Gacha Sovereign 119 Divine Tree

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The Elven Queen suddenly kneeled in front of him.

"Elven Queen?" The leaders were shocked.

"I apologize for my rude behavior. Not only we disrespect our race benefactor, we also rude to his disciple. I, as the Current Elf Queen, Shelfia, Apologize for all the rude actions we have done. Please help our race, please help our Divine Tree, please help our barrier. Our entire race will eternally grateful to you. Our ancestors said that the one chosen by our Benefactor will give prosperity. But, I don't know for whom that 'prosperity' is. That's why I…I… If you wanted to punish someone, you can punish me however you wanted. I will also put my entire life and become your slave. You can treat me however you wanted, whether to become your meat s.h.i.+eld or even your…s.e.x Slave"

"Elven Queen, you…" The leaders were dumbfounded. What did she say? They wanted to convince her not to do that. After all, it wasn't entirely her fault.

"This is all my fault. I will be the one redeemed it. I'm sure my late husband also forgives me." But before they convince her, she shook her head. Her head touch the ground. "Please help us. I can become your meat s.h.i.+eld or your s.e.x slave. But, please limit it to only this slave, the other didn't have any connection to this. I will be eternally grateful."

All of them were dumbfounded. Even Alex was speechless. How can this situation escalate to this? He scratched his head and sighed. "Fine. I will repair the Barrier. But even if I wanted to do it. I don't have any materials to fix it. From the look of it, I need at least more than 10 rank 9 materials."

He thought inwardly, 'Maybe, I am still too soft. I even help the one who wanted my life earlier, Consider it as the last time I did this, sigh'

"Our treasury has many of rank 9 materials" The Elven Queen replied hurriedly

Alex was a bit surprised. His teacher said that rank 9 materials were scarce. Well, if you put the entire races to search it, it was to be expected, right?. Fortunately that Lilia wasn't here. If not, that unreasonable girl will make this situation more complicated.

"I need to check which materials needed first. That's why you don't need to become my slave. If you really wanted to do something, just help Acacia in the time they need it and don't do 'that' again."

He only agrees to it because of the Elven Queen. She is the current elves leader and more so, a leader like that wants to become his slave just for that. Well, he didn't want to make this situation become more complicated. Why the situation changed so suddenly, Alex really wondering about that. First, they are hostile to him, then they neutral and will help him as long as he saved the Divine Tree. Now, Even the Elven Queen, suddenly kneeled in front of him.

"But first. Let's check the Divine Tree first. Since this is what I'm coming for" The Elven Queen stared on him in shock. She already prepared to give her life and live as a slave. She thought that she can convince Alex and with her sacrifice, maybe Alex also will give their entire race prosperity. She was confident in her body and look. After living with a beauty like her continuously even as her s.e.x slave, he will also listen to her, even slightly also fine with her. But, hearing him rejected her. She somehow hurt, is he not interested in used good like her? Maybe he wanted the youthful one? Maybe she needs to offer her daughter to him? Just when she was about to say that. Alex was already gone. But, if she knows that Alex would ascend soon, maybe she won't do that.

He walked to the invisible barrier again. He touched the barrier with his right hand. Suddenly, all the fingers in his right hand started glowing. Alex drew a few symbols on the invisible barrier. Suddenly, there is an opening on the barrier.

"What? He opened it? Even without the key?"

"I'm going first then" Alex looked at them. Alex really wanted to run away from that situation.

The other leaders helped the Elven Queen up before started chasing him. They were pretty shocked when the Elven Queen suddenly offered herself to him. Before their meeting, she was pretty hostile toward him, not completely though. They didn't know what is the thought inside the Elven Queen's head.

Alex was a bit surprised. It was pretty dense, but not because of trees, but because roots which spread out of the ground, the roots of the Divine Tree. It looked like he was in the forest. Fortunately, he knows the way. Why do you ask? It's simple, he just needed to follow the direction of the big body of the Divine Tree. Alex slowly gets closer and closer to the tree. But the closer he got, the denser it is.

