yuning or Yu Shaowei to come forward and talk about this matter.

Therefore, Luo Hangyi did his homework before he posted the news on his social media account.

He explained things in a very clear and serious tone, according to Jiang Yuning’s instructions but he did not go into direct confrontation with the other party. He simply highlighted a few points which would be reminder enough to bring shame to the other party.

Since the other party’s fans had already concluded that Yu Shaowei was the one who was being a copycat, they also posted up a lot of evidence of the other party wearing a similar style of clothing. As for what the other party’s sponsor would think, they did not pay any attention to it at all…

Since this was the first time that Luo Hangyi was going to do something like this, he could not help but feel a little anxious and afraid before he uploaded the post on his social media account.

He even asked the young paparazzo to look through it and confirm it a couple of times before he finally dared to upload the post.

“About the rumors about our artiste being a copycat, this is our response to the situation.”

Luo Hangyi did not type much but he simply uploaded pictures. The first picture summarized Yu Shaowei’s preference for this brand of clothing. He had six pieces of clothing from this brand in total. Moreover, there were pictures from the airport and during some of his activities. This proved that Yu Shaowei had always been a loyal fan of this clothing brand.

Secondly, Luo Hangyi also posted pictures of the times when his artiste had been wearing a trench coat. This would not be the first time that his artiste was wearing this brand of clothing. Luo Hangyi even made an effort to show the logo of the brand very clearly in his pictures.

Luo Hangyi subsequently uploaded the post. However, since Yu Shaowei did not have a huge fan base, the post did not go viral immediately.

At this time, Jiang Yuning shared the post using her own social media account.

After that, the post made it to the hot search.

[Come! Everyone should come and enjoy this how! I really want to praise the person who produced all these pictures. It clearly shows who the copycat is! Anyone could tell at a single glance now!]

[Pfft! Why would my idol want to copy Yu Shaowei’s style? Who is he anyway?]

[I would like to remind you that if your idol is not being a copycat, then how could he be wearing clothing that is produced by his sponsor’s direct compet.i.tor? Isn’t it a little too obvious?]

[I would also like to advise you…as a fan, you better try to come up with ways to coax your idol’s sponsors! Otherwise, your idol will really want to cry in the toilet!]

Sweetest Top Actress in My Home Chapter 700 - Want to Cry in the Toilet

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