Divine Card Creator 415 A Strange New Card!

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Tian Du City.

Sword Card Master a.s.sociation.

Lu Ming and Xiaobai did not sleep the entire night…

The next day.

Lu Ming successfully completed the Family Bonds Card and delivered it.

As for how the Wind Elementalists would create it or if he would hire a great grandmaster to create it, how he would improve the lines or turn them into abilities, he would not be involved in it.


"It is finally finished."

Lu Ming stretched.

There was a small young girl next to him…


Lu Ming carried Xiaobai, putting her on the bed.


Xiaobai turned around and hugged Lu Ming's arm.

This girl…

Lu Ming laughed involuntarily.

He carefully retracted his arm, stroking her forehead.

Things had been tough for her.

The day before, most of the work had been done by Xiaobai and Xiao-Xiaobai. There was no other choice. Xiao-Xiaojian was hopeless. He had to seek reinforcements.

Fortunately, they had succeeded.

Of course.

Xiaobai's method of carving out the lines from the Original Card…

Lu Ming was very interested.

"Lu Ming!

"Don't be too much!"

Xiao-Xiaojian, who was exhausted and was lying on the floor to rest jumped up, hitting Lu Ming's knees, giving him a stern warning.

Lu Ming was speechless.

He had had the fright of his life!

Those who did not know might think that something scary had transmigrated as well!

"I worked yesterday!

"I tried hard too!"

Xiao-Xiaojian protested. "Not only did you and Xiaobai work through the night, I worked hard too! I didn't rest the entire night!"

"What happened afterward?"

Lu Ming was expressionless. "Why is it that you only contributed 0.001% to the final outcome?!"

"I didn't know Xiao-Xiaobai would be so fast in its calculations."

Xiao-Xiaojian muttered.

It really worked very hard yesterday.


It was just that the two spirit bodies had vastly different working styles.

Xiao-Xiaobai looked at the lines that Lu Ming had materialized. It merely took one glance and it was able to copy them, marking out the sizes, angles and other information on the design plan.

As for Xiao-Xiaojian…

It took a ruler to measure…

It then switched on the calculator of the communication device to calculate…

That was right.

It was very embarra.s.sing!


The punishments that it received for duping Xiaobai had not come to an end.

Xiaobai had always been smart. She was only clueless when it came to Lu Ming or matters of the heart, and that was how she was duped by Xiao-Xiaojian…

As for the consequences…

Lu Ming opened the panel of the Sword Card Master a.s.sociation.

In the system.

There were a few experiments that Xiao-Xiaobai applied for on behalf of the spirit body department.


"Application to experiment if digging out lines from the Original Card will affect it", "Application to experiment if the consciousness of the Original Card feels pain", "Application to experiment the effects of souls attacking abilities on the Original Card" and dozens of other applications.

Xiao-Xiaojian turned green.

"I was wrong!"

Xiao-Xiaojian had tears in its eyes.

True enough.

It was similar to the information he researched when he was writing the book. Lolitas might seem kind but they were in fact sly and scheming…

In the afternoon.

Part of the rewards from the Wind Elementalist a.s.sociation had arrived.

As for the summoned creatures, since the Sword Card Master a.s.sociation did not have the appropriate facilities, Li Haoran told them to convert them into money and send it to them.

To this…

Lu Ming felt regretful. In fact, he quite liked the Leviathan promised by Senior Cai…

At this moment.

The uproar caused by the Family Bonds Card had finally come to an end.

The Sword Card Master a.s.sociation used a small card in exchange for a huge advancement in the a.s.sociation. They had earned a good reputation in Tian Du City!

Lu Ming's life had also returned to normalcy.

He would cultivate, create cards, and lie around everyday.


He loved this kind of life.

He bore no hatred toward others. He felt at ease and calm while he worked on increasing his combat abilities.

Of course.

He still had enemies.

The problem was his enemies were seven-stars… They would only notice him when he was a seven-star. Therefore, Lu Ming was not in a hurry to become a seven-star.

What was the use of becoming a seven-star?

Wasn't that looking for death?!

