Gacha Sovereign 48 Live Or Die?

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Not long after, Tina come back giving Alicia and the rest the badge.

"Then Princess and miss Firia. This is the time, I need to go" Alex said.

"Please be careful Alex" both of them said.

"Yes, you two must be careful too" Then he turned to the other teammates "I will leave Princess and miss Firia to all of you"

"Yes yes yes, we will protect them" Rery said hurriedly, after seeing Alex golden badge, his face was pale. He didn't dare to bother him again.

The rest of the two also nodded repeatedly.

Alex then said goodbye, and went to the dungeon.

He went to 40th floor immediately, since this from this floor onward was a rank 4 monster s.p.a.ce. He will mainly kill in the 40th to 49th floor.

After a week, he decided to go to 50th floor's boss. He planned to get to 51st floor. The floor that he didn't step in a few month ago.

The boss on the 50th floor was a rank 5 Fire Lion. The fire was covered all of its body. Not only that, it's speed was fast, even a gold rank party will find it's hard to kill. But sadly, his opponent now is Alex.

'Roar!' The lion spit a fire.

Alex make an armor with his fire. The special thing was when the lion's fire touch Alex fire armor, it immediately become submissive and absorbed.

Alex sent his flame sword wave, since he have an elemental advantage, he can suppress the lion with his absolute flame, this is also the first time he use flame sword wave with his new sword, he surprised with this sword wave, seems like the sword boost it's power. The lion scared with this sword wave, he can feel the elemental suppression coming from Alex's flame.

So the lion dodged to the side, but it's movement was sluggish and Alex take this chance.

'Fire Snipe'

A small fire ball move toward the lion like a bullet. The fire on the lion body can't protect it's body because elemental advantage, so the small fire ball pierce it's body.

"ROAR!" The lion look like screamed in pain.

Alex sent a few fire arrow. Several of them manage to hit the lion, resulting a series of explosions. The lion was severely wounded.

Alex use his boost step, making him appear beside the lion immediately, he use his sword to behead the lion's head. The lion can't struggle anymore and died. Alex pick it's core, and go to the stairs.

"From this point onwards will be filled with rank 5 monster." Alex prepared his heart and step on it.

He walk several meters and he was greeted by 4 rank 5 lizards, this is his first time, taking a few rank 5 monsters at the same time. He can easily take a rank 5 monster but if they banded together this will become another matter.

After he saw them, he intend to separated them first and taking them one by one. He want to fight one vs one, four times than one vs four, one times. So he make nine fire arrows, each monster get targeted by three of the arrows.

After a series of explosions, three of the lizard's movement was hindered. As one of them didn't get targeted, it already closing it's distance with Alex. Alex want to take it down with surprise, so he use his boost step, his movement become so fast and reach the lizard's side, Alex tried to chop it head in one go, but the sword didn't penetrated enough.

"Tch, too shallow", Alex sword only penetrated a few inch to it's body. Alex want to attack it once again, but the rest of the lizard already moved toward him.

"Fire Claw", this is another skill that Alex created when he was in dungeon last time. A big claw made from fire, the claw grabbed the lizard in front of him. Alex take an aim, he throw the lizard to it's companion.

Luckily, the lizard's companion not banded together. Two of them together and the last was alone. So Alex throw the injured lizard to the lizards that together and send a few fire arrows. He planned to take on the lizard that alone.

This time, Alex want to try another strategy to kill it. The lizard was already close enough to him and went to bite him, Alex let himself to be bitten. But of course, he make a flame armor around his arm. When the lizard bite him, it's teeth didn't manage to penetrate his flame armor.

Alex went kick the lizard body, he add a boost step to make his kick become more powerful. The lizard was blown and crashed to the wall. Alex immediately stab his sword to the lizard's head. It manage to penetrate better than last time, but still too shallow to kill it.

Alex didn't stop at this, he make a flame armor around his hand, he punch the sword handle like hammering a nail. This time, the sword manage to kill the lizard and hang the lizard on the wall.


Alex look at his side, the rest of the lizard already beside him. He didn't realize of this, and the lizard already went toward him and want to bite him. Alex immediately cover his body with Flame armor. He manage to block the bite, but sadly one of them manage to bite him on his left arm. The other two was try to bite his legs so Alex immediately focused his flame armor on his legs.

It will be bad if he was immobilize because of this. But because of this, his arm was biten, since he didn't have enough focus to guard it.

Alex bear the pain, he immediately take his sword from the wall. He stab to the lizard that bite his right leg. This lizard was the one he previously wounded, Alex aim at the previous wound. This time he manage to pierce the lizard head and killed it.

Alex make a fire covered his fist and punch the lizard that bite his arm. As soon as the fist landed on the lizard's body, it exploded and blown the lizard away.

Alex grabbed his sword and slash toward the lizard on his left leg with a sword intent. The slash wound was quite deep, but still not succeed killing it. he kicked the lizard away. the wound was quite deep so he focused to the other lizard.

Alex grabbed the lizard mouth and sent a few fire arrow in and make it exploded from inside. After confirming it's death, Alex charged at the last wounded lizard. He slash toward the last lizard with his flame sword wave. Because the lizard was severely wounded, it didn't manage to dodge and split to two with Alex's sword wave.

"Huff..." Alex breathed of relieved, this fight alone take a toll on his body and mana. He take restoration pill and recover his mana for a while.

