Gacha Sovereign 109 Alex's Identity?

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Alex brought Alicia and Firia away. Sherry also followed them. They flew for quite a while. Since Alex brought Alicia and Firia. His flying speed decreased. After they got inside the forest, there are some flying monsters intercepted them. Sherry immediately went forward and killed those monsters easily. After they reached the previous spot. It seems there is no monster guarding it.

"This is the place"

"Really?" Alicia and Firia didn't believe him. After all, there is only a small hill on the center with trees surround them

Alex didn't say anything and do his job. After He got a lesson from Maxwell, he understand the arrangement of this spot. He channels the mana to the array. The array started glowing and engulfed them.

Alicia and Firia was startled when they suddenly got into a new place

"Eh? Where are we?" Alicia asked Alex confusedly

"Aren't we just..."

"Wuu Wuu" Sherry seems to call Maxwell. And soon after, a shadow appeared in front of them. The shadow becomes a middle-aged man with red hair.

"You finally come"


Maxwell nodded to him. But after he saw two beautiful women, he was startled. "Hey boy. Which one is your wife?"


Maxwell's expression becomes serious, "This is going to be troublesome"

"Why is that Master?" Alex was startled and confused. What kind of trouble is that?

"Actually, there is a serious problem. It was almost impossible to reach rank 10 according to this world power. If you didn't have any cultivation. Especially after they reached rank 9. In the past, I had asked some rank 9 warriors. They said after they reached level 900. Each level up was very hard. They said each level, they need to kill more than a hundred rank 9 monsters to level up. And the higher their level, the more they need to kill"


"Actually, back then, when I realized that. I thought that fate playing his own part. Because, even after I reached this level, I still can't figure out how to help the people in this world to ascend, unlike someone like us, they can't cultivate. Even if they cultivate it was for naught. Thanks to her death, I didn't need to search for a way to help her ascend. Since the former 'Weird' G.o.d put his hand on that world too deep."

"But, Teacher, is there really no way to help her? Or at least help her cultivate like us? That way, it will be easier for her to ascend"

"Well, there is only one way to help her remove this world influence. But…"

"But? What is it, Master?"

"You can only help one, and the requirement was for her to have a fire element."

"Fire Element?"

Maxwell nodded. "After I found my wife. I am glad that she has a fire element. I felt it back then after my flame awakened. I felt that I can transfer my flame to her."


"The special privilege that only those who have an awakened pure element had. 'The Sacrificial Element'. For us who have a Pure Fire Element. You can transfer them, and become the Sacrificial Fire Element. If you have a pure water element. Then, it will become a sacrificial water element. Even though I said 'transfer', it basically made a copy of your element and planted it to another. This is also one of the reasons why I want you to hide your pure fire. There might be someone who wants you to use that method to get the fire very close to pure fire. Those who have the sacrificial element will have their bodies reformed. Their talent become second only to pure element. Unless you have a big background. People will hunt you for your sacrificial element."

"Firia has fire element"


"Ah, let me introduce you first. The one with the red hair is Firia. While the other one is Alicia, she is also the one who got inflicted by the poison"

"…" Maxwell was also a bit sad about it. After all, parting was very hurt. Even after he found his wife, remembering the parting they had, make their heart in pain. "I see, then do you plan to use your sacrificial element to her?"

Alex nodded. "Of course"

Maxwell closed his eyes. He muttered. "How about the other one? But, since she was inflicted on that poison…"

"Teacher… Actually, I got an item, called Box of Time. I can seal her in there for a while and search for the cure"

"What did you say? Box of Time? Seal her time? How can you have that item? You…you…" Maxwell was startled that Alex has Box of Time, after all, it was impossible. The only one who possessed that item was… But when he wanted to ask Alex about that… Someone coming to him. The last 'You' in his mouth wasn't Alex, but that person.

Somewhere far away.

Maxwell got startled when he heard Alex possessed that item, but suddenly, a more startling sight appeared in front of them.

Suddenly, a woman who possessed otherworldly beauty appeared in front of him. He didn't get shocked by her beauty, but her ident.i.ty.

"You…You…" Maxwell fl.u.s.tered but soon recovered, "Rank 2 G.o.d, Fire G.o.d, Greet Rank 1 G.o.ddess, Nature G.o.ddess"

"Don't worry about the formalities. I see you are the newly appointed Fire G.o.d. Don't ask him where he got that item, I am the one who gave him that"

"What? Isn't that item…"

The G.o.ddess shook her head. "If I need to choose 'him' or that item, I will choose him without question."

"Him? What is the relation between my disciple and you?"

The G.o.ddess smiled, the world was brightened and the nature dancing in joy with that smile. "Aren't you digging my information, you should know why I did that"

Maxwell fl.u.s.tered, the G.o.ddess in front of him know that he searching for her information. He sighed since he was found out, he then told her the truth. "Yes. I wanted to borrow that item from you to help him. But I still can't discern the relations.h.i.+p between you two."

"You still haven't figured it out? Fine, I will tell you. He is my fiance"

"Fiance?" Maxwell was confused. He pondered deeply, but suddenly he caught something, "Sword and Spear… Don't tell me?"

