Gacha Sovereign 104 Truth

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Alex and Sherry slowly opened their eyes after the light seems dimmed down. They were shocked by what just happened. They were suddenly in an unknown place after that circle appeared.

'Is this another world once again?' Alex who experienced such a past once immediately had this kind of thought. Well, no one can blame him for that. Instead, Alex immediately ordered Sherry. "Sherry, go inside my body again"


But before Sherry went inside Alex's body. Suddenly, a voice was heard. Along with the voice, A middle-aged man appeared. The man was looked like he was in his early thirties. With red long hair fluttering, and a kind of cosplay like costume on earth that made him appearance look gallant. He appeared and stopped Sherry.

"Stop. You don't need to."

Alex raised his sword. "Who are you?"

"Alright alright, you don't need to point your sword at me, young man. Haiz, five thousand years pa.s.sed and finally another one with the same element appeared"

Alex frowned, but a thought flashed on his mind, "You are the Ascender?"

"Hmm, Ascender huh… what a nostalgic name. Yes, it is true. I am the Ascender. My name is Maxwell. Would you like to be my disciple?"


Alex was too shocked by this kind of development. Suddenly a middle-aged man or the so-called ascender, extends his hand and wanted him to be his student?

"What with your expression. It was already 5000 years after I ascended, and you were like this when I wanted you to be my student" Maxwell pouted.

"No no, it just…shock me"

Maxwell nodded, "mmm, I forgive you. Then, what is your answer? Would you like to be my student?"

Alex contemplated a bit but shook his head. "I'm sorry I won't"

"What? I heard it wrong right?"

Alex shook his head, "I'm very sorry. But I already have a teacher"

"But I can give you more than him you know. You can ascend like me"

Alex keeps shaking his head, "I'm very sorry. But I will stick with my teacher I feel like I betraying him if I accept. I am here only for my wife"


"Yes. She got inflicted by poison. It was called Green Devil Poison"

"Green Devil Poison?" Maxwell was startled. He now looked at Alex with a pity. "I'm sorry. If you wanted to cure her. Then it was impossible. Even at my current level, I can't cure her nor know the antidote. Especially, in here I'm just an astral body left by me from five thousand years ago. Though the soul steal connected with my main body"

"What? There is no cure?" Alex suddenly kneeled, "Please. You are my last hope. It was because of me… it was because of me…"

Maxwell looked at him frowned. "Sigh… Young man, though there is no cure. There is a temporary one."

Maxwell looked at the sky, he sighed. "Green Devil Poison. What a curse. Back then, I also only could temporarily cure her after she got inflicted by that poison. She pa.s.sed away after around 6 months if my memory serves me right."


"Yes. She is my wife"

"Is?" Alex was surprised, he used present, not past.

"Yes. She is my current wife. Let me told you a story. Back in the days. An old man reincarnated after he died because he failed his ascension to G.o.dhood. That old man was reincarnated in this world. From the young day, the young man was claimed to be a genius. With the memory of his past life. That was to be expected. But even with that, he felt empty and lonely. And that time come. As long as you live with others, there would always envy, jealousy, and greed. The came to the young man. The young man barely escaped from those men. He collapsed on the ground near a village.

There was a girl who accidentally pa.s.s by and found the young man. She silently carried him to her home, their village don't accept an outsider. That girl was an orphan, despite living in poverty. She still helped that young man, She used her all what she had, to cure the young man. But because she brought this unknown young man, the young man finally woke up, but because he had no energy, he can't open his eyes nor even move. The village somehow knew about it. It wanted to expel the young man. But the girl rejected it. Those two finally exiled from the village. The young girl carried the young man outside. She even apologized to the 'unconscious' him. The young man was moved beyond reason. The emptiness in his heart was filled with love. Even though he can't move or open his eyes. Tears still flowing on his face.

After that, she continuously took care of the young man until he finally wakes up. They got closer and closer and finally she became his wife, they lived happily in secret. But their happiness also not for long. The previous party found him, and this time, he targeted his wife not him. The wife was inflicted by Green Devil Poison in that incident. After he annihilated his enemy. He cured her and spent six months with her before she pa.s.sed away. He promised to find her once again. And the fate play its might. After traveling to many worlds for two thousand years, he finally found her. But the new her didn't have any memories between them, but the young man didn't give up. After countless efforts, the new her slowly loved him and also slowly got her previous life memories back. and they live happily ever after."

