Divine Card Creator 417 Phase Summary Report Of The Sword Card Master Association

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Tian Du City.

Sword Card Master a.s.sociation.

Lu Ming carried out a large number of tests. The card had a very good interrupting effect on some elemental abilities.


After pondering for a long time, Lu Ming directly hid the card!

He shelved it!

"You're not going to use it?"

Xiao-Xiaojian was somewhat surprised.

"It is too dangerous."

Lu Ming said softly, "It'll be banned…"

Xiao-Xiaojian was puzzled.

"Think about it."

Lu Ming felt very helpless. "The Elementalists came looking for us at night for the Scene Card, which is unstable. If they find out that I have this card…

"Cough, cough.

"Furthermore, this impacts every Elementalist!

"This card can weaken their combat ability significantly!

"The consequences…"

Lu Ming said in a low voice.


Xiao-Xiaojian's body also felt cold.

Oh my goodness!

Come to think of it, it is true!

Everyone took it as an accident when you created one card. However, if you create a second card and it is a more vicious one, will they want to kill you?

Well, they will kill you secretly!

After all, what if you create a third card, and a fourth one?

Lu Ming could empathize with this situation very well.

This was because in the a.s.sociation, there was Student Zhang Yang, who was beaten up everyday and Student Jiang Feng, who was hunted down everyday…

There was already a precedent. How could he not be on his guard?


Xiao-Xiaojian expressed his understanding.


The newly created card was hidden. Unless it was a situation of life and death, Lu Ming did not plan to reveal it.


This was fairly good.

As for the subsequent matters…


Li Haoran knocked on his door.

"Come in."

Lu Ming nodded slightly.

"Are you busy now?"

Li Haoran asked gingerly

"It's okay. Speak."

Lu Ming could not help but laugh.

Haoran was afraid of disturbing his cultivation.

That was right.

For the past few days, he had been busy with researching and testing the card. He had tested the cards continuously and had not been bothering about the matters of the a.s.sociation.

"What has happened?"

Lu Ming asked.

"Oh, this is what happened."

Li Haoran said excitedly, "This morning, a disciple from the Sword Card Master a.s.sociation partic.i.p.ated in the 'flying rally' in Tian Du City and cinched the top place!"


Lu Ming did not come to his senses for a long time.




Lu Ming was confused.


"Since we discovered this compet.i.tion, we registered for it.

"The Sword Card Master a.s.sociation has been established for such a short time and we only have fame on the Internet. We don't have any substantial support. Therefore, we need some compet.i.tions and trophies to prove ourselves.

"Second Senior Brother deals with the teen compet.i.tions.

"We can only rely on ourselves for the rest.


"We registered for this compet.i.tion."

Li Haoran felt somewhat embarra.s.sed. He said, "Actually, this is also one of the reasons why Senior Sister brought them for flying practice that day."

"Oh?" Lu Ming exclaimed.

It turned out that there was such a compet.i.tion!

"What did you guys compete on?"

Lu Ming was curious.




Li Haoran still felt somewhat excited.

Flying was also a technique.

How to fly further and longer with a constant amount of energy and the techniques for drifting and pa.s.sing by corners. All of these were the a.s.sessment criteria of the compet.i.tion!

It was an honor!

The Sword Card Master a.s.sociation was the most powerful!

There was no other organization that could be compared to it!

"The Sword Card Master a.s.sociation is the youngest team that can fly the longest. We broke the record for the compet.i.tion!"

Li Haoran said proudly.

With that…

He took out proof. It was a precious trophy that looked like a tumbler. That was an honor that only the champion of the Flying Rally was qualified to receive. This was also the greatest honor of the annual flying rally of Tian Du City — The t.i.tanium Flying Cup!

"Not bad."

Lu Ming felt very satisfied.

Under Li Haoran's management, the Sword Card Master a.s.sociation had been on the rise!

