Gacha Sovereign 126 Debt And Gratitude

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"The Detail, please"

"Well, I just made an illusion for him. He got raped by countless monsters inside the illusion and he can't take it and die because of it."

The dean s.h.i.+vered, "You are an evil student ain't you."

"As I said previously. I said he loves s.e.x, not to f*ck some women. So I gave him the thing he loved… literally."

After he killed John, there seems to be a burden that lifted up from his body. He looked at the sky, he didn't know why but he felt that the sky become brighter.

Then he looked toward Zircodina soldiers. The soldiers immediately s.h.i.+vered, Zircodina Previous Marshall, Brandon immediately appeared in front of them. "Young Alexander. The soldiers didn't have anything to this"

But suddenly, Zircodina Princess, Rieze went to the front. She kneeled in front of him with her head touching the ground "Alexander, Please spare the soldiers, they didn't have anything to do with this. If you want to kill someone, then kill me. It's fine to make me your slave, you can do anything to me. Just please spare them"

And with that, another Elven Queen born. Alex narrowed his eyes. "Killing all the innocent people from many towns and you think that I will spare the kingdom who did that? If I didn't manage to kill your previous king. Will he spare Acacia Kingdom? No! That's why I will…"

Before he finished, Dean Marco grabs his shoulder. "Alex… don't be blinded"

With those vague words, Dean Marco stopped Alex. Alex took a couple of long breaths. "I'm sorry, Teacher."

That's right, he almost did the same thing as Edmund. He didn't know where it came from, is that from his hatred toward John? Or because all of it started from Zircodina? From the summoning thing, hero, banishment, etc. His eyes almost got clouded, He adjusted his mind again. He almost makes his system become 'Bad Luck Gacha System'… Just kidding. Marco sees Alex's expression and nodded satisfied. He then turned to Brandon and Rieze. "Zircodina Kingdom will have 20% of their wealth for the reparation for the town they had ruined"

"And the head of their current king!" Alex add another condition

"Father? Please, you can do anything to me, please spare him" Rieze was shocked, she begged him desperately.

"Do you know why he started the war?"

"The reason my father started the war?"

"You don't know, right? If his eyes weren't blinded by greed, he won't start a war like this!" Alex said coldly. He looked at Brandon, "It seems that you have known the reason."

"Yes. I only know about it two months ago. I investigate it personally"

"Then, you know why I wanted your king head, right?"

Brandon can't help but nod. Rieze was confused, "Teacher?"

"Ignorant is a bliss" Alex looked at the ignorant princess.

"I will tell you later" Brandon said bitterly. He looked at Alex, "If you are not satisfied, I will offer my head too. That way, the kingdom won't be able to become Acacia Kingdom Threat anymore"

"No, we won't have your head. After this, the situation in your kingdom will become unstable, if you are dead, what will happen to your student? She will become the target, whether she will become a slave, raped or killed. The details will be discussed later" Dean Marco said. "You satisfied with this, right?"

Alex nodded. Well, it is true. After this incident, the position of the Royal Family will be unstable, whether the princes will fight for the thrones or the n.o.bles will rebel. The princess in front of him will be their target or their trophy, and if Brandon died in here. Her fate will be a tragic one.

"Do you want to add something more?" Marco asked, "Oi, where are you going?"

After that, he didn't say anything and starts walking again. And his destination is…


The pope immediately went in front of the two women. "Sir Alexander"

"I don't have any business with you. Scram!" Alex blew him away. Alex looked at Sandra. He took out his sword and pointed it on her.

Suddenly, Maria walked in front of her. She grabbed Alex's sword and pointed it at her heart. "I'm sorry. I can't do anything for you back then. If you wanted to kill someone, just kill me, please spare her life"

"Back when we are on Earth. In that useless and hard life. I continued living before my world suddenly change to be better. From the aimless lifestyle, I got a purpose. Just for a smile that makes my colorless world brighter. I work hard. But all of it just for naught. That day, I thought of committing suicide a few times. And you think I will stop here just because of you? I can pa.s.s you easily" Alex coldly said.