He finally reached the bottom of the tree. Surprisingly, there are no roots that stick out from the ground. There is only a big trunk that pierce the clouds. He looked back, it seems that the roots started sticking out of the ground after more than ten meters from its body. While the center is an empty field.

After a while, the leaders finally caught up to him. Alex looked at them, "What should I do?"

"There is a mark there, put the bucket on there" The Elven Queen pointed out a mark on the ground.

Alex took out the 'Life Water' and placed it on the mark. Alex was dumbfounded when he saw the Divine Tree really alive. A root suddenly appeared from the ground. It stretches out to the bucket and they can see that the 'Life Water' in the bucket slowly decreased. After a few minutes, the 'Life Water' in the bucket was completely gone. Alex checked the condition of its trunk, the rotting spot slowly rot out and peeled out from the main body before falling to the ground. When the rotten skin fell down, The root suddenly moves above him, protecting him from the rotten skin. The Elven Queen raised her barrier to protect the leaders from the rotten skin.

After protecting him, It slowly moves downward and sticking to Alex's cheek. Now the root like a dog that licking his cheek to show its thanks. Alex smiled and stroked the roots a few times.

It didn't stop there. Suddenly a stem fell down in front of him, the stem size was around two meter in diameter and ten meter in width. The roots grabbed the stem that fallen to the ground and presented it to Alex, it seems that it wanted Alex to accept. The Divine Tree wanted to give this stem to him as a thank for giving the 'Life Water'. The leaders were dumbfounded. This is the first time they saw the Divine Tree move, well it was to be expected. Even the ones with the longest lifespan, the elf, can only live up to one thousand years. And the moment they saw the Divine Tree move, it was very intimate with Alex. They were shocked, especially the Druid Leader. He, who was a master in wood element, can feel the emotion in the Divine Tree.

"You wanted me to accept them?" Alex slowly received the stem. He felt the overbearing life force within it. He felt the energy from the stem and surprised when he saw the energy flowing in it which was even higher than all of the rank 9 materials that he had seen in Maxwell's treasury but now in his s.p.a.ce ring though.

After Alex received the big stem, The roots stroke Alex's cheek a few times before slowly went back to the ground. Alex stored the big trunk on his s.p.a.ce ring, it was a very precious material. Alex turned to the dumbfounded leaders on the side. "I think it's done"

"Oi…" The leader was still in a dazed state. Alex calling them again and again before they wake up.

The first to wake up is the Elven Queen. After that scene, she now thinking about roping him in. The beauty of female elves was higher than human girls. She was sure that they can charm him. If she succeeds roping him in, then, he will become one of them. When that happened, Their race will surely…

"Haha, young Alexander. The Divine Tree now safe because of you"

"I will check the Array now" Alex immediately went to the outside perimeter to see the array. The array was circling the Divine Tree. This 'Five Elements Defensive Array' was built from numerous small elemental arrays judging from the size, it was combined from thirty small elemental defensive arrays. Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Metal. There are six small array for each element. Those thirty arrays were connection and made into a giant formation. Each small array contained twenty symbols. According to his master's word, the symbol needed to be placed in the right place, if not, they won't be able to function properly.

Even Alex needed to open the arrays book from Maxwell to check this array, The original 'Five Elements Defensive Array only consisted of five small array. But, because of the size of the Divine Tree, his Master needed to make the additional five for each element. He goes to the first spot. In the first spot, The material contained a fire attribute, judging from its condition, it needs to be replaced. There are no problems within the array itself. As long as he changed this rank 9 fire material, there is no need to change it with the same material. He only needed to ensure they are the same element. He noted it down for now and went to the next spot.

The next material is water attribute material. Alex checked the condition of the array. It was a bit broken and the material was completely exhausted. He checked the symbols that build the small array. Some of the symbols were broken. But he still can repair it.