Although Li Haoran had a good cultivation talent, he was not that interested in cultivation in the past. Eventually, he even chose a different path. When it came to management, he had unleashed shocking potential!

On the other hand…

Lu Ming was very poor in management.

Lu Ming felt that if he were to manage the a.s.sociation, most probably, there would be a lot of fights and deaths…

Because he was simple and crude.

However, Lu Ming did not mind.

Everyone had their own strengths. There was no need to be personally involved in everything. Each core disciple of the a.s.sociation had a role to play and no one was dispensable.

He could use more contemporary terms to describe their organization.

Li Haoran was responsible for management.

Zhao Yunshan was responsible for being a tyc.o.o.n.

Salted Crispy Chicken was responsible for compet.i.tion.

Xiaobai was responsible for spirit bodies.

Zhang Yang was responsible for publicity…

Or something along those lines…

Each first generation disciple was indispensable!

If Lu Ming were to do everything, what would be the point?

"Wait a minute."

Xiao-Xiaojian suddenly said, "What about you?"

It suddenly came to its senses.

What about Lu Ming?!

It, Xiao-Xiaojian, was responsible for cultivating!!!

Why did it never see Lu Ming worrying about cultivation? Basically, this was done by Xiao-Xiaohian and Lu Ming's shadow!!! In that case, what did Lu Ming do?

"Do you even need to think about this?"

Lu Yan cast a puzzled look at Xiao-Xiaojian. "I'm responsible for the looks."

Xiao-Xiaojian was silent for a long time.

Most critically, it actually could not rebuke this.


Are you really that great because you're handsome?!

Lu Ming smiled faintly.


It is great to be handsome!

"If I were human, I would definitely be better looking than you."

Xiao-Xiaojian felt indignant.

"Are you sure?"

Lu Ming was surprised. "Spirit bodies are not differentiated by gender or type. I also heard about secret skills for spirit body metamorphosis. Do you want to give them a try?"

Xiao-Xiaojian shut up.

Was there a secret skill for spirit body metamorphosis?

Although not everyone had seen it, according to the official records of a certain a.s.sociation, it existed! However, why weren't any spirit bodies using it?


This was because the spirit bodies did not have any gender or type…


Once a spirit body changed its form…

It would randomly metamorphose into a living ent.i.ty based on the time, location, energy, weather and all the possible factors that could affect the spirit body metamorphosis.

It could be a man.

It could be a woman.

It could be a transgender.

It could also be a huge pig trotter…

It could even be the swamp eel which had a ma.s.sive school in the Heihe River Basin…

Anyway, it was a long story.

Although it was hard for the spirit bodies to survive and they were always being hunted down, at the very least, they could cultivate fast and could develop cognitive spirits. They also had powerful abilities and minds.

On the other hand, if they were to metamorphose into ordinary fearsome beasts…


They might die a terrible death.

As such…

After pondering, Xiao-Xiaojian gave up on arguing with Lu Ming. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if Lu Ming were to find and force some metamorphosing secret skill on it one day.


"Another major thing happened today."

Li Haoran was still in his excited state. "Tian Du City announced the rankings of the a.s.sociations in the city today!"


Lu Ming's heart jumped a beat.

a.s.sociation rankings!

This was an honor that an a.s.sociation had to work hard for!

People would judge the strength of an a.s.sociation based on the rankings. For example, the number one a.s.sociation in the world — The Energy Warrior a.s.sociation!

Although everyone complained about how poor they were, they were still the leader of all the a.s.sociations!

The a.s.sociation ranking a.s.sessed the combined ability of the a.s.sociation!

From the a.s.sociation's combat ability, president's combat ability, president's prestige, a.s.sociation resources, number of disciples, disciple's combat ability, number of prizes attained and so on, they a.s.sessed the a.s.sociations based on hundreds of criteria!

Each criterion and all the data had to go through thousands of computations.


The a.s.sociation ranking was extraordinarily prestigious!