"She…she also have got a rough life in here. John beat her continuously. If you wanted to kill someone, just kill me, this is the last thing I can do for my childhood friend. So please…" Maria begged him desperately, tears started falling down from her eyes, she clenched the sword tightly, the tip of the sword pierce her skin, the blood seeped out from the spot.

"I know. I heard it from Ayaka"

"Ayaka? have you met her? But I think she…"

"She is in Elven Territory, at the very least I'm sure that she won't be mistreated and able to lead a happy life there"

"You really met her? So, she is alive, I'm glad"

Alex looked at her, he clenched her sword before pulling it away and stored it back. "This is not the last thing you can do. You are a kind woman. I'm sure that the one who has you as his wife will be happy"

Maria bitterly smiled. "But, I'm satisfied with this. I think I won't have anyone in my life. I am fed up with 'Relations.h.i.+p' and I'm sure that I will be happier this way"

Alex silently looked at her beautiful face. He walked toward Sandra. Sandra can only look down in his presence with guilt. Alex put his hand on her stomach.

"Argh!" She groaned in pain.

"Alex, you…" Maria was shocked.

Not long after, Alex pulls his hand off, Sandra fell down to the ground. He looked toward Maria, "I won't kill her, but she still needs to pay the price. I have planted a seal on her stomach, she won't be able to get stronger even if she kills monsters. That is the last thing that I don't want to budge."

"But…" When she opened her mouth, Alex holds her mouth a bit and fed her a healing pill before her wound closed because of the pill. "Because of your kindness today and on that night, I will spare her life. I know that I'm not qualified to say this but I wish you happiness. Goodbye"

Alex walked toward the Dean. Maria bitterly looks at his fading back and muttered, "I wish that I fall in love with you before I fed up with 'Relations.h.i.+p'. Goodbye…I wish you happiness too" while adding 'But please don't use words that invite misunderstanding like 'That Night', Alright?'

"Teacher, I have finished my business"

Marco nodded, "We will chase the five leaders. We will hold three races meeting to stop this war"

Alex nodded. Marco leads him to Leyfon and Draco. "This is our Marshall, Draco and you already knew Leyfon, right?"

"So this is your student" Draco inspect him up and down.

"Young Alex, we met again. Haiz, I really wished that you also become my grandson-in-law"

"You jest Sir Leyfon, Please don't say it to someone who will hold his marriage in a month time" Alex said, he turned to Draco "Alexander Sirius greet Marshall Draco"

"Haha, no need to be polite with me. You are far stronger than me. I can't accept that."

Alex scratched his cheek, he turned to the unconscious old man. The old man's eyes suddenly budge. He opened his eyes slowly.

"Your Majesty"

"Old Bryan"

"What happened? I think I met Zircodina Previous King, Edmund. Didn't I die?"

"Haha, you haven't died, Alex has defeated Edmund. Alex, greet your grandfather-in-law"

"Alexander Sirius greet grandfather-in-law. I am sorry that I haven't visited you all this time"

"So you are Alicia's…I see. you have defeated him. It's not your fault, I am the one who didn't want to visit you. Just call me grandfather or grandpa"

"Yes, grandfather"

Bryan nodded. Marco said, "We will hold the meeting of three races. I will go meet them after this. Old Bryan, just rest first. Draco and Leyfon will give you the details"

"Alright", Bryan

"Then, I will excuse myself, Grandfather"

"Haha, don't be too stiff"

Marco looked at Alex, "are you ready?"

"I will change first. After all, if I come like this, It won't be convincing enough" as he said that he disappeared, not long after, he came back, using new brand clothes. "Teacher"

Marco nodded. They went to another battlefield.

The Five leaders who block the invasion of Demon race. The Centaur Leader currently fighting with a rank 8 demon general.

