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The next day, the lady went out to the town. Since her master said that he also brought her Younger Brother here. That means, her brother is in the town. She strolled around in search of her brother.

"Master, I'm going to search for my brother" She said.

"Eh wait, if you also found him. Tell him your intention to have him under your tutelage."

"He doesn't even know me, and I also don't know anything about him."

"Don't say that. According to the information I had. He was the reason why your Brother can become Heavenly Sword Sect disciple this year."

"What? Is that true?"

"Yes. They might be strolling the town together today."

"Then I will go right now" She was too eager to meet her younger brother. She didn't care anything about this young man, even if he is a peerless genius.

"His name is Alexander Sirius and don't try to pry his ident.i.ty." Conn said seriously.

"Why?" She was confused, why is her teacher this mysterious when it concerns that 'Young Man'.

"Don't ask. Just remember that!"

"Fine. I'm going" She pouted and flew away.

After a few more hours, her effort wasn't gone waste. She pa.s.sed a young man, with his green long hair sweep around by the wind. His familiar face still embedded in her mind deeply.

It seems that the Young Man also noticed someone staring at him. He looked at the gaze's direction and found a familiar figure in his life.

"Elder Sister" The Young Man immediately disappeared. The instant he appeared, he hugs his Elder Sister. He missed her too much.

"Are you missing me, Kens.h.i.+n?" She said. That's right, the young man is Kens.h.i.+n. That means, the young lady's ident.i.ty is his 'Aunt', Himura Minami. They were only three years apart, that why Kens.h.i.+n called her sister...It was also the ordered from Himura Minami, though. 'Aunt' is a bit too old and doesn't fit her too much, and especially it wasn't intimate enough for her.

"Of course. It's been almost five years Elder Sister went to Heavenly Sword Sect de gozaru" Kens.h.i.+n said. She was recruited by the Sect when she was eighteen years old.

"De gozaru? what's that?" She was confused, after a few years, her brother's speech becomes weird.

"I don't know, but I feel comfortable when speaking this way de gozaru" Kens.h.i.+n said

"Whatever, you miss me, right? I have sent letters to the family, though, and I even sent a separate letter for you." She said with a smile. "That's right. I bought an exceptional pill for you."

"Elder Sister is the best."

She took out a green pill from her s.p.a.ce ring and placed it on Kens.h.i.+n's palm. Kens.h.i.+n looked at the familiar green pill on his hand, found it pretty similar to what Alex gave him yesterday. He asked his sister to confirm his suspiciousness since his knowledge about pills is pretty shallow. "Sister, what is this pill?"

"This is Jade Heart Pill, and with 95% purity to boot. It will strengthen your heart meridian and improve your foundation. You are fortunate since I just got it from yesterday. Even I only ate a Jade Heart Pill with 90% purity."

"Elder Sister..." Kens.h.i.+n moved by her sister's action, he smiled. "I'm sorry, Elder Sister. But I already ate one myself."

"Eh?" She was shocked. From her memory, she was pretty sure that in Limewatch Town, he wouldn't be able to acquire a Jade Heart Pill. "Is Uncle bought it for you?"

"No no, it is my brother, Alex."

"What? How can you eat a random pill just like that? You will hurt your foundation! Is he really your brother? I will ask him to do account" She was angered. After all, her pill is one of the top in the market. She believes that what Alex gave her younger brother is only a secondary good. It is impossible to be as good as the one she gave just now. It will only ruin Kens.h.i.+n's Foundation. Even if he is the one who help Kens.h.i.+n become Heavenly Sword Sect disciple, she can't tolerate this.

"Elder Sister. He gave the pill with good intention. He is my brother. Please don't say it like that de gozaru! " Kens.h.i.+n retorted her hurriedly.

"Wha!" She was stunned, she never expected her obedient brother suddenly mad at her just for this new 'Brother' of him. She asks while shedding tears, "How can you angry to Elder Sister, is Elder Sister already become unimportant to you?"

"No no, I don't mean that. I always love elder sister as your younger brother de gozaru."

"Younger Brother..." She almost spurted blood, the 'as your younger brother' stab her hard on her heart.

"But, I owe many things to him. He is the one who solves my problem with my weapon, He even gave a Jade Heart Pill with perfect purity to me yesterday de gozaru."

"What?" Her jaw dropped, what did she hear just now? Jade Heart Pill with perfect purity? It was very hard to make a Jade Heart Pill with perfect purity. And high rank Alchemist didn't want to be bothered making a Rank 2 pill unless to their relatives and friends. But this 'Alex' gave her brother a pill like that? "Did he ask you to pay?"

"No, He just gave it casually to me. Though I swear to pay him back in the future de gozaru." Kens.h.i.+n said.

"Who is he?" She asked. Even though her master told her not to pry on his secret, she can't help but curious about it.

"Alexander Sirius"

"Not his name, I mean like his background or something" She asked. There is no way for someone who can give a Jade Heart Pill with perfect purity like that was ordinary.

"I don't know. I met him in the woods. He saved my life back then, and then he helps me so much that I can't count de gozaru."

"He might have any ulterior motive when he saved you. Did you never think him that way?"

"No, I trust him completely." Kens.h.i.+n said with an honest face. He really trusted him completely.

"Then let me see him" She said. She needs to confirm it with her own eyes what kind of person that bewitched her younger brother.

