Goodnight Kiss From My Rumored Husband Chapter 38: This Kid Is Venomous

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Qi Shaodong's eyes lit up. "I can give it to anyone at all?"

He wished that his good boss would agree.

Once Gu Nianshen was done spreading the jam over his bread, he brought the bread close to his mouth before replying, "Hmm, sure."

Qi Shaodong was overjoyed. "Thank you, boss!"

At the same time, he was a little confused as to why his boss was suddenly this nice.

His eyes moved from side to side. Could it be…

Qi Shaodong continued to ponder as he quickly packed some of the food to take away. He then looked at Gu Nianshen. "I'll send some over to Mrs. Gu. There isn't much else to eat in this hotel anyway. Can I?"

He waited for Gu Nianshen's response, which did not come at all. The lack of response was a good indication that he agreed.

As if he had understood something, Qi Shaodong picked up a few other items on the dining table as he left.

Since Lin Yiqian's room was right next door, there was no need for him to bring the access card. He would be back very quickly. Therefore, he decided to leave the door open.

"Hey, isn't that the uncle who was with the uncle who can urinate very far away?"

Lin Xiaoyu had exited the lift with Bai Se. As Bai Se was still on a call, Xiaoyu decided to walk back to the room first. Coincidentally, he had b.u.mped into Qi Shaodong who came out of another room with a lot of food in his hands. Xiaoyu was able to recognize him as the man who had accompanied Gu Nianshen yesterday.

Xiaoyu was overjoyed.

At the moment, he was still thinking of ways to find the uncle who could urinate very far away. This man must know where he was.

Lin Xiaoyu ran after Qi Shaodong. He soon noticed that Qi Shaodong had stopped in front of Lin Yiqian's room. Meanwhile, Xiaoyu had also arrived at the room where Qi Shaodong just came out from. He was confused about why Qi Shaodong was knocking on his mother's door. Xiaoyu was also keen to enter the other room to check it out.

He might as well wait for Qi Shaodong in the room instead. Once he was back, Xiaoyu would ask him where the uncle who can urinate very far away had gone.

If Xiaoyu went back to his own room, his mother would definitely not let him out again.

The little fellow considered his options for a brief moment before he tiptoed into the room next to him.

After entering the room, he saw Gu Nianshen who was still eating his breakfast at the dining table. Xiaoyu's eyes lit up all of a sudden. "Urinate… Uncle Gu."

Unsure of how to express his joy, Xiaoyu began clapping his hands loudly.

The sound made by Xiaoyu was loud and clear. He was not holding back at all.

Gu Nianshen rubbed his eyes when he saw Lin Xiaoyu who had appeared out of nowhere. Was this a dream?

How could he meet this kid even when he was in his own room?

Lin Xiaoyu continued to clap for a while before running over to Gu Nianshen.

He looked up at Gu Nianshen as he pursed his lips. "I thought I would never see you again."

The young boy was being cheeky. He spoke with a soft voice but clearly had a good command of English.

Gu Nianshen nearly wanted to give Lin Xiaoyu a hug at that moment.

This kid was venomous!

Gu Nianshen's facial expression turned sour. "How did you get in?"

He then glanced at the door. It was wide open.

It was Qi Shaodong's fault.

Lin Xiaoyu did not care about Gu Nianshen's att.i.tude toward him. Perhaps, he could not tell the difference between good and bad. "I came here to look for Uncle Gu. I'll be going home tomorrow. Will I still be able to see you?" Xiaoyu asked.

He had an expectant look on his face as he waited for Gu Nianshen's response. It was as if there were countless stars s.h.i.+ning brightly in his eyes.

Gu Nianshen returned his gaze. He had actually lost the urge to toss Xiaoyu out of the room. "If you look for your mother right now, there might still be a chance for us to meet in the future."

Goodnight Kiss From My Rumored Husband Chapter 38: This Kid Is Venomous

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