"This story…"

"Yes. That is my love story. My wife accompanies me here and I live happily with her now. Now the one who I wanted to be my student got inflicted by that poison. What a work of fate. But everything becomes the past, the issue now is what is your answer?"

"I…" Alex hesitated. He recalled the time he had with Alicia. Her smile, the time with her, every precious memories with her flashed on his mind. If he didn't meet Alicia, will he become what he now? But two thousand years…

"You are luckier than me. Look beside you, She is an Elemental Beast. Unlike a normal beast that possessed elements in their body. They were not qualified to be called an Elemental Beast. The Elemental Beast is the king of the element, only under Pure Element like us. The example was her, she was the Fire Elemental Beast. The other example was Water Elemental Beast, I got lucky to meet him back then. He was a shark, and just like I said, he is the king of water. Beside of them as the king of element. The chance for them to become a divine beast was also higher. Even after my 5000 years journey. I only met one which is that Shark. There are some rumors about them too, like an almighty thunderbird or the others. So I believe, you will find her faster than me"

Alex looked at Sherry who puffed her chest. He smiled a bit, he decided. "I will choose the same path as you"

"A wise choice." Maxwell smiled. "Oh right, my offer still the same. How about you become my disciple?"

"As I said, I already have a teacher"

"Is that your only reason?"

Alex contemplated a bit and nodded.

"Let me confirm something first. You have a Teacher and you are a student? So Teacher and Student relations.h.i.+p?"

Alex nodded.

"Then, it is easy. I will become your master and you will become my disciple. So our relations.h.i.+p is Master and Disciple relations.h.i.+p."

"…" Alex was speechless. "Aren't they the same?"

"No! They are not the same. They are…"

Maxwell explained for about thirty minutes. And closed it with one thing. "If you accept, I will give you the temporary cure"

"Please accept me as your disciple" Actually, Maxwell didn't need to explain that long to him, he only need that last sentence. Even though it was pretty shameless.

"Good Good" Maxwell nodded. "Ah, you didn't need to kneel. This is only a wisp of my will. It will disappear sooner or later. Save it for later after you meet my main body. If you didn't want to do it, it is also fine for me. After traveling to many worlds. I learned about many cultures. Many kinds of master-disciple relations.h.i.+ps. So personally, I didn't care about it much. As long as in your heart, I am your master, then it's enough"


"Alright, since you are going on the same path as me. Let's talk about it first" Maxwell saw the impatient look on Alex's face. He smiled, "Don't worry. After she got inflicted by that poison. She at least have around one month left. So, it's fine for now"

Alex relieved a bit. From that incident happen till now. It still took less than a week.

"Alright. Let's move on. First, I will talk about the condition to ascend. Cultivation. Though I see that you are on the right path. But the cultivation shouldn't be present in this world? Even if the other wanted to learn this path. The energy from cultivation would only be engulfed inside their bodies. Are you perhaps a reincarnated person like me?"

"Reincarnated person?" Alex shook his head. "I'm not"

"Not? Then how can you enter this world? I tried to enter this world again but got stopped by this world will. It rejected an outsider like us."

"But I got transported to this world along with four other" Alex was surprised. Entering this world from outside was impossible. Then how can He and the other four?

Maxwell contemplated a bit. "Wait. Don't tell me, do you from that place? You said you were summoned to this world right?"

"That place?"

"The exiled world"

"The exiled world?" Alex was confused.

"Yes. How is that world now?"

"Hmm… My world… The civilization was advancing rapidly. We can send people to the moon… We might be able to send people to another planet soon…maybe. Oh right, there are no other races, only human live there"

"Have you wondering, if you actually living alone in there? Have you see any being other than you. Or any other races?"

Alex thought for a moment. Alien? There are some rumors about it but no concrete proof existed, like their body or something else. "No, I think"

"Sigh… you really come from that place"

"What is that place Master? What do you mean by the Exiled World?"

"This is going to be a little long and this is a taboo story, well since you are from there I will tell you about it, but don't spread it… It was from…"

Gacha Sovereign 104 Truth

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