"But, he told me that he is going to cultivate. So I think it wasn't good to disturb him for the time being de gozaru" Kens.h.i.+n said

"Fine. He is going to be a disciple too anyway. I can meet him in a few days to say my 'thanks' for taking care of my younger brother" She said it normally, but Kens.h.i.+n notice the difference of intent in the 'thanks' word.

"Elder Sister, if you are going to bully him. I'm going to hate you" Kens.h.i.+n threatened her.

"Wha!" She was astounded, she never thought that her cute brother becomes a rascal. Is this what it means a rebellion phase...But to think that this 'Alex' made her younger brother this way, she can't forgive him. She gritted her teeth while suppressing her anger. "Alright. I won't bully him."

This is the reason why Alex won't love her. The one and only problem. She is a hardcore bro-con. If Conn was critical about this matter, he would ask himself. Why would she choose over her younger brother than a peerless Alchemist? Even if she can't become his tutor, she still can meet him and take care of him. If she chose the Alchemist boy, she could strengthen her force that way.

Unfortunately, Conn didn't notice this. Conn didn't know that his Disciple is actually a hardcore and hopeless bro-con.


The present.

Alex and Kens.h.i.+n walked toward the sect entrance. They saw a big group of people waiting around there. Alex searched where he needs to show their token and found booth around the sect entrance. There are two people currently giving their token to an old man.

Alex can't perceive his cultivation level, he thought that this old man is only a normal servant. But he can't see through him, that means there is another possible mean, this old man is an expert. That is the reason why he can't see his Cultivation Stage.

The ones who are currently handling their token are two young women. The older one has black long wavy hair, smart brown eyes. Her alluring body seducing man to take action, but her fierce aura stop all of them. Her cold and aloof disposition makes them think she is different for normal people.

The younger one has the same black hair, her hair is only a shoulder length and with innocent brown eyes. Small cute nose and Small cherry lips along with a cute b.u.t.terfly hairpin on her head. Her tiny and pet.i.te figure, along with the aura of innocence, makes the people wanted to protect her even with the cost of their life.

They gave their token. The older one said, "Lena de Viona Thiveapia and Evelyn de Viona Thiveapia."

Though the tone itself neutral, It still didn't hide the trace of her pride in it. The old man seems didn't care about that. He checks the name in the book. "I see, you two are from Thiveapia Royal Family. A nineteen years old 6-Star Martial Master and fourteen years old 1-Star Martial Master. Take this token and wait there, the test will start in a bit."

"What? They are the legendary Thiveapia Royal Family?"

"Especially the younger one! She is the number one genius in Thiveapia Royal Family!"

"Both of them are very pretty."

"If I can become their boyfriend, even just one night. I can die in peace."

Alex was astonished. Never thought there is a fourteen years old 1-Star Martial Master in here, she is really a genius. Alex heard the comments from the others. They are sisters from Thiveapia Royal Family. It seems that asking Leoz to infiltrate to the kingdom is the right choice. But the moment Alex heard the last comment. Footsteps ringing on his ears, he instinctively turned back but no one to be seen.

"Alex?" Even Kens.h.i.+n was confused by Alex's sudden action. He tried to look at his back, but there is no one.

"Don't mind about me! I have seen memes too much" Alex let out a long sigh of relieved.


"Nothing!" Alex shook his head, Kens.h.i.+n was confused but eventually looked toward the sisters again. Alex screamed in his heart, 'What do you mean become their boyfriend? Do you include the younger one too? I need to call the police! But there is no police here. Eh, but a fourteen years old pregnant is normal in this kind of world, right? Ah d*mn, all of this getting in my head. Calm down...calm down.'

Alex finally calmed down and ignored the comments. "Kens.h.i.+n, let's go. We need to register too."

"Good" Kens.h.i.+n nodded. They both approached the elder.

"Good Morning, Elder. This is our token. I am Alexander Sirius, and this is Himura Kens.h.i.+n" Alex said politely while giving him his and Kens.h.i.+n token.

The elder noticed Alex earlier gaze on him, he knew that Alex seems trying to pry him. "Good, I rarely saw a polite young man."

The sisters also looked at the next disciples that come in, which is Alex and Kens.h.i.+n. When the elder praised his politeness, she snorted. She has checked the elder cultivation, and he was only a mortal. She didn't need to show him respect.

"Umu, Both of you are twenty years old. One is 2-Star Martial Master, and the other is 1-Star..." When he just about to say 1-Star Martial Master, he noticed that Alex cultivation is also 2-Star Martial Master. He immediately corrected himself. "Both also 2-Star Martial Master."

After hearing that both of them are 2-Star Martial Master, Lena, the older one, snorted. They were weak, did they want to impress her with that kind performance. Fat chance!

If Alex knows hers thought, he must be wondering. 'Why did he easily meet this kind of girl...' But comparing to meet an 'Arrogant Young Master', it is still better. At least they are pretty and nice to see.

They waited for another hour, and there are many disciples that have been recruited separately from yesterday's long line. The disciples that come after him are ranging from 2-Star Martial Master to 5-Star Martial Master.

The registration finally closed. The old man who was registering them, stood up and flying on the air. "The registration is closed. We will proceed to the examination site. Follow me"

Everybody was astonished except Alex. When they checked this old man's cultivation, and They can only see that this old man didn't have any cultivation. So they arrogantly introduce themself, except Alex and...Kens.h.i.+n? Whatever. All of them don't have enough time to think since the old man is already flying away from them. Since all of them are Martial Master, they immediately fly and follow him.

Gacha Sovereign 164 Recruitmen

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