The G.o.ddess nodded her head.

"What fate…" Maxwell suddenly got enlightened.

"It's been a few thousand years. If that 'war' a few thousand years ago didn't happen. This universe will still have the strength to fight that being. But, because of that war. Many G.o.ds and G.o.ddesses fell in that battle, that's why my Fiance need to sacrifice his life to seal that being. I keep searching for him for a few thousand years. Now I finally found him again. I will do my best to support him. Since you become his master. I should also greet you ain't I?"

"This…" Maxwell was overwhelmed, But there is something bothering him. "But, how you can give that item to him? I can't even sneak in an item to that world."

"I met an unknown power. It was called system. I try to modify it to my own use and somehow succeed in it. But the strangest part of that, that power controlled a very special s.p.a.ce element. It was the reason why I can give 'that' to him. Well, what I wanted to talk to you is about his future."

"His future?"

"I'm sure, with the current condition. He will give his sacrificial fire element to Firia. And Alicia will be frozen inside Box of Time. Can you find a cure within that time?"

Maxwell was surprised with it, but his expression became serious, he was in deep thought. "I never tried to search for this poison antidote. But with my current power, I think I can find it in a few years."

The G.o.ddess nodded, "Then, I will tell you this. With Firia get his sacrificial Fire. She will also be able to cultivate and ascend from that lower world. That's why I wanted her to take the box of time when she ascends. After that, I will use my power to open that upper world barrier. Then, you grabbed her along with Alicia. I want your wife to take Firia as her disciple since they have the same element which is Sacrificial Fire Element and I will train Alicia after you cured her."

"If you try to open the upper world barrier. You will…"

"Don't worry, it will only be a few years. Within that time, I want you to cure Alicia."

"I will do my best. But, do you accept him together with them?"

"Compared to a few thousand years of loneliness, This is a cheap price to pay, besides, I will also get two sisters that hold Alex dearly like me." She said. Maxwell also saw the deep loneliness inside of her when he said that.

"You don't want me to grab him too?"

The G.o.ddess shook her head. "He is my fiancé, He will need to become stronger like that. Experiencing many things. He needs to get stronger, even far stronger than before. I am afraid that 'seal' was weakening and this universe will soon be plunged into chaos."

"Are you sure?"

The G.o.ddess nodded. "Besides, This is also my selfish wish. This way, I can get closer to him within that time"

'So you do feel jealous' He thought. He then nodded. "I will do my best"

"Thank you. I leave it to you"

"Master! Master!"

Maxwell snapped, "Ah, right. Box of Time. Since you have Box of Time. You can seal her inside of that. I will search for the cure."

"Master will search for the cure?"

"Yes. I will search for the cure. Since you will give your Sacrificial Fire to Firia. She will also be able to cultivate. There is something I wanted to talk to you about it. How about you call them first"

Alex nodded and called Alicia and Firia.

"h.e.l.lo, I am Maxwell, Alex's Master"


"Just call me 'uncle'. I am fine with that"

"My name is Alicia, Uncle"

"I am Firia"

Maxwell nodded. "Alicia and Firia, I will call you this. No problem right?. Alright, Cut to the chase. Firia, Alex wanted to transfer his fire to you"

"Eh? But…" Firia was shocked. But she was more worried than shocked.

Maxwell also understands this kind of reaction. "Don't worry, even though I said 'Transfer'. It basically makes a copy of Alex's fire and planted them to you. That way, you will receive another type of power other than leveling up. That way, you can ascend much faster. Alex already agreed with that. And I want you to take my Wife as your master. I also transfer my fire to her."

Then he turned to Alicia. "Since you will be sealed in Box of Time. I will also search for the cure. I'm sure that I can find it in a few years."

"Alex, actually this is the plan. If Firia received your Sacrificial Fire and Alicia sealed in Box of Time. I wanted Firia to be the one who brings the box when she ascends. Someone will help me so I can bring her to my side. They will train with my wife."

Alex pondered for a moment.

"Alex, what is this all about?" Firia asked. She was very worried about this 'Sacrificial Fire'.

"Firia. Please accept it." Alex smiled, that smile contained something.

Firia closed her eyes, she pondered and finally, "I accept"

"Alicia won't mind right?"

Alicia shook her head.

"Sorry, Alex. I can't bring you with them. After all, I can only bring one person. Since Alicia was a special case. So I can bring them together" Maxwell apologized to him. Though he lied. He can bring Alex with him. But because he can't think of any reason to not bring him without revealing the 'truth'. He can only lie about it.

"I won't mind Master. Since I know they are in your hand, I know they will be in great hands. Don't worry, I will also get stronger. So I can meet them again." Alex smiled. "Master, I want to talk with them first"

Alex grabbed Alicia and Firia. He persuaded them for a while. Though they argued a bit. They finally agreed.

Firia finally agreed to receive Alex's Sacrificial Fire. Alicia also accepted, her only plan was for her to be cured and get stronger as soon as possible so she can help him. Though this matter came somewhat rushed, even if they had time, they will also accept it.

Gacha Sovereign 109 Alex's Identity?

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