Gacha Sovereign 152 Tournament 7

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In Arena B,

Alex looks at his opponent's solemn face. His opponent didn't underestimate him, or maybe he is beware of his mysterious ident.i.ty. But, his purpose remains unchanged, he will become the number one for the reward… the system reward, not the Tournament reward.

"Please have a good match" Alex said to him.

"Please have a good match" He replied.

Both of them have the same weapon which is a sword. Nakagawa Yuu charged first, he immediately goes at full power, even though Nakagawa Hiina didn't fight him with her full power, he able to block her alone show that he can't be underestimated.

"Hundred Sword, Echo Sword"

Alex takes a deep breath, his sword started glowing. "Splitting Sword"

Both of them had the same power and retreated a few steps back. But, Nakagawa Yuu didn't let Alex take a breather, he immediately charged toward him once again.

"Echo Sword"

"Splitting Sword"

When the sword clashed, Nakagawa Yuu know that he can't push Alex back since their strength is equal. Suddenly he sends a kick toward Alex's left foot from the side. Alex also noticed this, this is not a movement of some Unexperienced fighter. Alex confirmed it at this moment that his opponent is really experienced in battle. His movement just now not for some Sword User Chivalry. Instead, he did whatever he needs to get the victory before him.

This didn't take Alex in surprise, Alex immediately counters his movement with his left foot too, he also sends a kick toward the incoming foot. But he added something in it.

"Immovable Step"

The power surge from the Immovable Step gathered in his foot, it blew away Nakagawa's Yuu foot. Of course, because of this, Nakagawa Yuu was surprised that Alex also very experienced in battle. But Alex takes this small gap to launch his attack. The power that surged from the Immovable Step wasn't only toward his foot, but toward his entire body, including his hand. With the power surge, Alex pushed Nakagawa Yuu's Sword down.

Nakagawa Yuu's shocks once again with the sudden power surge in Alex. He used all of his strength to push back his sword. But at that moment, Alex suddenly jump above him and send a round kick at his shoulder.

"Heavy Step"

Nakagawa Yuu tried to block this kick with his left hand since it didn't hold the sword. But because Alex strengthens this one with his 'Heavy Step'. The weight in this kick was immense. Nakagawa Yuu was pushed down to his knees, he spat blood. Within 2 seconds, Nakagawa Yuu regains his control over his sword. He swings his sword toward Alex's foot.

Alex rolls his body in the air and send another kick to blow Nakagawa Yuu away. Because of the momentum, Nakagawa Yuu has difficulty in stabilizing himself in the air even though he can fly. He struggled a bit, and when he finally managed to stabilize himself. He immediately raised his sword.

"I can't lose! Nakagawa Sword Style, Desolation"

Five Swords appeared beside him and flew toward Alex. He activated his Spirit Eyes Technique to slow down the process when Nakagawa Yuu used his Sword Art as well as to see the five Swords trajectory in slow motion.

"Fleeting Step"

He dodged the five Swords one by one and he jumped forward. He looked toward Nakagawa Yuu and raise his sword. Five swords appeared beside him.

"If I'm not wrong, it was like this. Nakagawa Sword Style, Desolation"

"What!" All the people present at this moment shocks. Especially those from Nakagawa Family. Nakagawa Yuu who is currently fighting him, Nakagawa Hiina who was intrigued by this Mysterious Young Man, Nakagawa Hikotaka, Nakagawa's Elders, and especially, Nakagawa Family's Head, Nakagawa Otos.h.i.+.

Everyone knows this is 'Nakagawa Sword Style, Desolation'. How can Alex suddenly use Nakagawa Sword Style? Who is he exactly? What is his relations.h.i.+p with Nakagawa House? Is there any person who let out their Nakagawa Sword Style to an outsider?

"Nakagawa Family Head, Isn't that your Nakagawa Sword Style? So, he has some relations.h.i.+p with your Nakagawa Family, no wonder he is strong. Is he your secret weapon?" asked Elder Conn Kindellan.

"No, I'm afraid He didn't have any relations.h.i.+p with my Nakagawa House. Is he kill some Nakagawa Family's disciple and take the sword style? If so I will apprehend him immediately" Said Nakagawa Otos.h.i.+.