His correct method of improvement should be—

Increase combat abilities? √

Increase realm? ×

Therefore, Lu Ming was more interested in cards than cultivation.


Xiaobai came over with a cup of piping hot tea. "Have some water."


Lu Ming put down the book in his hands lazily.


Lu Ming noticed that Xiaobai had another cup of water in her small hands. "Who is this for?"

"Senior Zhang Yang."

Xiaobai said obediently. "I wonder who beat him up today. He could not go out so I gave him a cup of water."

Lu Ming was speechless.

Senior Zhang Yang was very amazing…

He was very resistant to beatings!

He shook his head.

Lu Ming was too lazy to think about it.

Those past two days, he had been learning the basic lines of five-star cards. He was hoping to learn all the five-star lines that he might use as soon as possible!

And… He focused on Standalone Cards.

Lu Ming tried to search for a card that could be used, but to no avail.

As for the remaining cards, it was either they could not be integrated, or he already had the integrated cards, or that after integration, they were the same as before.

In the end…

Lu Ming could only give up.

True enough.

Since there were countless Card Creators in this world who were doing research, there were very few abilities that had not been studied!

"It's a pity."

Lu Ming was full of regret.

He thought that he could start a new series.

He did not expect that…

In his attempt to start a new series, he had only created a new card and he had to stop. If he wanted to develop a new series, he had to wait until he had a six-star Standalone Card.

Wait a minute…

Why couldn't he try it out now?!

Lu Ming's heart stirred slightly.


Although he could not create six-star cards, this did not mean that he could not use them!

All he needed to do was to integrate seven of the six-star cards and materialize it! In that case, it would work as long as he chose a good six-star card!


Lu Ming felt energized.

He chose a good six-star standalone ability and purchased seven cards on the internet, releasing them at Xiao-Xiaojian.


Lu Ming lifted his hands to activate the cards.


There was a deafening sound.

Xiao-Xiaojian sealed.

The first sealing was a success!


Lu Ming felt energized.


The second sealing!



Third! Fourth! Fifth!



"Wait a minute…"

Xiao-Xiaojian stopped him. "I feel very full, let me take a breather."


Lu Ming was a little puzzled.

Why would the card feel full?

"I am very bloated."

Xiao-Xiaojian felt that it was hard to explain its feelings in a few words.

Is this true or not?

Lu Ming was very doubtful.

Given that Xiao-Xiaojian had the history of pretending, Lu Ming had reason to suspect that it was trying to skive…

"I am really bloated."

Xiao-Xiaojian sighed.

After a long while…

It finally said, "Let's try it now."


Lu Ming tried again.


Lights and shadow flashed.


There was a deafening sound.

Xiao-Xiaojian flew out on the spot, cras.h.i.+ng through the window, hanging from a tree branch at the southeast entrance of the a.s.sociation…

Lu Ming was dumbstruck for a long time.

After a long while…

Xiao-Xiaojian flew back while s.h.i.+vering and quivering, giving Lu Ming a look that said its legs were very weak.

"I c-can't do it anymore…

"There is too much energy… I can't s-swallow it."

Xiao-Xiaojian had tears in its eyes.

"Didn't you used to do sealing beyond our level?"

Lu Ming was taken aback.

This was not the first time that it did sealing beyond its level!

Lu Ming had one hundred thousand points of energy. He always sealed beyond his level!

"This is different."

Xiao-Xiaojian was teary-eyed. "This is an advanced ability…"


Lu Ming widened his eyes.


Why was it an advanced ability?

Shouldn't advanced ability be more precious and seldom sold in the market? Therefore, he looked at the six-star abilities library and his mind was blown!


There were many advanced abilities!

Almost all of the standalone abilities were advanced abilities!

What's happening?!

Lu Ming took a closer look and he understood.


This was a completely different stage!

This was normal for abilities. There were a ma.s.sive number of one-star abilities, slightly fewer two-star abilities, even fewer three-star abilities, a further reduction of four-star abilities, and far fewer five-star abilities, but when it reached six-star…

The numbers increased dramatically!

That was right.

There was the largest number of six-star abilities!


Because traditionally, this was the final destination of a cultivator…


Very few could reach seven-star!


