Gacha Sovereign 144 Alchemist Test 2

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There are six people in the room, Alex, along with the three examiners, Su Hua, and Su Yue. When they first arrived, The Examiners seems very respectful to Su Hua. Alex didn't know his ident.i.ty, so he keeps his neutral stance, he is respectful but not too close like someone who wanted to pull a relations.h.i.+p.

The three examiners looked at Su Hua who nodded his head. Then turned to Alex "Then, you may begin. There are three tries for each pill. As long as you succeed once each pill, you pa.s.s"

Alex nodded. He looked at the Six sets of ingredients. He looked at the Body Refining Pill sets of ingredients first. Since this is 2nd Rank Middle-Grade Pill. He is planning to make this pill first.

Broadleaf, Brittlebush, Silent Flower, and Master Stage Monster Core. He took out his cauldron.

"Oh, a Rank 3 Cauldron…" Su Hua looked at Alex, astonished.

Bright red flame rus.h.i.+ng out from the cauldron. Alex didn't plan to refine the ingredients simultaneously. Since there is an unknown and powerful old man in front of him. He is planning to refine the medicinal herbs one by one as to not raise suspicion. Unfortunately, Alex still overestimate this world power. Even if he refined them one by one, his foundation alone was astonis.h.i.+ng.

He waved his hand, and Brittlebush flew to his hand. Alex tossed the Medicinal Herb into the cauldron as the Flame rose from the cauldron and enveloped the ingredient. He melted the Brittlebush into a green liquid. He slowly burned this little liquid, the gray vapor slowly gushed out from the Liquid. The liquid volume also slowly decreased. After a while, Alex finally purge the impurities, leaving Three pure droplets. He stored the Droplet within his flame and let it floating beside him. As he waved his hand and Broadleaf slowly flew to his hand and was finally thrown inside the cauldron.

In front of him, Su Hua looking at him, astounded. Alex's performance up to here was extraordinary. There is nothing he can say about it. It is perfect. Even his granddaughter can't do it better than him. Alex's foundation is very solid.

Alex continued refining the Broadleaf. The refinement of Broadleaf wasn't any easier than that of Brittlebush. But for Alex, it was still easy, he only needs some time to refine it. After that, he stored it inside his flame again before moving to Silent Flower. In the middle of the refinement, he used his flame to separate the Essence from its body. A blue liquid droplet slowly rose from the flower and the flower swiftly withered. Alex purged out the impurities within the droplet.

Finally, he threw the Monster Core into the cauldron. He slowly refined the energy. After a while, The rest of the ingredients were thrown inside the cauldron. Alex started to a.s.similate the energy and fuse them. Alex split the pill into three and let them slowly solidify. Not long after, three pills flew from the cauldron. Alex caught the pills and showed them to the examiners.

But all he can find was the astounded examiners along with Su Hua and Su Yue.

"Good Pills!" Su Hua finally spoke.

Because of it, the rest of the examiners and his granddaughter also snapped from their daze. The examiners immediately went toward him and inspected his pills

"He made three pills out of one set of ingredients." One of them can't help but speak.

"That is the limit of one set ingredients for Body Refining Pill."

"On top of it, there are no impurities in them. In other words, The pills have 100% purity."

The examiners were astonished. They are also High 2nd Rank Alchemist. But if they were asked to make this. They can't!

Su Hua looked at Su Yue. "Look, I know you are a genius and can reach 5th Rank Alchemist like me. But, there will always someone better than you. His foundation is very solid…no, it was perfect. It was even higher than you. If you are the one who made Body Refining Pill. How many pills can you make from one set of ingredients?"

"Two" Su Yue said with a low voice.

"With purity around 80%, right?"

Su Yue nodded weakly.

"Try to learn from him. Observe him carefully"

Su Yue nodded repeatedly. Though she didn't want to admit it. But it's true, she can't do something like that. She can only convince herself 'That's right. He is High 2nd Rank Alchemist, I'm still Middle 2nd Rank Alchemist. He must be planning to make me look bad! Bast*rd'

"Then, do I still need to make Body Refining Pill?"

"No, you can proceed to Flame Spirit Pill" They suddenly replied politely.

"What about the rest of the ingredients?" Alex asked. He didn't want to take a loss from his 200 Spirit Stones. 'They said I had three chances, right?'

"Of course, since you had paid. It is yours, you can take it home" One of the examiners said.

'Miser!' Su Yue cursed Alex on her mind.                      

Alex nodded satisfied. He stored the medicinal herbs in his s.p.a.ce Ring. Then, he went to the Fire Spirit Pill. There are five ingredients to make a Fire Spirit Pill. They are Fire Fruit, Fire Gra.s.s Seed, Bay Leaf, Hedine Herb and Master Stage Monster Core. This is the pill that he wanted to make, he trained himself in the 'Simulation Room' to make this pill. This pill can raise Fire elements Martial Master swiftly, but the limit was only one, but for him, who had Pure Fire, there won't be any problem even if he ate a few of them. There is another reason why he like this pill. Usually, a set of ingredients can only make a pill. But if he put two sets of ingredients, he can make three pills out of them, and if he put three sets of ingredients, he can make five pills.

He started refining each ingredient. No one knows what he thinks so they can only observe him at the moment. Alex also didn't do anything suspicious. He refined the ingredients one by one. But, when he finished a set of ingredients, he suddenly tossed a medicinal herbs from the second set. Immediately, the examiners were confused.

