Abe the Wizard Chapter 1230 - Moving

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Chapter 1230: Moving

After 10 days, the wizard union finally realized something was wrong after the servant wizards reported that Wizard Jules had not left his room ever since.

Although going into retreat for 10 days was nothing extraordinary for a legendary wizard, the wizard Union’s headquarters was not a place for retreat.

The head of the law enforcement department, Wizard Joseph, arrived at the training room the moment he heard about this report.

He was not supposed to interrupt a legendary wizard, but he would also be in big trouble if something bad happened to Wizard Jules.

Wizard Joseph’s position was very powerful, and there were many wizards after it.

At that moment, the head of the investigation department Wizard Clemens also arrived. If the wizard union was invaded, his department would be blamed as well.

“Wizard Joseph, don’t worry. Wizard Joseph is powerful. He will be fine!” Wizard Clemens lowered his voice.

At the same time, he was confident in the Wizard Union. If Wizard Jules was dead, there would be a legendary light.

Even the soul beam of a law-defying wizard would be seen, let alone legendary light.

Wizard Joseph felt his heart lifted for a bit.

“Wizard Clemens, let’s open the door together!” Wizard Joseph forced a smile.

“Let’s go!” Wizard Clemens nodded.

“Wizard spirit, defuse every barrier circle and open the door o the training room!” Wizard Joseph lowered his voice.

“Agree!” Wizard Clemens added.

“Ident.i.ty confirmed, door opening!” A robotic voice replied and scanned the training room to confirm if the condition for the opening was met.

In order to ensure the security of a wizard, the wizard spirit would not open the door if there was a wizard meditating inside.

Even for the highest authority, they could only open the door once the wizard inside had finished meditation.

Wizard Joseph was the first one to speed in after the door was open. The best scenario was that Wizard Jules had only gotten himself hurt, but still, if he were badly injured and his power had taken a big hit, Wizard Joseph would bear the consequence as well.

However, to his surprise, the training room was empty.

“What? Where is Wizard Jules?” Wizard Joseph was stunned.

He was not feeling good about this; maybe his worst nightmares had come true.

“The training room’s magic circle was locked, and you can only open it from within. Do you think Wizard Jules had left on his own?” Wizard Clemens asked.

He couldn’t help but doubt as well, but there could only be one explanation. He just couldn’t contemplate the idea that Abel had the power to break into the Wizard Union headquarters in silence.

Wizard Clemens felt a little regretful. Did Wizard Jules find out that someone within the Wizard Union was deliberately leaking out his information?

“Yeah, Wizard Jules must have left!” Wizard Joseph quickly added.

As long as he swore Wizard Jules was ok, no one would threaten his status. At least that’s what he thought.

Wizard Clemens shook his head.

Even though Wizard Jules was frightened by Grandmaster Bennett and hid in the Wizard Union, Wizard Joseph still needed to bear full responsibility for letting him escape without notice.

Meanwhile, legendary Wizard Mike also got this report, and a chill immediately ran down his spine. Am I still safe in the Wizard Union?

He knew a little more than others. He knew why Wizard Jules was hiding in the Wizard Union.

There was no way Wizard Jules would have left without a solution to his problem.

Wizard Jules was not just a wizard. The forces that served under him would be taken over by other legendary wizards immediately if he disappeared.

“On my command! The Wizard Union has condemned legendary Wizard Harrick and legendary Wizard Jules for attacking our headmaster of honor, Grandmaster Bennett, and contacting the Holy Knights. Investigation into Wizard Harrick’s death will be discontinued, and Wizard Jules will sacrifice 100 years of rewards!” He yelled.

Wizard Mike knew very well. Dignity meant nothing in the face of death.

He did not care about the strange look on his worker’s face. He was the one creating this mess anyway.

He then immediately connected to legendary Wizard Dolan, hoping he could be a middle man and resolve his tension with Grandmaster Bennett.