For the average person, six-star was the ultimate destination!

Of course.

This was not the only reason for the transformation of abilities.

This was because for one-star, two-star, all the way until the five-star stages, everyone was too lazy to study abilities. It was pointless… One might work hard to develop an advanced two-star ability, however, others would become a three-star easily. Their ordinary abilities were just as powerful as theirs!

By the time one improved to three-star and developed advanced three-star abilities, the other party might have already become four-star…

That was in general cases.

There were very few advanced abilities from one-star to five-star.

Because it was not necessary.

Because the demand was low.

This was the reason why when Lu Ming was doing his interns.h.i.+p, the advanced ability of his enemies was very powerful!

When one felt that there was no hope of breaking through, one would then only take the initiative to research on abilities, spending one's time inside to study abilities, so as to improve one's combat abilities!

Of course.

It was an exception for those who had rich families and were very talented…

For the average person, this was the case.


Lu Ming had come this far in his cultivation. The enemies that he encountered were not considered very powerful. Basically, they did not have very powerful abilities. It was already extraordinary that very few of them had advanced abilities!

But for six-stars…

Six-stars were different!

Six-star was the goal of the average people!!!

Although one could continue to improve from beginner to intermediate and to advanced, everyone had the same requirements for abilities! They could go ahead and research their abilities!

This was the stage where people did the most research on abilities!

The advancement from beginner six-star to intermediate six-star was not as thrilling as an advanced ability! People at that stage had differing combat abilities!

If they mastered advanced abilities, their combat capabilities would increase!

If they mastered surmounting abilities, their combat capabilities would increase dramatically!

At that stage, the huge jump in one's abilities was the scariest part!

For example… Yan Suya!

Lu Ming still remembered her fair and scary figure.

The fact that her scene ability was able to transform the entire field into flames was terrifying. It might not have been an advanced ability but is was a surmounting ability!

Ordinary people could not defeat her!

As such…

As the "niche" among six-stars, all of the "premium" standalone abilities were advanced abilities! It was impossible for Xiao-Xiaojian to swallow seven of them in one go!

"Shall I give you some time to digest?" Lu Ming suggested.

"It's useless."

Xiao-Xiaojian sensed its body. "I am full…"


It was only possible if it dissipated one of them.


Lu Ming sighed.

It seemed that Xiao-Xiaojian could only withstand six abilities of this level… If another one was shoved in, it might explode instantly!

What would be the effect of the six abilities?

Lu Ming swept his eyes over it.

Nothing happened.

This was the most basic Standalone Card. Before it integrated and transformed, it might be able to change but it would be restricted to a quant.i.tative parameter change.

It was meaningless.

As for the ordinary six-star abilities…

There was no need to think about those.

There was no need for testing. Lu Ming could tell from one glance what the integrated abilities would be. They were nothing less than the most common best-selling abilities!

In the end…

Lu Ming could only give up.

His plan of using six-star abilities to integrate a top-notch six-star card… had failed!

At this moment…

As a five-star cultivator, he should be down-to-earth and work on five-star cards. It was good enough to easily defeat ordinary six-stars.

"It is such a pity."

Lu Ming felt very regretful.

If he could master an integrated top-notch six-star ability, he might be able to easily defeat Yan Suya who was a peak six-star.

It was a pity…

There were no advanced abilities among five-star Standalone Cards.


Lu Ming was filled with emotions.

He was certain that coupled with the integration of the Lightning Original Card, the advanced standalone abilities would be able to produce a powerful card in the realest sense!

It was a pity…

He was not strong enough now.

At the very least…

Given his one hundred thousand points of energy and his five-star level, he still could not integrate them!

Most of the abilities that he integrated now were ordinary abilities. There were very few advanced abilities from one-star to five-star, notwithstanding integration!


Lu Ming's heart stirred slightly.

He had an advanced ability! He had integrated them to form an advanced card! That was the card that defeated everyone in the Lunar Shadow legacy—

Meltdown Card!

That was right.

That was a card that could break restrictions!

Lu Ming once used the card to dominate various legacies, However, it had been very long since Lu Ming had gone to legacy sites, therefore the card had become useless.