'What is he thinking?' Su Hua can't understand Alex's intention.

'Tch. I think you are extraordinary. You are just a fool' Su Yue busy cursing him.

They can't say anything when Alex was refining a pill. This is an unspoken rule for Alchemist. Alex continued nonchalantly. Two sets…finally, the third set. When he refined his third set, everyone was taken aback, facepalmed. They thought that Alex abandons his chance. Even though his previous performance was astounding. They can't let this clown become an Alchemist in the same rank as them.

Alex ignored them, he continues his refinement. When the third set finally finished. He threw three Monster Cores inside the cauldron and refine them. Since the treatment is the same, he didn't need to adjust each flame to suit each ingredient. It looked like that he simultaneously refined three ingredients, but it wasn't. The rest of the ingredients was finally thrown to the cauldron. He merged them all into a big pill. Then he separates them into five normal size pills. The pill slowly hardens. The flame slowly dimmed down, the cauldron slowly fell down to the ground.

"Huft!" Alex let out a breath.

"Haha, you fail!" Su Yue laughed happily.

"Su Yue!" Su Hua immediately reprimanded her, She pouted.

Alex only shakes his head.

"What?" Su Yue looked at Alex's reaction, disappointed. But when she saw he shakes his head like telling her she is an idiot. She can't take this. "You just fail and you are acting like this. Hmph!"

"Who said I failed?" Alex smirked.

"It is very obvious you are failed!"

One of the examiners was curious about Alex's word. He can't help but went toward the cauldron when he saw what is inside. He was dumbfounded.


"What's with you, Old Lex?" The other examiners looked at him and the cauldron. He suddenly froze when he saw the cauldron.

The last one was very curious as to why his two friends become like this. But, when he came, he also froze like a statue.

There is three frozen statue in front of him. Alex made a weird expression on his face. Su Hua approached the cauldron and react the same as the first one, Luckily he didn't freeze too. "Five…Five!"

"Grandfather?" Su Yue who was angry at Alex can't help but confuse. She finally took a glance toward the cauldron. She saw five blue Pills inside the cauldron. "No! It's impossible!" in extreme denial.

"Five Fire Spirit Pills, 100% purity to boot" Su Hua exclaimed "Young man, how you do that? Who is your Master? Did he teach you something like this?"

"My master? No, he didn't teach me. I experimented it myself" Alex said innocently out of reflex. But soon he regrets what he said and immediately corrected himself. "Ah, that's right. It was thanks to my Master. He taught me everything"

Su Hua looked at him with a poker face, "It's too late to correct yourself, Young Man"

"Where are you come from? Which influence?" Su Hua continued.

"I just come to this town to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament. I'm planning to go to Heavenly Sword Sect" Alex said.

"What! Heavenly Sword Sect? It is a waste for you to go there. I'm an elder from Mount Hua Sect, I officially recruit you to become one of my Mount Hua Sect disciples. You can also become my disciple, and practice together with my Granddaughter. Since you are at the same age, I'm sure that you two will get along"

"What!" Su Yue was shocked that she was sold off.  On the other hand, Alex was astonished by the fact that this old man in front of him is an elder from the top four sects. But, Mount Hua Sect… He didn't have any intention to go there. He can only reject this offer. "I'm sorry Senior. But I need to decline."

"What? Are you crazy? Don't you know who my grandfather is? He is one of the 5th Rank alchemist in this continent!"

"Cough cough, you said that you wanted to join the tournament, right? My offer still valid even if you joined the tournament" Su Hua said, He didn't believe that Alex's Martial prowess was high. After all, to have high achievement in Alchemy at such a young age as him, he bound to sacrifice his time to improve his Martial Prowess. He thought that if Alex will lose later, then he extends his sincere invitation again, he was sure that Alex will gladly to join Mount Hua Sect. He didn't know that he will regret this decision about him. "That's right. I'm still curious about how you make five pills out of three sets of ingredients. Isn't one set of ingredients can only make one Fire Spirit Pill?"

"More than one, less than two" Alex said.

Su Hua suddenly fell into a deep thought. But soon, his eyes brightened. He looked at Alex.

Alex nodded his head, "Two sets of ingredients can make three pills while three sets of ingredients can make five pills. Sadly, Four sets of ingredients can only make six pills."

Su Hua pondered. It is a new knowledge for him. He looked at the Young Man in front of him. Without anyone teaching him, he can reach this stage. He is a prodigy in Alchemy. If he gets proper teaching, Su Hua was sure that Alex would advance leap and bound. "Thank you for the new knowledge. I can't let you go unrewarded for this knowledge."

Su Hua took out a pill from his s.p.a.ce Ring. Alex looked at the green pill on his hand. From the look of it, he was sure that the pill purity also 100%. Su Hua handed the pill to Alex. "This is Energy Pill. It made from 10-Star Martial Master Monster Core"

Alex was surprised, "This…This is too precious, Senior"

"Please accept it. I can make a dozen of them. But I'm sure that you need it more than me. Your knowledge also very precious"

"Then, I will gratefully accept it"

Su Hua nodded his head. "Then, since we are done here, what are you going to do after this? If you didn't have anything to do, how about you talk about Alchemy with my Granddaughter? Since you two are the same age, I'm sure exchanging knowledge with each other will make your technique improve."

"No! I don't want!" Su Yue immediately rejected the idea.

Gacha Sovereign 144 Alchemist Test 2

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