"Haha!" Himura Takata suddenly laughed loudly. Everybody in the VIP seat is looking at him.

"What is funny, Himura Takata?" said Nakagawa Otos.h.i.+ while looking at Takata with a solemn gaze.

Takata smirked, "He didn't do anything like what you think."

"Hoo…" Conn Kindellan observed the situation a bit.

"What do you mean Himura Takata? This is the matter of Nakagawa Family, it is not your Himura House business!" He looks at him with anger.

"Haha, As I said, he didn't have any relations.h.i.+p with your family nor he killed your Nakagawa Family Disciple and stole their technique. He only copied it just now."

"Hoo…What do you mean about he copied it just now?" Conn Kindellan is astonished.

"As I have said, Elder. Elder also knew that he could use my Himura Family, Splitting Sword, right?"

"En" Conn nodded.

"He copied it when Kens.h.i.+n used it in their spar. My son didn't show our Splitting Sword manual, he only used it. From my speculation, his talent in the sword is so big. He can imitate someone Sword Art just by observing them, Not to mention that he has experienced it himself. He must have observed the Nakagawa Sword Style this whole time and he has experienced it two times in this tournament. One from Nakagawa Hiina and another is just now."

"Hoo, So this young man has that much talent in the sword. Now, I'm interested in him" Conn nodded in astonishment. Even the other elders and family heads are astonished too.

"Wait, he is my Mount Hua Sect disciple" Elder Su Hua gave his stance hurriedly.

"But, I didn't promise you like the others. And also, your Mount Hua Sect is suited for Alchemist and Forger Master, so I think his talent is not suited in your sect" Conn smirked. The elder from Buddha Sect and Rainbow Flower Sect looked away. But that also true, Alex isn't suited to be a monk and he is a male.

"Our Mount Hua Sect also has Sword Art too, he is very suited for my Mount Hua Sect." Su Hua replied desperately.

"Hoho…from your obsession, it seems that he also has a talent in Alchemy that you didn't care about his talent in sword and judging from your expression, you also didn't know about his talent in sword so it is must be his talent in Alchemy. I heard that your granddaughter is in the same age as him, if I'm not wrong, she is currently a Mid 2nd Rank Alchemist. So, seeing you this desperate, he must have the same talent or higher than your granddaughter. So he must be a Mid 2nd Rank Alchemist or even higher" Conn smirked. He is right, Alex talent in Alchemist is also overwhelming.

Without any teacher guide him in Alchemy. He can reach High 2nd Rank Alchemist with a very solid foundation. He speculates that this 'Alex' can reach far higher than him, He might be able to reach Rank 6 Alchemist. This continent only has 5 Low 5th Rank Alchemists as the highest. If Alex can reach Rank 6, it means everything for them.

"Hehe, judging from your expression now, it seems my speculation is true" Said c.o.o.n while smiling. He looked at Alex, though his cultivation is a bit lower, he will wait first.

Meanwhile, in the arena, Nakagawa Yuu was too shocked that Alex suddenly used their Nakagawa Sword Style. "No! I can't think about that for the moment, Nakagawa Sword Style Desolation"


Five vs Five. Each sword clashed with each other. Using the smoke produced by the explosion as a camouflage, Alex jumped forward at high speed toward Nakagawa Yuu. When he arrived in front of Nakagawa Yuu, he swings his sword down.

"Splitting Sword"

"Echo Sword"

Of course, Nakagawa Yuu tries to block this. but blocking this in the air making him lose in the momentum. Alex immediately pushed him to the ground. When he reached the ground, he tried to use the ground as his foundation to block him but, Alex added another move.

"Heavy Step"

Using the 'Heavy Step' Alex successfully pinned him down to the ground. Nakagawa Yuu is very stubborn at the moment, he used every ounce of his strength. Although he managed to make their clashed standstill somehow. Alex did it again.

"Echo Sword"

Alex used one of their Sword Art again and finally, Nakagawa Yuu didn't have the strength anymore to block this move.


"Alexander Sirius Wins!"

The end result, Nakagawa Yuu lose in power in their last clashed, his sword is on top of his chest while he is laying on the ground powerlessly. Alex pointed his sword at Nakagawa Yuu's neck resulting in the referee announced the result.

