What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 81: *Taps Forehead*

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(Imout— I mean Little Sister POV)

My name is Elaria, the youngest member of the Lindulf House.

I have an elder brother whom I love dearly, he always took care of me whenever he could, calling me his cute 'imouto'.

I didn't know what 'imouto' had meant back then but since he called me cute, I hadn't minded. It was really fun playing and learning from him.

I also had another elder brother named Dailus, but he was always busy with helping our father run the business so I never saw him much. He looked like a boring person too.

Then, there was also my elder sister, Odriana. I really liked her too.

She plays together with me and brother from time to time and taught me a lot of interesting things together with my dear brother.

I really like them.

Then one day, my dear brother told me, "Elaria imouto, would you like to learn about the great truth of 'An Ney May'?"

Interested in knowing more about what my dear brother knew and what exactly this 'An Ney May' was, I had told him yes.

My dearest brother had then brought me to a quiet room, placing both his hands on both sides of my head.

Light emanated from his body and a stream of knowledge had transferred from him to me.

I saw an amazing world where anything and everything was possible, the technology of the world an entire realm ahead of us.

I learnt of the sagas of various heroes and villains, many of them sharing the trait of dying from an insidious, fast-moving, metal carriage. They had found themselves in a different world after waking up, then moving on to make great advancements in the world they woke up in, changing them in ways one could never have imagined.

Not only that, there were also mult.i.tudes of people who led lives beyond their worlds, the stories written about them incredibly heroic and awe-inspiring.

A slime, a goblin, a skeleton mage, a young man accompanied by a G.o.ddess, a man who became a little girl, a one eyed boy who challenged G.o.d to get his loli vampire back and even a black haired swordsman swinging two swords in a battle against a giant bull-headed monster.

But it was not only limited to epics either. There were also stories of everyday people who lived everyday lives, some of them heart-warming while others incredibly heart-wrenching to watch.

The daily lives of three boys, a group of people forming a club to make friends, five friends helping a sixth to move on to the afterlife and a young man learning to take care of his daughter after losing his wife whom had dreams of joining a drama club in the past.

I was just in the midst of learning the mechanics behind magi-science when grandma and grandpa had entered the room, wrenching Onii-sama's hands away from me when they saw us.

A sudden surge of information had hit me then, overloading my senses and causing me to black out.

The last thing I remembered was hearing Onii-sama's voice, "Spread it, and I will remember..."

I hadn't known what he meant then, but I had woken up a week later to find out that Onii-sama had lost all his memories prior to that incident.

The House had blamed him for my coma which made him quite distant to everyone. Even after I had woken up, he was no longer as willing to spend time with me.

I had tried to convince everyone that what Onii-sama did was beneficial to me, but grandpa and grandma overruled me, stating he was a monster for doing whatever he did.

It was an unfortunate fact that our House was not exceptionally receptive of Pract.i.tioners, calling them freaks of nature instead.

Seeing that I had no chance in cracking open the stubbornness of my House, I decided to focus on returning Onii-sama back to his former self.

I believed that by spreading the wonders of 'An Ney May' to our town, Onii-sama will regain his memories and return to his former self again!

But in order to do that, I would need to raise the technology level of our little town, I can't believe how backwards our world was! How did we come so far without even a printing press?!

I began drawing all sorts of schematics and blueprints that will bring improvements to our world, showing them to people who I thought would be able to help me materialise them.

Everyone in my House claimed that I had finally awakened to my potential, but none of them had acknowledged Onii-sama's role in doing so.

No matter how much I told them that Onii-sama was the one behind all the ideas, Grandma and Grandpa had told others that the technological advancements were influences from another continent instead.

I still question why people bought that reason when no other continents have been proven to exist yet, I guess unenlightened people are just gullible.

Even more perplexing was why they were so adamant about denying Onii-sama's contribution, it was like they didn't want anyone else to know about his relation to our House?

I don't understand… It can't be that he is a possible Pract.i.tioner, right?

I had confronted grandma and grandpa about this multiple times, but they always said I was still too young to understand and told me to continue creating those 'technological wonders' of mine.

No one took the words of a girl barely ten years old seriously despite the fact that she's churning out things that were way beyond this world's technology.

Even after grandpa and grandma had pa.s.sed away from illness, everyone still believed that some foreign people had inspired me to create all these wonders instead of my beloved Onii-sama.

Frustrated with their idiocy, I concentrated on trying to spread the wonders of 'An Ney May' to the rest of the town instead.

But I had been too late.

Just when I had managed to get the printing press up and running, Onii-sama had decided that he had enough of the mistreatment and left the town, seeking the way of the Pract.i.tioner.

He had even changed his name and a.s.sumed a new ident.i.ty, effectively cutting off ties with us on his day of departure.

As much as I wanted Onii-sama to stay, I thought it was a better idea to help him regain his memories. Once I achieve that, he will remember our childhood promise and return naturally to me!

A fool-proof plan!

But I still needed help to spread the ideology effectively.

I thus sought out my Onee-sama, who had been just as equally distraught about Onii-sama's departure as I was.

It was not difficult to convince her to join me in helping Onii-sama and I proceeded to teach her everything that Onii-sama had taught me.

That was when she found her talent in being a 'Man gack kar', creating pure love stories between two pure boys. 

Using our new printing press to produce her new book, it was quickly distributed to the town and it sold like hotcakes, the book's popularity skyrocketing within a few days.

But for some reason, elder brother Dailus and Father had vehemently rejected our ideas, even calling the pure BL that we came up with "disgusting and utterly unacceptable".


Our fans disagree with you!

A love between two boys is the purest form of love! How could they not understand that?!

Even elder sister agrees! Look at the love story she had written about Onii-sama and this young lord of a city! It was sold out within the first day!

That clearly shows the power of pure BL! Unenlightened people like him will never understand! But that's ok, we will just use this to educate the rest, spreading thepower of 'An Ney May' to the rest of the town.

Ignore the naysayers and concentrate on getting our town to understand the greatness of 'An Ney May' to return Onii-sama's memories!

Soon, I will introduce the versatile steam engine and trains will become a thing. Once the mining has become even more streamlined, I should have the resources to start industrializing this town and slowly build it up!

In just a few dozen years, the giant a.s.sault mobile exoskeletons will also become a reality!

Just wait for me, Onii-sama! I will fulfill this task that you have bestowed upon me!

What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 81: *Taps Forehead*

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