He could give it a try.

Lu Ming would like to know what would happen if he continued to develop it!?

Back then due to time constraints, each ability had to be used to the extreme. Now that Lu Ming had time, he naturally would like to experiment more with them.



He personally created seven Meltdown Cards.



Lights and shadow flashed.

Lu Ming directed each card into Xiao-Xiaojian.

"Are you okay?"

"I am fine."

"Can you withstand it?"


"Then I will start now."



Lu Ming took a deep breath and directed the last Meltdown Card at the card.


Lights and shadows flashed.

The card was transforming!

Green lights that were representative of advanced cards flashed. A new card appeared in front of Lu Ming. It was a special card that he had never seen before.

It was green.

It was an advanced card.

There were two side-by-side trapezoid shapes on the card…

"What kind of card is this?"

Lu Ming was doubtful.

He had never expanded the Meltdown Card series.

In his impression, back when he had gotten the card from "Fan Ze", the Charging Card +Whirlpool Card lines formed a two-star Whirlpool Card!


During integration, it accidentally became an advanced card!

That was right.

This was an advanced card that happened accidentally during integration!

According to Lu Ming's initial argument, no matter what, a card that was integrated through the Lightning Original Card would not become an advanced card. This was an accident. According to his speculation, it was likely to be due to the special effect of this card—the whirlpool energy absorption! A lot of energy was absorbed during integration!


It became advanced by force!

Of course, this was purely his guess.


This was Lu Ming's first advanced card.

This series was developed from two-star Whirlpool Card to three-star Meltdown Card and it suddenly stopped. Until now, Lu Ming finally resumed the integration to produce a new card—

Four-star unknown card!

"How about giving it a try?"

Lu Ming's heart stirred slightly.

He had nothing to look forward to with this card.

Although this card was an advanced card, in essence it was only a four-star card… Perhaps it would only have some effects when it was integrated to five-star.


At the thought of this…

Lu Ming activated the card in his hands.


Lights and shadow flashed.

Green lights gently swept over it.


The whole world was silent.

The ground was calm, the air was refres.h.i.+ng. Looking through the window that was burst open by Xiao-Xiaojian, one could still see greenery…


It was very fresh.

Remembering his previous experience, Lu Ming waited quietly for ten minutes.

Nothing happened.

"Is it spoiled?"

Xiao-Xiaojian was baffled.

"I don't know."

Lu Ming shook his head.


It was another related restriction?


He created a one-star restriction and threw it toward the new card. There was still no response. The restriction did not even change this time. It was worse than the Meltdown Card.

"How about creating more of them to test?"

Xiao-Xiaojian suggested.

It was easy to create four-star cards.

The energy consumption was low. There was nothing to worry about.

"I'll give it a try."

Lu Ming nodded slightly.


He created an abundance of the new cards.


Nothing happened.

Lu Ming had already used all types of cards that he had encountered until now. He had tried all the possible testing effects, as well as a variety of testing equipment on the new cards!

Still, nothing happened.

Lu Ming learned the lines of the card, but he was still clueless!

Lu Ming was dumbstruck.

d.a.m.n! What kind of card was this?!

To h.e.l.l with it!

"Forget it."

Lu Ming gave up with a bitter smile on his face.


Just when he hurled out his last card, he suddenly looked at the time with doubtful eyes and cast a glance at Xiao-Xiaojian.


"Did you notice the change in time just now?"

Lu Ming was doubtful.


Xiao-Xiaojian was baffled. Was there any change?

"This is strange," Lu Ming muttered.


He created another card. This time, he deliberately stood in front of the electronic clock. He looked at the changing time and activated the card in his hands.


Lights and shadow flashed.

Green lights exploded.

Lu Ming's heart trembled. He clearly noticed that at the moment when the card was activated, one second pa.s.sed on the stopwatch of the electronic clock!

Just a second.

For a moment!

Only one second had pa.s.sed!

This was…

Lu Ming's pupils suddenly constricted. Did this mean that the card could actually meltdown time?!

Divine Card Creator 415 A Strange New Card!

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