One could understand it as something that was a thousand times more difficult than the computations of the 'talent system'. The most professional team was involved in managing it every year.


It was very influential!

"Our results should be fairly good, right?"

Lu Ming smiled.

Judging from Li Haoran's expression, there should have been some improvement.


Li Haoran said excitedly, "After a period of hard work and all the cards you previously created, our Sword Card Master a.s.sociation has entered the top hundred in the Tian Du City a.s.sociation rankings!"


Lu Ming's heart jumped a beat.

The top hundred a.s.sociations in Tian Du City?!

The Sword Card Master a.s.sociation was that amazing now?

What did this ranking mean? Capability! Prestige!

What was Tian Du City?

A top-notch city!

If they were to be ranked in the top hundred, most probably, they were fairly good when compared to the entire world!


Lu Ming straightened his back. "What is our ranking in the world?"


Li Haoran paused for a moment and looked somewhat embarra.s.sed. "There is no data for this."


Lu Ming was somewhat surprised. "There isn't any data on this?"


"They don't calculate the rankings of a.s.sociations with scores less than 100,000 points…" Li Haoran said with embarra.s.sment.

Lu Ming was speechless.

Less than 100,000 points…

Wait a minute.

Something was wrong with the data!

On what grounds were they the top hundred in Tian Du City and yet excluded from the world rankings because they had less than 100,000 points! Tian Du City was a top-notch city. Therefore, the a.s.sociations there should be among the most powerful!

For this…

Li Haoran merely coughed a few times.



"The headquarters of many powerful a.s.sociations are not in Tian Du City,"

Li Haoran explained.

This ranking was solely that of Tian Du City!

Naturally, they were compared with the a.s.sociations in Tian Du City!


Other people's headquarters were not there!

In fact, almost all the headquarters of the a.s.sociation were not situated there!

"Does Tian Du City prohibit setting up headquarters?"

Lu Ming was doubtful.

"That's not it."

Li Haoran coughed. "You know that Tian Du City is a first-tier city and is the most outstanding one. Therefore, each piece of land is akin to gold and the property prices are very high…"

Lu Ming was dumbstruck.


This was the reason?!

"For the purpose of recruiting disciples, all the major a.s.sociations have a presence in the city area. But not many can afford to buy properties and are only able to establish a branch in the city. Afterward, they pick a certain area in the suburbs with low property prices and then build a huge base over there.

"According to rumors…

"The Energy Warrior a.s.sociation's base is akin to a city!


"You get what I mean," Li Haoran explained.

Lu Ming listened silently and he felt very emotional.

Property prices…

He thought of the lovely Fan Ze…

In the past, this person could not afford to buy a house in Qing Ming City. Therefore, he set up a cave mansion in the wilderness? In the end, he was harmed by his enemy…

He was very pitiful.

"Therefore, we are competing with the branches in Tian Du City?"

Lu Ming sighed.


Li Haoran nodded.

"That's not bad either."

Lu Ming was proud of it.

The branches of these a.s.sociations were not to be trifled with.

There were countless a.s.sociations with a name! As a new a.s.sociation, the Sword Card Master a.s.sociation had done well to reach this stage!


He read the information about the a.s.sociation ranking.

The Sword Card Master a.s.sociation was ranked in the top hundred. The building made up 47% of the score… The a.s.sociation's building was extraordinarily huge. It stretched across two street areas and occupied xx square meters, surpa.s.sing all the a.s.sociations in Tian Du City…

Lu Ming was dumbstruck.


Their building const.i.tuted half the score of the a.s.sociation ranking?!

"This is Yunshan's doing!"

Li Haoran was proud.

Each disciple was working hard for the a.s.sociation!

Lu Ming was silent.

Is this something to be proud of?!

That is so embarra.s.sing!


Lu Ming sighed. "Remember, as the a.s.sociation rises to power, one's own ability has to catch up as well."


Li Haoran looked serious.