"You have promised to move aside if I won, right?", The demon

"Hmph. Say that after you beat me" The Centaur Leader didn't go on the offensive this whole time. He just buying time for Alexander.

When they were about to clash again. Suddenly, a shadow appeared between them. The shadow swings his sword. He blew the Centaur Leader's sword and the demon general sword.

The centaur leader was surprised but when he finally saw who is the shadow that suddenly appeared. He smiled, "Young Alexander"

"Sir Alexander"

"Young Alexander"

The demi-humans knows him. Now that he is the one who appeared here. That means…

"Young…No, I should call you Sir Alexander now. Sir Alexander, for you to appear in here, that means you have…"

Alex nodded. "Thank you for giving me time to do that"

"No, it was our job"

Dean Marco shouted, "We want to hold the three races meeting"

"What? You, humans, want to… Scram. We won't agree to it"

"That's right we will kill all those human b.a.s.t.a.r.ds"

"Demihuman races agree to it" The Elven Queen announced it loudly. Alex gave her a nod. He looked toward the demons and found the familiar-looking demon. If he wasn't wrong, then he must be the Current Demon Lord. His name should be…Zhar whatever 77th. He looked at Zhar. His eyes seem telling him 'What are you going to do?'

Zhar pondered for a moment when he saw Alex. He knew that Alex wants to stop the war. But now the situation is like this, their race gains an upper hand in this war. Stopping like this is a bit…

"The Demihuman have agreed to it. What should the decision of you?" Marco said while looking at the old demon that was beside Zhar. Then he turned to Zhar "Or it should be you, the current demon king. What is your decision?"

Zhar looked at the old demon beside him. "It's up to you, Young Lord"

After he thought about the pros and cons, he finally decided. "Demon Race also agree to it"

"A good choice" Marco said. His tone was like he was looking down on them.

The old demon can't take that tone. He appeared in front of him. "Ho, Even though we have agreed to it. But your tone…I don't like it"

"I don't have any intention to offend you. It just that if you reject it. You race will take the full offensive from the two races"

"Do you think they will agree to attack us with you?"

"Of course we will" The Elven Queen suddenly appeared beside them.


The Elven Queen wasn't bothered with him. She ignored him and went to Alex. "Sir Alexander. Are you alright?"

Alex nodded, "Thank you. If all of you didn't stop them, the situation might be bad"

"No no, this is our job. We are indebted to you"

"You see it?" Marco mock the old demon, "Not only you will take the full attacks from us, You will also offend the only Rank 9 in the world"

"So, you are saying that the humans have a rank 9?" He didn't believe it. after all, he knows how hard it is to reach rank 9.

"Of course, and He is here"

"So, you are the rank 9. I will taste the power of a rank 9 first"

"No, I'm not the one"

"You are not the one?" The old demon suddenly comes to a realization, he looked at Alex. He didn't believe the youth in front of him is a rank 9. But he recalled when he appeared and blew away the swords from Centaur Leader and Demon General. But he still can't believe, a youth less than twenty become the only rank 9 in the world. It was very unbelievable. He went to Alex. "So you are the one. I don't believe that"

"You want to test it?"

"Hmph, I will taste the power of the great 'rank 9"

Suddenly, Sherry appeared on top of Alex's head.

"Wuu Wuu (Master, Let me)"

"You sure?"

"Wuu Wuu Wuu, Wuu Wuu. (He was the one who killed the Centipede back then, but he also wanted to kill you back then. He only stopped because 'that person' stopped him. He stopped him because you save his life. So there is no favor to owe. That's why I will be the one who fights him)

"I see. I don't mind. But, I really wish that you can talk like me. After all, it was a bit awkward, talking like this"

"Wuu (I do my best)" Sherry jumped off from his head. The flame enveloped her and her body turned to her original form "Wuu"

Gacha Sovereign 126 Debt And Gratitude

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