As Wizard Mike’s heart was trembling, there was a golden castle hidden on a hill within the Battlecry Plateau.

It was a huge castle, but it was unnoticeable even under the glistening sunlight.

This was because Abel had used his starlight protection circle to make his golden castle invisible.

If Abel had to pick the safest place in the Central Continent, it would be the Battlecry Plateau, and he had decided to make it his new home after he left the elves.

This way, Doff the Beamon would also be closer to his Barbarian followers.

The Barbarian has been growing smoothly in the Central Continent after their food shortage was resolved by Abel’s secret supply.

At the same time, their importance in the front line also grew with their new healing spell.

Especially since Grandmaster Bennett’s disappearance, their healing spell became the perfect subst.i.tute to make all professionals go crazy.

After all, there was no return for a wizard who used Grandmaster Bennett’s potion.

Normal healing potions always came with many side effects, and those chronic injuries would undermine the level up the potential of a wizard.

Mad Barbarian warriors were always the lowest rank in a team when it came to rewards, and most teams would even reject them entirely.

But ever since each mad Barbarian warrior could acc.u.mulate three healing spells in a battle with an hour of praying, they had become the lifesaver of wizards.

Abel sat on the iron chair of his battle fort above the starlight protection circle and admired the views of the terrains just like he was in the elves.

There were many challenges facing the Golden Castle, the biggest of which was teleportation circles.

It wasn’t just his super teleportation circle since that would expose his grandmaster ident.i.ty immediately, but all large-scale teleportation circles as well since they needed to connect with the Wizard Union’s network.

The Golden Castle had basically become an isolated castle.

However, Abel did not care too much. He realized how difficult it was to be a legend, so it was best to isolate himself and focus on his training even though his Grandmaster alchemist ident.i.ty had brought him a sea of resources.

“Headmaster Bulei wants to see you!” The research spirit sounded.

Abel smiled and immediately arrived outside of the Golden castle in a flash.

He had returned to his human form. He no longer needed to hide as a legendary wizard.

Headmaster Bulei was the headmaster of the G.o.d of war temple, the true Spokesman of Doff. Although Doff was not powerful enough to do G.o.dsend on headmaster Bulei, he could still bless him with The Beamon prayers through the ancient totem.

You could just imagine how powerful those blessings were looking at the rate the Barbarians have grown in just a few years.

Since Abel was about to settle here long term, he needed a pa.s.sage to connect with the outside world, and Headmaster Bulei was the perfect candidate.

Doff’s Spokesman was basically Abel’s Spokesman. Even Headmaster Bulei might not know about that.

“The prestigious saint, Bulei from the temple greets you!” Headmaster Bulei couldn’t help but feel in awe as he saw Abel floating towards him.

He was extremely excited when he got a command from the temple that a saint wanted to see him in this place. After thousands of years of ups and downs, the G.o.d of war temple and the Barbarians were on the brink of extinction.

But the invasion two years ago, the G.o.d of war returned and brought glory upon the Barbarians again.

Therefore, he could only guess the G.o.d of war was paying even more attention to the Barbarians by sending a saint to see him.

“Headmaster Bulei, please keep what you are about to hear a secret!” Abel smiled.

“Yes, my prestigious saint!” Headmaster Bulei bowed.

Abel waved his hand, and a strand of power of will guided Headmaster Bulei up and brought him into the starlight protection circle.

All of a sudden, a huge golden castle emerged from that seemingly empty hill.

It was a huge shock. The Barbarians always built their house with sticks and stone, but this golden castle looked like it was built by the elves.

At the same time, he also heard from rumors that Grandmaster Bennett of the elves also had one that was similar. After all, Abel’s elf ident.i.ty was too famous. Even the isolated Barbarians knew about him.

Headmaster Bloom held down his emotions. He promised the saint to keep his mouth shut. Instead, he felt extremely honored as he stepped into the Golden Castle.

Abe the Wizard Chapter 1230 - Moving

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