"If the monsters onwards was like this, I won't have the chance to try the power of rank 6 monster on 60th floor." Alex muttered. If other people was hearing this, they will shouted 'Are you Crazy?' to him.

After Alex recovered, he continued. This time he found three kobold this time, all of them have axe as their weapon. This axe seems from adventurer equipment. Maybe the kobold manage to kill adventurer or the axe was dropped because the adventurer killed by another monster and this kobold somehow grabbed it.

Whatever the reason, Alex need to kill them to advance. Alex take out his spear from system. And throw it to the kobold on the right. The kobold blown it away with it's axe. The Axe seems good, a rank 3 normal weapon. The weapon from system was only a normal iron sword or spear. So of course it's useless. Alex decided to make a spear after this dungeon event.

Alex wave his sword, making a sword wave. All of the kobolds, sense a tyrannical flame from the sword wave, one of them want to block it with the axe and the other two want to flee. The one who block Alex's sword wave, was injured deeply on it's chest and also it's weapon was destroyed.

Since the distance was still far, Alex make a fire ball in his hand.

"Fire Snipe!" The fire ball fly like a bullet toward the injured kobold's heart and manage to pierce it's heart.

The other kobold, immediately charged at him when they saw their companion was killed. Alex didn't give them a chance to get closer. He sent ten fire arrow to each kobold to bombard them. but the sword seems didn't care with his fire arrow. They become like a berserk beast, charging at him without thinking any consequence.

After get hit by Alex's fire arrow. Their injured bodies still charged toward Alex. they raise their axe and chopped at Alex. Alex parried this with his sword, but he felt something.


This kobold strength was abnormally strong. He was pinned down to the floor because of this chop. This kobold didn't have any defend but it's offend was something else. This is Alex observation, so he decided to take a distance from it.

"Boost step"

He use boost step to slip from pinned down situation. He use boost step in his body and feet, making him like a rocket launcher. But with this, Alex manage to get away.

Alex sent another sword wave, he thought since this kobolds want to charged at him like before, they won't dodged this sword wave then. But what surprised him was the kobolds dodge his sword wave.

Alex frowned, he use his boost step to get behind them. when the kobold saw him move at high speed, they still can react. They swing their axe to Alex but Alex use another boost step to dodge in air. The swing miss, but one of the swing didn't stop and landed on it's partner body and killed his partner.

Alex didn't let this chance go, he slash his sword to the remaining kobold and split him to two. Alex leaned to the wall.

"System, how is my ticket situation now?"

[Host have acc.u.mulated a total 1701 Tickets, Hos have 575 Usable tickets]

"Another 300 huh, with the pace I have while killing rank 5 monsters was not enough. I will kill rank 5 monster for a week and back to 40th floor to search for the tickets"

Alex killing in 51st floor for a week, he didn't want to step further to 52nd floor, in case something go wrong since he wasn't strong enough to kill rank 5 monsters that banded together easily. After a week, he manage to kill 113 rank 5 monsters in this floor.
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After that he took another week and a half, for killing in 41st to 49 th floor. He was like killing machine in this floor. Summing up from the first week, he almost killed a thousand rank 4 monsters.

He now facing four rank 4 mammoth. He only make his flame sword wave to split all of them to half. This time Alex didn't bothered with their core. He was too happy because,

[Gacha Ticket 1x acquired]

[Congratulation Host for acc.u.mulating 2000 tickets, system update will commence now]

"..." The system updating on it's own pace without Alex input. Alex then pick the mammoths core.

Rather than waiting for system update finished, he decided to go back to surface and open the gacha ticket he already acc.u.mulated.

He then bring his oversized bag and start went back to surface.


In the 31st floor,

There are five people fighting ten rank 3 minotaur. Yes they are Alicia and the rest.

"Alicia, let's aim at their feet first" Firia said.

Alicia nodded, she immediately use her magic "Ice spear"

"Fire spear" Firia followed.

Ten spear of Fire and Ice make their way to minotaur's leg. A few of them manage to land hit, while some of them missed their target. The one that hitted was immobilize.

There are still four of them that manage to dodged the spears made it's way to the party. They swing their big bodies.

"Locko block them!" Rery shouted

Locko with his huge s.h.i.+eld tried to block minotaurs charged, but two of them manage to past his guard. Rery and Viola move their body to block the rest of minotaurs.

"Ice Spear"

"Fire Spear"

Dozen magic spears charge toward the four minotaur and pierce their body thus killing them.

Now, there are only 6 minotaurs remaining. The rest minotaurs charged at them. the party strategies was the same. Locko block 2 minotaurs, while Rery and Viola blocked the other two. As for the rest, Alicia manage to keep one, since Alex trained her close combat, she can keep one rank 3 minotaur with her rank 2 strength.

The problem was Firia.

"Fire .. Gahh!" Firia didn't manage to finished her magic, the minotaur already launch it's fist to her abdomen. She was blown away and crash to the wall. She spurted blood.

"FIRIA!" Alicia shouted.

The minotaur went to Firia, the minotaur raise his big sword wanting to stab Firia's body.

"Is this my ending?" Firia muttered weakly, she close her eyes, accepting her death. But the sensation never come. So she opened her eyes and shocked with what she seen. she saw Alicia in front of her.

Alicia protect her, she was the one who got stabbed on the stomach.

"Ice sphere" Alicia use her last effort.

The ice sphere exploded and blown the minotaur away.

"ALICIA!" Firia shouted.

"PRINCESS" The rest of them also shouted.

Gacha Sovereign 48 Live Or Die?

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