Goodnight Kiss From My Rumored Husband 360 He Was Curious About Another Woman

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Unable to control himself, Gu Nianshen began walking down the same path at a fast pace.

All of a sudden, he was feeling curious about the woman's ident.i.ty beneath her mask.

He continued to walk faster.

Once he had pa.s.sed the large platform outside the building, he would need to walk down the stairs to get to the parking lot. By the time he made it to the outside, the figure in white had already disappeared.

He felt a familiar sense of nervousness as he began running toward the top of the flight of stairs.

As soon as he arrived, he could see that the figure was walking down the stairs whilst being escorted by several security guards.

In no time, she had stepped into a black car.

Hundreds of fans surrounded the car.

Leaning against the guardrail, Gu Nianshen looked on as the black car slowly drove away. Soon after, the surrounding fans gradually dispersed.

His hands had now formed fists as he knocked them against the guardrail.


Surprised by the sound he had made, he remained stunned for a moment.

What was going on?

He had become curious about a female singer.

A sense of guilt immediately washed over him as he took his phone out of his pocket to search for Lin Yiqian's number.

He was about to make the call when he suddenly stopped himself. Without a pause, he returned to the main page of WeChat. Lin Yiqian was the only existing chat on the page.

After tapping into the chatroom, Gu Nianshen sent Lin Yiqian an emoticon of a flame.

Lin Yiqian very quickly replied with a confused emoticon.

"Are you home yet?" Gu Nianshen asked.

"Ehh… I just got off work. I'm on my way home now," Lin Yiqian replied. "What's the matter?" She added.

"Get the water running in the bath for me!"

After sending the message, Gu Nianshen put his phone away and began going down the steps in front of him.


When Gu Nianshen arrived home and found that Lin Yiqian was not in the living room, he immediately walked up to the second floor.

The door to his room was open. When he got close to the door, he could hear the sound of running water coming from within his room.

Right then, the familiar figure of a woman appeared. She was wearing the same black s.h.i.+rt she had worn earlier in the day.

In that instant, Gu Nianshen stopped thinking about everything else and began running toward her.

As Lin Yiqian looked confusedly at the man who was running toward, she noticed how determined he seemed.

She was stunned in place.

Before she could react, the man's large figure had already arrived before her and was pulling her into his arms.

With his arms tightly wrapped around her, she looked up at his face in shock.

The man had raised his hand behind her head and was forcing her to place her face against his chest.

Blinking, Lin Yiqian rested her face against Gu Nianshen's chest.

"Gu Nianshen, what's happened to you?" She could not help but ask after a while.

Could something bad have happened to him while he was out?

"I'm sorry," the man said apologetically.

"What… What happened?" Lin Yiqian asked in surprise as she subconsciously tightened her grip on his s.h.i.+rt.

She felt very insecure as if sensing she was about to lose something.

After asking the question, she immediately feared that he would answer her.

"Little Yi, Nianshen, come on down and see for yourself." Aunt Zhou's voice could suddenly be heard by the door.

With their thoughts interrupted, Gu Nianshen immediately let go of Lin Yiqian.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian took one step back to widen the distance between them.

At the same time, they looked out the door at Aunt Zhou with a confused expression on their faces.

"What is it?"

"The kid is here." Aunt Zhou pointed down the stairs.

As soon as Lin Yiqian heard the word 'kid', she immediately thought of Xiaoyu. She was not surprised at all.

Lin Yiqian s.h.i.+fted her gaze back to Gu Nianshen.

"Kid?" Gu Nianshen began walking out the door.

He followed after Aunt Zhou until they had reached the staircase.

Right then, he could see Lin Xiaoyu standing in the center of the living room. Gu Nianshen's eyes widened in shock and confusion.

Goodnight Kiss From My Rumored Husband 360 He Was Curious About Another Woman

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