Abe The Wizard Chapter 107 - Powerful Golden Combat Qi

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Chapter 107: Powerful Golden Combat Qi

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

At this point, Novice Wizard Sam had a proud expression on his face. It was true that novice wizards didn't have enough defensive powers, but in terms of their attack, it was extremely deadly.

"Alright then, go now. Make good use of the magic on your hands Abel!" Sam bowed his head and then began to do his work.

"Mr. Sam, something is going on in my family tomorrow, and I want to go back and take care of it," Abel whispered.

"No problem. You are in charge of managing your own time. I have nothing for you here anyways, so you can stay there for two more days if you need it." Sam said with a laugh. His att.i.tude towards Abel was no longer like he was treating Abel as his nephew; he seemed to treat Abel as someone who was as important as him. Maybe it was because of Abel's genius.

"Mr. Sam, I'll come back clean up here afterward!" Abel bowed as he left the room.

The first thing Abel did when he got back to his room was to open his Horadric cube. He took out the scroll of town portal and tried to use his mana to activate the scroll on it, but he had to resist himself from using it. Since he was still in the magic tower, the chances of being caught using the scroll town portal were too big for Abel to risk.

For now, the only thing he could do was to learn the spells he saw earlier from Sam. Firstly, he took out the record of the parchment spell "Firebomb," then he began memorizing the pattern, the pattern seemed to be a little easier than the pattern for the level 1 novice wizard. After carefully memorizing and reading, Abel discovered that there were ten important places of the pattern to pay special attention to. With his past experience of the memory of a level 1 novice wizard, it only took him 1 to 2 hours to remember the entire pattern of the "Firebomb" spell.

Abel stretched out his right hand with his fingers beginning to row in the air. Although he had already memorized the pattern, it was very difficult to draw out the "Firebomb" pattern in the air, since it created a sense of unbalanced. Also, the speed of the magical power being drawn from the rank one novice wizard pattern in his mind, and the force applied through his fingers, were also difficult challenges that Abel needed to face.

When Abel was transmitting the mana through his body, he realized his power of will was being eroded by the mana. After the mana had pa.s.sed through his body, it felt as if the autumn wind was sweeping through the gra.s.s. Abel felt a little weaker, but shortly after the mana had flowed through his body, there was a golden combat qi rus.h.i.+ng towards the mana. Within seconds, he realized it was because of the corrosive effects of the mana, and the golden combat qi had repaired his body from the corrosive mana, which made him strong again. '

Abel's body was considered as very strong nowadays. Hence every bit of power increase was slowly becoming harder.

These days, the Knight's breathing technique he did every day almost had no effects on him. Each time of magical power damage and repair equaled to half a month of training the Knight's breathing technique. That was unbelievable

Abel was a special boy. His golden color combat qi had an unbelievable power to repair and strengthen his body. If you wanted to become a wizard, the latest age you could start was around 15 to 16, as you needed to dedicate a large amount of time and effort into it. With the magical power's damage to one's body, it was almost impossible for a wizard to be a knight simultaneously. Being a knight itself required a large amount of training to ignite the qi in the body, to attain a combat qi. Since the body of wizards were already damaged by magical power, how could they add Knight's training on top of that? Especially when both of their training were very time-consuming. With the magic causing damage to the body, it meant that Abel could no longer undertake any knight training, as well as his lack of spare time too.

Before deciding to study in the magical tower, Abel decided to put aside his future as a knight to prioritize for wizard studies. However, he had just discovered that through the wizard's learning process, the magic with the golden combat qi was able to work simultaneously. This meant the original magic that was harmful to the body was able to become a method for his continual training as a knight, hence the wizard practicing method was even better than the original Knight breathing technique.

Before lunch, Abel went to the laboratory where Sam, the novice wizard, resided in.

"Abel, come over here." Sam waved to Abel.

Surprisingly, Sam was having a meal in the dining room today, which he rarely did. When Abel saw him calling him, he took his meal and sat down in front down.

This scene made Ethan, who was grabbing his lunch on the side, very jealous. His eyes flashed with a glimmer of jealousy. At that moment, he was helping level 5 novice wizard Carlos, retrieve his lunch. He realized that Novice Wizard Carlos had never treated him the same way as to how Sam was treating Abel. This was because Novice Wizard Carlos was always busy, and whenever he was frustrated, he always scolded him.

Novice Wizard Carlos wasn't like Novice Wizard Sam. Novice Wizard Sam was still young, and he still had a lot of time to attack the bottleneck of becoming an official wizard. Therefore, they could still treat people with a nice att.i.tude. However, Novice Wizard Carlos was already above the age of 100 and still hadn't become an official wizard. He could no longer take the route of naturally increasing his power, and he had to rely on drugs. But it was not easy. These drugs cost a lot of money and resources. Living with all these stress every day, you can imagine just how bad his mood would be. Novice Wizard Carlos wasn't the only one suffering like this in the magic tower. Both Novice Wizard Redd in The 4th story and Novice Wizard Tours were in the same situation

This was why all of the wizard followers were jealous of Abel, who was Sam's wizard follower. They just couldn't believe that Sam took his own time to teach his followers these kinds of magic spells. It made them extremely jealous.

"Hum!" Sam gave a dead stare into Ethan's face. Ethan's eyes gave Sam felt a sense of dissatisfaction. When Sam saw it, he immediately fell onto the floor and dropped the food along with him.

Ignoring Ethan, Sam turned to Abel with a smile. "You haven't met my teacher, wizard Yveline, so you're still free. It means you're not yet an official wizard's follower.

"Why, Mr. Sam?" Abel asked, stopping his cutlery.

"Because the wizard's practice requires a lot of resources, and when you officially become a wizard follower of the magic tower, you have to report your ident.i.ty to the continental magic a.s.sociation. The a.s.sociation has a regulation. Each wizard may use their own ability to seek resources affect ordinary people themselves, that is, before the report your name to the mages guild, you through various means to get resource is approbated by the magic guild." Sam explained.

"And how do wizards acquire their resources?" Abel had some understanding of the rules of the Wizard Union. If powerful wizards entered the secular world to use powerful magic to obtain resources, then the world would be in chaos. Most of the wizard's resources relied on the human world. Therefore, If the normal human world was in chaos and invaded by external forces, the wizards would no longer have a place to seek their resources.

"Novice wizards can gain resources by making rune signs and potions, or even going out for adventures to seek resources. On the other hand, official wizards can freely choose which every country they want to stay in, and that country will happily provide resources for them, and help them build their magic tower according to their ranks." Said Novice Wizard Sam with a smile.

By that point, Abel had understood from these words that the rule of 'can not use your magical power to influence or harm others for personal resource' was targeted towards novice wizards. Official wizards were already supported by the country, so they no longer needed to seek resources themselves and could focus on their training.

Then, Abel asked Novice Wizard Sam something he always wanted to ask. "If wizards could make something like a rune sign, why don't they make magic weapons?".

If wizards could make a rune sign, shouldn't making a magic weapon be way easier?

Abe The Wizard Chapter 107 - Powerful Golden Combat Qi

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