He reported to Lu Ming about the recent events and the spirit bodies a.s.sociation.


There was nothing major.

Xiaobai had been researching the pain threshold of spirit bodies intensely…

Salted Crispy Chicken was diligently looking for compet.i.tions to challenge himself…

Zhao Yunshan had been topping up his daily contribution for the a.s.sociation…

Li Mei had been researching shadow techniques and their usage in the newly created shadow department. He had published many articles and his ability had improved again…

And Li Ergou…


"How's Ergou been lately?"

Lu Ming suddenly asked.

"He is fine."

Li Haoran scratched his head. "He has been researching too but I have not seen him for a long time."


"Aren't you guys always together?"

Lu Ming asked.


Li Haoran felt helpless. "This guy researches concealment. Who knows where the h.e.l.l he is?! I think that it is the most useless ability of our a.s.sociation!"

He looked down most on this ability!


What is the use of a concealment ability?

Maybe if you were an a.s.sa.s.sin, but as a dignified Sword Card Master, why can't you openly…

"What did you say?"

A soft voice suddenly rang.

Li Ergou appeared without a sound. His right hand was already on Li Haoran's neck. "Senior Brother, what did you say was useless just now?"

Li Haoran became sullen.

Lu Ming was speechless.

"When did you come in?"

Lu Ming was helpless.

"A very long time ago."

Li Ergou laughed. "I've been trying to test whether concealment is effective. That's why I have been following Senior Brother. Hum. It seems that it's more useful than what Senior Brother think.

"Don't use it casually in the a.s.sociation next time," Lu Ming said unhappily.

"Don't worry,"

Li Ergou said seriously, "I won't spread the matter between Senior Sister and you."

Lu Ming turned sullen.


What can happen between Xiaobai and him?

"Get lost!"

Lu Ming did not know whether to laugh or cry. "The abilities of the Sword Card Master a.s.sociation have to be realized through the Original Card. If you can't research the outcome, be careful of other people despising you!"

"Don't worry."

Li Ergou disappeared without a sound.


He seemed to have seen a big yellow dog flas.h.i.+ng and disappearing…

Li Ergou's card spirit.

"The card spirit can materialize now?"

Lu Ming was shocked.

Card spirit materialization!

This was an unbelievable ability!

Even Xiao-Xiaojian could only nest in the Original Card. Once the spirit body's prowess could be materialized, the card spirit's prowess would strengthen even further!

"This is suggested by Senior Sister."

Li Haoran said, "The form of the spirit body is not restricted to the Original Card. They can be displayed in various ways. However, this experiment is not completed yet."

"Xiaobai is amazing!"

Lu Ming heaved continuous sighs.

Look, this is a true genius!



Xiao-Xiaojian was trembling excitedly. If card spirits could materialize… As an ancient sword spirit, it could finally be able to display its valiance!

"Let's pay great attention to this!

"If Xiaobai needs anything, we can allocate more resources to her!"

Lu Ming instructed.


Li Haoran knew what his master meant and after a long while, he left after giving the updates.

Just as Lu Ming wanted to call Xiaobai over to understand the situation of the card spirit materialization, his communication device suddenly vibrated and he received a message from Qiu Shuyi.

Senior Qiu?

Lu Ming was surprised.

Shouldn't Senior Qiu be making arrangements for Swordsman training cla.s.ses during this period?


He opened the message and was instantly tongue-tied and wide-eyed.

"An unrivaled Swordsman is beginning her live stream! From today onwards, you will be able to watch a live stream by the unrivaled Swordsman every afternoon. You can seek understanding and comprehension of the swordsmans.h.i.+p of a Swordsman Grandmaster. ~Regardless of your cultivation level, you will be able to learn something here!~ "

Lu Ming was speechless.

Wait a minute.

Did Senior Qiu misunderstand training cla.s.ses?!

Divine Card Creator 417 Phase Summary Report Of The Sword Card Master Association

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