The third material is the wood attribute. It's condition still good enough. There is no need to do anything in this array so he skips this one. The next one is the problem. The arrays were almost completely destroyed and the earth elemental material was completely exhausted. He needs to be careful to remake this array. This is the first time he makes this array. As long as he follows the instruction from the Array Book. He surely can complete the array.

The next material is the Metal attribute material. It has the same problem with the first one, he just needs to replace the material and the array will function like normal.

He continued checking the array one by one. There are some that needing some repair on the symbols, changing material and so on. Luckily, the worst one was the Fourth one, he needs to remake it. He speculated the cost and time he needs to repair this giant array. He needs to change 5 fire materials, 3 water materials, 2 wood materials, 4 earth materials, and 4 metal materials, a total of 18 rank 9 materials. He needs two days to completely repair the array.

After he finished checking all of them, he came back to the throne room. The five leaders have waited for him for a long time. The Dwarf suddenly become polite. "How about it, Mr. Alexander?"

Alex wasn't bothered by it. "I need to change around 18 rank 9 materials"

"Oh, don't worry. We have those materials, you can choose them in our treasury. How about you rest first. We can go to the treasury tomorrow"

Alex just noticed, the night has come. He completely focused on checking the array that he didn't notice the time. I think it's better to see the materials first. I still don't know if they can be the replacements.

"Is that so… Then, I will accompany you to our council Treasury. That where we keep high ranking materials. We are united, because of that. If any races have high-rank materials they will keep them in the council treasury." The Elven Queen changed her tone and become so polite that even the other leaders too shocked because of the change.

"Are you sure to let me see your treasury? I'm fine with choosing after you presented them. After all, going to your treasury is a bit…inappropriate" Alex was confused. Is there really someone who will let a stranger to their treasury? He was fine even if they presented the materials to him and he can choose from them. After all, if they let him to their treasury, not only he know what kind of material they had. He also knows its location. What are they going to do after he knows their treasury?

"I'm sure there will be no one who will oppose that" The Elven Queen turned to the rest of the leaders and no one object to her decision.

"…Fine" After pondering for a moment. Alex finally agreed to it. After all, he also didn't have much time.

"Oh, I have a condition" The dwarf leader suddenly raised a condition. "After this finished, I wanted you to drink with me a bit. In our Dwarf territory"

"But, I wanted to stop the war as soon as possible"

"Well, we need to gather the soldiers too. Within that time, we can drink a bit. I'm sure a day would be enough for us to gather our soldiers"

What Dwarf Leader said is reasonable. They also need time to gather their soldiers. Well, he suddenly came and wants their help to stop the way. They are already rushed enough to gather them in day time. He also has a wine from the system, isn't he? He heard that the dwarves love wines, so might as well drink it together. "Alright"

"Haha, good good" The dwarf laughed happily

Because he was carried away by the situation, he even forgot about the time needed for repairing the array. Can't they just gather the soldiers within that time? He soon regretted promising that. But a promise is a promise. Since he already promised him, he need to fulfill it.

The other leaders looked at the dwarf and thought 'How sly'

The Elven Queen guide Alex to the treasury. They stopped before a giant stone gate. The soldiers kneel when the Elven Queen came. Alex saw these two guards power, he was surprised when he saw the guards have at least rank 7 power or more. But, it was to be expected since in front of him lay their entire demi-human race treasure. The guards opened the stone gate with their power. And now another big gate presented itself. But this time, In the giant gate, there is a big keyhole. Alex wondering what is the key that needs a keyhole that big?

Suddenly, the Elven Queen raised her staff and put it inside the keyhole. She turned her staff and a 'Clicking' sound was heard. Turned out the key is the Queen Staff. What a convenient staff, the staff not only for the key for that invisible barrier, it was also for their treasury. If he just stole the staff. Can't he do anything in their territories? Alex won't do that though. After the 'Clicking' sound, the giant gate opened and they go in

Gacha Sovereign 119 Divine Tree

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