The crowd erupted in cheers. It was an uproar. A genius from the Nakagawa family suddenly loses, but because Alex didn't want any more attention since he already showed too much for this fight. He immediately disappeared from the stage. There are two main reasons as to why he decided to use another family's move. First, he wants to make the Elder from Heavenly Sword Sect interested in him, if not, Su Hua will kidnap him away and he will be forced to learn Alchemy. The second reason is because of Kens.h.i.+n's last night.

Last night, Kens.h.i.+n suddenly went into his room.

"Alex, don't you know that Father arranging a clan meeting to discuss your ident.i.ty?"

"Ho…and what about it?"

"Because of your talent, all the Family heads think that you have a big background and you are a big Young Master." Kens.h.i.+n said. Su Hua eagerness partic.i.p.ated in that misunderstanding though.

"Oh, you don't want to know my ident.i.ty?"

"No need. I only know that I recognized you as my Sword Brother. That's enough for me" Said Kens.h.i.+n while making a dumb but sincere face.

Alex smirked.

This is another reason why Alex suddenly decided to show his talent a bit. Since they misunderstand him as some kind of Young Master from a big family. Then, he needs to take the chance to reinforce their misunderstanding by showing them his 'Sword Mastery'.

With this kind of misunderstanding, he can camouflage himself as an Unknown but Talented Young Master. As long as they think like that, he can protect himself for a while, if he didn't do anything extreme to them. After all, they won't act unless they know about his real ident.i.ty or the very least they will think twice before planning something toward him, but it's different if they are desperate. A beast, no matter how weak they are, will still retaliate if they are cornered. That's why, Alex won't do anything extreme at the moment since after all, he is alone in this upper world, and his strength is still too weak to protect himself. He needs to be careful for now.

"This…" Nakagawa Otos.h.i.+ was speechless, he never thought that this 'Alexander' is something like this. He is really a genius. But, from where did he come from, this is his main concern for now. If he can't determine where he comes from, he can't do anything else for now. And from the look of it, he also has a big talent in Alchemist. No family fool enough to let a genius like this, unprotected.

In Arena C, Kusunoki Kayo vs Asakura Taneteru.

When the match starts, Asakura Taneteru takes the first initiative to attack. He leaped forward and swing his sword. Meanwhile, Kusunoki Kayo took advantage of the difference in their weapon range and overwhelmed him. But the most intriguing in this fight when Kusunoki Kayo used one of Rainbow Sect, Spear Art.

"Lightning Rush"

The moment she used it, she suddenly moves like lightning and suddenly appeared behind her opponent. She destroyed his sword and finally, he surrendered. The fight ended very fast. But she didn't leave the arena. Instead, she watched Alex's battle against Nakagawa Yuu. She was shocked when she suddenly saw that Alexander replicated Nakagawa Sword Art. She was thinking, did Alexander come from Nakagawa Family?

On the other hand, in Arena D, Himura Soma with his arrogant face fought a Qi-Manipulation Stage pract.i.tioner. His opponent used a spear as his weapon. He charged toward Soma with his spear.

"Mystic Spear"

"Splitting Sword"

Himura Soma blew away his sword pretty easily, because of their difference in strength. The moment he blew away Kagae Katayuki's spear, Soma suddenly cut Kagae Katayuki's right hand.

"Argh!" Kagae Katayuki screamed in pain while clenching his missing hand. The loss of his dominant hand might make him quit Cultivation.

"I said that I'm going to make you regret!" said Soma with his arrogant expression.

"Hi…Himura Soma Wins!" The referee immediately announced, if not, Himura Soma might make some brutal move once again. As he announced that, he checked Kagae Katayuki's condition and brought him out of the arena.

When he expected some cheers for him, he noticed that the audience didn't even look at him. Instead, they looked at the Arena B intensely. Because of the exciting match, the match in Arena C or even in his Arena, Arena D, is forgotten. He gnashed his teeth while looking at Alexander hatefully.

Alex takes all the spotlight that was mean to him. He became that unreasonable and an attention grabber. Just because he somehow beat Kens.h.i.+n and became the new Genius from Himura House, make his head so big. He left the arena without watching Alex's fight while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth. He swears that if Alex meets him in the arena, he will cripple Alex.

Gacha Sovereign 152 Tournament 7

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